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Love Yourself Already

Updated on August 16, 2016

Think back to a time where you were madly in love with someone. Do you remember how you felt during this time? So kind and so kid-like? When you're in love you want to treat your partner the absolute best because their happiness becomes your own. Love is the most selfless act with such a simple and rewarding feeling in return. When the love bug has bitten you don't think twice about wanting to support your significant other. That act of love becomes second nature because success is all we want for them. Before we can experience this mind-blowing love we have to make nice with ourselves first. I know we all have been guilty of this from time-to-time; not giving ourselves the love or care that we deserve. We cannot create a happy space for others if we aren't happy with us. That's right - it’s time to love yourself and become your biggest fan. You should feel like you won the world's championship, which if you think about it, you won through your physical body that gets to check this world out. We have to take care when it comes to our spiritual, physical, and emotional beings, or nothing will be fully accomplished. That means we need to work harder on eating right so our bodies can function as best as it can. To feed our minds with knowledge so we can keep growing and moving. We have to find ourselves, to discover what makes us happy, and what makes us tick and grow. Treating yourself like your biggest fan will help you connect your vibration to the universe. You’re showing the universe that you love and believe in yourself, which will make your desires become more possible in your life. Loving yourself can open a door to peace within you; at least it did for me. I stopped avoiding challenging or scary moments by coping with negative behaviors that I’d grown so close to because I knew it wasn’t helpful to me. When I let my anxiety take over or choose to shut myself off from taking control over my life I can feel how unconnected I become to the universe, my thoughts, focus, and drive. This is certainly one way to show we do not love ourselves. You are on this earth so why not love yourself first; take pride in who you are and where you came from because good things will come in time! This physical phase we get to experience is so short, so let’s stop resisting and starting living with both feet in.

“Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love.” - Brene Brown

While you're learning to love yourself, you may find someone that you think is worthy of sharing yourself with but as time goes on the "love is blind" phase starts to fade and the reality of the relationship begins to present itself, showing you that there is so much more that you want and deserve, which brings me back to loving yourself especially when it comes to being in a relationship. I know for me I easily can forget about myself and devote my time and my happiness on my partner, which isn't always a bad thing until I'm the one giving my full heart, standing scared in a committed relationship feeling alone. In those moments we need to remember to be brave and to love ourselves and do not take anything less than what we know we deserve even if that means saying goodbye.

Love yourself Already!


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