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Love iz with soul not with caste

Updated on July 29, 2016

Clouds created Darkness like night that day..
Everyone thought it would be great to go out with Bae..!
They thought of spending whole life together..
They haven't realised yet that caste is all what matter !
He took care of her like Gentleman..

They never realised what will happen after year ten..!
They never realised what will bring their destiny..
They were living in a world full of fantasy..!
They supported each other like Husband and wife...
Everything was going real nice..!
It was all happiness that they use to carry...
They never realised that society will never let them marry..!
They needed their parents support that day..
They never realise that their parents will stay away..!
They wanted to run away and marry...
But then they realised the responsibility they carry..!
Cause of society two lovers got apart ..
And unknowingly of this society we are one part..!


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