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Love is the sweetest expression of the human being

Updated on February 14, 2016

Valentine’s Day

Love is universal. Every year Valentine’s Day is observed to express love on 14 February, though we can express our love in every day, every moment. Love is the sweetest expression of the human being. That’s why, every year, 14 February is observed as Valentine’s Day with keenness and happiness.

There are many opinions about the circulation of Valentine’s Day. The Roman Emperor Claudius II was an idolater. He ordered the Christian preacher Saint Valentine to do idolatry. But he denied it. The Roman Emperor imprisoned him and provides him execution for violating the state orders on 14 February in 70 AD. From then, every year Valentine’s Day is observed to commemorate Saint Valentine. Another opinion is that after being imprisoned many young male and female would visit Saint Valentine and would gift him flowers. Among them there was a blind lady. She was the daughter of one prison guard. Valentine was in love with that lady. She regained her sight by the spiritual treatment of Saint Valentine. When the Emperor heard about it, he became furious and provides him execution on 14 February in 269 AD. According to the Christian, there was a crisis in the imperialistic Roman Emperor Claudius’s army. No one wanted to join in his army. The Emperor noticed that the unmarried young men can keep themselves calm in the crisis moment. He banned the marriage of young men so that they will not show their reluctance to join the army. But the young men and women became very angry with his announcement. Saint Valentine disobeyed the Emperor’s order and married Saint Marius and continued the marriage registry in his church secretly. When the Emperor knew it, he ordered to arrest him. The soldiers dragged him in front of the Emperor with tied hands and legs on 14 February in 270 AD. The Emperor ordered to kill him.

Saint Valentine

During the middle ages, Valentine’s Day was banned in the whole Europe. Later, the father of English Literature Geoffrey Chaucer has written about Valentine’s Day in his Parlement of Foules. Many prominent writers including William Shakespeare also used this in their works. King Charles II, the King of England started to observe Valentine’s Day again in 1660. So, England will get the credit to restart Valentine’s Day in the present world. Later the American people took initiative to use it to earn money. In 1840, during Easter, the Netherland commercially made an American Valentine’s Day card named ‘What Else Valentine’. In the first year, the total income from this card is USD5000.

The father of English Literature Geoffrey Chaucer

Valentine’s Day does not mean that we will express our love only on that day. In every moment, in our work we will love each other.

Love is deeper and more intricate than the love expressed on a particular day of the year with gifts, chocolates, and other fancy stuff. Allah says that one of His signs is that He placed love and mercy between spouses (Qur’an 30:21)

Love is to accept your beloved one with all the shortcomings and still feel flutters in your stomach, just like how you felt on the very first day.

Love is to exchange quick secretive glances of affection with your lover in a room filled with family and friends.

Love is to serve your adored with the best, making sure that he or she had a wonderful day, despite little fights or arguments you have had.

Remember, life is not a bed of roses, but the journey will always seem beautiful when you take time to watch the flowers bloom!

Love is universal


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