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Love- the misfit

Updated on September 8, 2013

Love- the misfit

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

I am who I am regardless of you,

your puffing and preening and limited view.

I reach for your hand and connect with you try,

to be rejected offhand, being unfeeling and dry.

I make no apologies for my humour and sight,

it comes with the package, my direction and plight.

If you cannot digest my purpose and will,

tell me why are you here, beside me still.

Your flesh now has long offended my senses,

your self-centred, prissy, spoilt and contentious.

Oh God how your looks did mesmerise me at first,

now I despise your thinking, what you stand for and worse.

You’re a manipulator, flirtatious, amoral, unjust,

how did I not see it, embroiled in lust.

How blind I have been for a beauty skin-deep,

the devil incarnate now stands on my feet.

I bid you let go of me, I’m your toy no longer,

what good am I to you now, your vision lacklustre.

No pawn to emasculate, no pursuit to critique,

leave me in peace now to restore my physique.

I am broken and cheated and weakened of will,

you have deflowered me repeatedly and rendered me ill.

Please forgive my candour but enough I have had,

go find yourself some rail tracks and make you a bed.

Goodbye my love.


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