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Updated on May 29, 2011

Angry couple in turmoil

angry couple
angry couple | Source


Choosing between love and fear

The human race on earth believes in separation and that our happiness depends on what someone says or what someone does.

We truly believe in the illusion of separation based on differences. When someone disagrees with us, we often feel the need to be right. We defend ourselves.against a perceived attack. Do defenses work?

Defenses merely weaken us.and angers our accusers!.If we insist on being right, then were just giving in to fear. We will not escape the consequences which will result in, confusion, suffering, depression, and pain.

We do not have to learn through pain. Pain or sickness usually results, because we have chosen to judge someone in an unloving way..

Anyone who chooses to get angry and this includes even the slightest irritation, has fallen into fear, and they will suffer until they change their mind.

 Is it loving to correct or criticize another?. People who get angry sufferl. They get corrected on another level. Fear is always a call for help or love. Oftentimes when a husband comes home, he may have had a rough day at work.

 He may relax and watch TV, or he may choose to vent his anger at you or the children. Usually the reaction, most people have in return is the need to defend them selves when they are being screamed at.. It is a total failure, to defend yourself at this time. It won't work, and your energy will be drained. Maybe you could say, I'm sorry, but did you have a bad day at work? Listen to him, and use "you word's such as You are upset about something?

If we can learn not to react to another persons angry outbursts, we will experience peace. I have found, that usually no harm comes to me, when I remain calm and peaceful.

I once had a knife put to my throat, but I chose to remain calm. The other person immediately apologized. He was just trying to intimidate me. I came away from the situation without being harmed.

We have forgotten as humans, that we are powerful. We only need to take a deep breath, and call on God or even the angels, to help us with any situation, that confronts us

We then could see miracles change, our relationships. We need to consistently refuse to be pulled into the emotional dramas of life...We always choose between peace or fear

We have the power of decision. Some times we may need to remove ourselves from the scene. I have found this is quite effective. I have often sent the thought of peace to the angry person, until they calm down.

They do calm down without me speaking a single word... Usually I ask for guidance from God or the angels to help me. I am often surprised by the wisdom that flows through me, when i need to speak.

I know this can work. By practicing love and forgiveness. I had a series of mystical experiences with God, that occurred during the 1980's. I reacted in a loving way, to someone who was angry.  I was not special, and I made many mistakes in my life. This experience happened because I chose to love someone, whom I had perceived as an enemy. We can all learn from each other's experiences, if we so desire. 

.I have never known such unconditional love, when I chose to truly love this person.

She was desperately calling out for help and love.

We need to understand that anything that upsets us, will only come up again, and again, in our relationships, until we make a better choice.

I was not special, and I made many mistakes in my life. We can all learn from each other's experiences, if we so desire.

We can find ways to heal our relationships in this world. We are not helpless, nor do we need to perceive ourselves as doormats or victims. We can work towards win-win situations!

I have found, it's  important, never to teach anyone, that they have the power to hurt me. I choose now, most of the time, not to play the victim, no matter what someone may say or do..

We must never allow anyone to physically hurt us or them. We may not be able to change the world, but we can change our thoughts about the world!

Just think how the world could change, if we all learned to teach only LOVE!

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  • Donna Suthard profile image

    Donna Suthard 6 years ago

    I agree with you! Thank you!

  • jigg2009 profile image

    jigg2009 6 years ago from Cracow

    I choose love :)