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Love life or single life

Updated on April 24, 2012

So this is the kind of article that a workaholic would want to read. The one who hardly has any time at hand but still has that little inkling towards having a relationship. I would like to take you through the pros and cons of both lives. Of course life is more than just give and take and so you need to make your own choices. This article is just to help you make a better choice.

Let's look at the single life first.

Assuming you are the type of person who is doing pretty well or is striving towards better career and a better financial future you would be pre-occupied with work or ways to increase and improve your finances. For that you work harder, think better and keep working towards your goals of improving your future.Daily meetings, deadlines, reports and presentations make up most of your day. facts and figures play in your mind or maybe you are the different type.

The kind of guy who is way too addicted to a particular passion, could be gaming or playing an outdoor sport or a geeky whiz kid. Then again such kind of activities make up most of your day and you tend pursue them relentlessly.
There is another type of people, the ones who like to live life independently and on their own terms. Living with some one else or falling in love etc. seems like a trap. they are mostly self satisfied and self happy.

You could be any of these above mentioned personality types.The following cons can be seen in case of living the singleton life:

  1. No one truly concerned when you need help
  2. Acheivements are all materialistic and there is not a soul to share the happiness with in times of elation.

The plus points are get to live on your own terms and are free!

Now lets look at the pros and cons of living a life which you would share with a loved one, a partner, a lover.
The positive points could be stated as below:

1. You have someone who will share your joys and sorrows.
2. Every one has physical and sexual needs (barring a few, they are called asexuals)
3. Your partner could fulfil your emotional needs and yes, you could have children to continue your future generations.

There are loads of negative points, I will just mention a few for the lack of space.
1. May miss that freedom when you were single.
2. Worse if he/she is over possessive.

But like they say 2 is better than one and you will never know if you do not try. Pray to almighty God and give love a chance.

Love life or single life.
Love life or single life. | Source

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