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Why Love and Marriage Sours? - Understanding Love and Lust

Updated on October 23, 2010

A man and women marry because there are “in Love.” But do they really know what love means?

Is it the attraction to each other and the idea that beauty, money, power, and a college degree are reasons enough for loving? Beauty fades, money is never enough, power is lost and a college degree is not a measure of intelligence.

Marriages Sours

Very often, the marriages sours immensely because one cannot please or satisfy the other. This is because, the relationship is rooted in lust, not in love. The object of lust is the enjoyment of the senses. When satisfaction is denied, there is frustration, jealousy, anger, enviousness, and confusion. In attachment to ones spouse, can we claim selflessness or pure concern for the other as motivation? Look at a husband whose real interest is his bank book, at so-called lovers who disappoint each other for not coming up the expectations, at wives who prostitute their talents for money and power. Recognize lust when you confront it, and love when you find it.

Love is the desire to serve

Love is the desire to serve. The lover’s happiness is dependent on the satisfaction of the beloved even at the risk of losing his own life. The lover defies all rules, all laws of society, of the state, and that of his church to please his beloved. His whole being is immersed in his beloved.

Our desire to love and to serve can only be satisfied in God

Practically, no one deserves this kind of devotion for it is inevitable that the inspiration to love is subdued with the limitation of another human being. Our desire to love and to serve can only be satisfied in God. He protect and provides us with whatever we need, be it material or spiritual. It is His pleasure to relate to us with love. We, too, can taste the sweet pleasure of relating to Him in love.

When one loves the Supreme Being, one feels concern for the welfare of all living entities-not just for one’s spouse, family, community or nation. Such love transcends material labels, and designations: it is the bond in real marriage; it is the essence of real brotherhood. It is the true solution to racial discrimination and prejudice: it is the destroyer of lust. It is the nectar which we are looking for. And we are inviting you to taste that nectar.


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    • flowerpick profile image

      flowerpick 7 years ago from PHILIPPINES

      right now we dont have a session talk with this topic but im going to make hubs related to this. Thnks guys!

    • profile image

      http://unlock 7 years ago

      perfect. is there any session talks for this?

    • profile image

      outcast 7 years ago

      nice job bro. keep it up.

    • diane181211 profile image

      diane181211 7 years ago

      yep! this might be the answer to people's unsatisfactoriness.

      "our desire to love and serve can only be satisfied in GOD" i totally agree with this.

      can you post more hubs regarding this matter? i think this is what everyone is longing for. i can sense that you still have more things to tell. you might as well enlighten us. thanks