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Loving Again After Failed Relationships

Updated on July 14, 2014

Starting a new relationship can be wonderful. When it comes to past relationships and hurt it could be difficult. You are always living on edge afraid to say the wrong thing. Thinking of your failed relationship and reading too much into it because you don't want to get hurt again.

This is a new relationship and a new guy. Yes there are guys out there who are players but there are good guys also. Write down on a piece of paper how this guy is different from guys in your past.

Write down all of the wonderful times you have had with each other so far. Focus on the good instead of the bad.

Write down why he fell for you and why you fell for each other. Try to be as positive as you can.

A lot of times people are imagining what is not there. Ask yourself "what am I imagining here/' Then write down what is really going on.

Stop the mind guessing. You have no idea how he is feeling when you are not around. He could be tired or busy don't jump to conclusions.

Tell yourself that this relationship could work out. Tell yourself that it is possible that the guy you are with cares and loves you.

Leave the past in the past. Stop jumping to conclusions and avoid worst case scenarios. It is not your fault that someone hurt you and more importantly it is not this guy's fault. Blaming your future of current boyfriend for what your ex did will ruin the relationship. Give this guy a chance and let your ex stay in the past.

Most importantly avoid negative people. People's words can cause toxic to a relationship. It could fill your head with self-doubt. Anyone who makes you doubt yourself or is negative is not your friend.

If you have been hurt in the past it is hard to be positive. It could be scary learning how to love again but with time it will be done. A lot of the times you have to get your heartbroken in order to find your one true love.

Did you ever have trouble loving again because of past relationships?

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