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Love me Tinder: 5 tips and tricks to get more matches!

Updated on July 1, 2016

Are you tired of not having any success on Tinder? Tired because you can not seem to find a cool girl to date?

Well, here are five simple tips and tricks to help you on your way to become a Tinder casanova!

1. Why distance matters

Would you be willing to date a person that lives 100 kilometers away and is 20 years older than you are?

I am guessing you answered ‘no’ to that question. In which case, lower the kilometer/mile radius in your personal settings. Normally, this will improve your chances of matching girls in your area, and it makes for easier date-scheduling. Never forget: distance plays a major role whether you will miss out on a potential future date or not and it directly affects her decision of swiping right or left on you.

2. Pick a great profile picture

First impressions always last. Without a great one, you’re at odds with the competition. However, there is presently an inherent dichotomy in the dating world for the male gender: that is, their facial expressions and how they are perceived by the opposite sex.

Essentially, you have will have more success if you DON’T smile and DON’T look into the camera. The results, as shown, indicate said dichotomy:

3. Turn on notifications

You might ask yourself: why?

Quite simply: you will have more success if you directly send your match a message. It would be a shame to ruin a great conversation, simply because you forgot to stay in touch due to lack of notifications (one could argue that if you were interested in the first place, Tinder notifications would not be in order though)

Contrary to popular belief, unavailability (is this sense) is generally a trait that is frowned upon by the female gender. The dating game that is Tinder is so fast-paced that you will simply be an afterthought if you don't engage your match in conversation.

4. Use the Tinder super like

Super Like is actually quite a recent addition to Tinder; you can super like ONE person every 24 hours. You do this by swiping up as opposed to swiping right or left.

She will afterwards receive a notification that she has been liked (irrespective if she has swiped you right or not). Regular swipes to the right don’t display this. As shown, Tinder Super Like increases the average length of your conversations as well as the likelihood that you will match.

5. Keeping conversation on Tinder

Avoid complimenting her physique :

Even though she may be the most attractive gal you have ever met in your life, keep your cool. Women like men who are in control. Complimenting her physique too early may possibly destroy any rapport you have built up as well. Keep the conversation light-hearted, make her feel at ease and show genuine interest.

Do not ask closed questions

This implies any question that can be answered with a profound « Yes » or « No ». Don’t be stuck in interview mode; women want to be engaged and involved. Don’t bore her with generic questions.

75/25 rule :

Be 75% funny and 25% serious in the beginning. As the conversation progresses, you turn it around : 75% serious and 25% funny. You want to make the atmosphere light-hearted for her before getting to know her on a more serious level, otherwise you might scare her away, even if your intentions are good.


Do you think Tinder is a viable means to meet other people?

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