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Love and Relationships.

Updated on November 11, 2014


relationship, love, friendship, family
relationship, love, friendship, family | Source

What is Relationship?

Relationship is a bond which combines two or more persons either by blood or marriage, and even with out both of them. Without it, we will not be able to spent a happy life. There are many types of Relationships, in this world, Some persons will comes to us in the name of blood relationship, like our Father, Mother, Brother etc. Some people will comes into our life, after marriage, Wife, Children etc. But, Some relationships, which will come to us, without having any previous introduction, like Friendship, and Love.


love, friendship, family
love, friendship, family | Source

Types of Love.

Love is a kind of relationship, which helps us to communicate and interact with all the members, mentioned above. Because, Without love, You might not have been born in this earth. And, you will be left alone in the end, if you have no love, towards any one.

1. Mother's Love

Our Mother's first love, may be the first relationship for anyone in this world. Because, If she really doesnt have any love towards us, We must not have been came into this earth. Even, Every one in this world, knows the pain, sufferred by our Mother during carrying us. Lets us give our First respect to our Mothers, no matter, good or bad, they are. A boy always seems great to any mother.

2. Father's Love

Second goes to our Father, who looks after this, since to our Born, to school, college and even, up to our Marriage, And Being a daughter to a father, will be the best place for any girl in this world. Because, Every father treats their daugther like a princess, If he himself may not be a king.

There might be some difference between the love shown by our Parents, towards us and our siblings. Because, A mother shows much love towards his boy. And A father likes his daughter, than no one can.

3. Love of Siblings.

Next comes our Siblings, who always plays with us, fights with us, and even, helps us in many things. We will show our Love towards them, and sometimes, They may be frightened with our anger. But, they will stay the same, even, if we hurt them ever.

4. Social Love.

Our Relatives and Neighbors, covers the remaining part. It will be better, if they treat us good. Because, Every body does mistakes, No one is Perfect in this world. So, a small mistake done by us, may marks us bad in the eyes of our Neighbours. Only right thing, we can do is (Do good, and expect the same from neighbor

But, there will be some part in our Life, when we have to create our Own world, leaving our Parents Behind. Its nothing but marriage. Might be one of the strongest relationships in this world, and weekest too. It depends upon the love between the wife and the husband.

5. Love of Wife.

Wife, may be called as better half of one's life, with whom, we can share our things, with whom, we design a new way of living. The first relationship, which comes after marriage. Every thing seems new for a new couple. Because, Lack of Love between costs them more. The true love between them, is to share each and every thing. A secret unrevealed, and you are out. There should be no matter of privacy between them.

But, In these days, we will find many jokes on wife and husbands, on many websites and even in our day to day news papers and magazines. Why does all these come from?

The answer is Lack of communication and interaction between the both. A healthy relationship between them, is necessary for a healthy society too. And Divorce become a common word in any family in these days. How can we leave someone in the middle of the sea? We have promised that we will not leave their hand never, during the day of marriage. But, Is it fair, to leave them, when we cannot see the shore?

Our Day to day tensions and works, wont allows us to communicate with our wife and children, all the time. But, how about saying a hai, after going home? Why cant we help our children in their homework, finishing our work early? But, No one were able to give importance to these small things.

If they have to talk to their wife, they just think of going out for a movie or shopping. Only thing , that counts there is money, not love. And even, if they have see their children, they wont play with them, they will buy some games, or toys for them.

These are just artificial ways to making someone happy. It doesnt suit for a social beings like us. Just talk to them, open heartly, even, it was a 10 minutes conversation. Let them understand

Love of Teens and Youth

We may be having many relationship, which requires love. But, There exists some kind of love, which requires no relationship.

  • Teen Age Love : Everyone of us might have known that, children belonging with age group between 13 and 19 are called teenagers, and even they may be called adolescence. It was the transitional change form childhood and adulthood. During, both boys and girls, will have some changes in their physical and psychological behavior. There comes an attraction between each other. Basically, We call it as Attraction or Infatuation.
  • Love of Youth : After completing, 19 years, they will be called as youth or youngsters. It was the right time, for any person, to know this world. We may not be aware of the hard ships till then. But, A mistake done during that time, we remain with us, through out our life. So, Parents, will guide us, towards good things. But, Some people, will show some fake smile on their lips, to attract their opposite genders, to cheat them. Now a days, we will hear the world "Love", from a kid also, This was just due to the influence of social media and other sources.

Fake Love

fake,love,youth,teen | Source

True Love

Whom do you, love the most?

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Family Love

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    • chaitanyasaivb profile image

      Sai Chaitanya 3 years ago from INDIA

      Thanks DDE for the nice comment. Love and relationships, always play an important role in ones life.

    • chaitanyasaivb profile image

      Sai Chaitanya 3 years ago from INDIA

      ubrish, i agree with your comment. Because, Loving our family will always makes any ones life, colorful and happy.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Great aspects here about both love and relationships. Interesting and most helpful.

    • ubrish profile image

      ubrish ali 3 years ago from Pakistan(Asia)

      Its essential to love with your family to live happy life