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Loving Your Woman

Updated on June 8, 2010

Loving Your Woman

When was the last time that you let all your inhibitions go and aggressively “took” your woman with a savage, yet loving passion? When I mean passion, I mean making love without ANY inhibitions whatsoever. Throwing her down on the bed, ripping her clothes off and pinning her beneath your body as both of you give yourselves to each other with passionate love. Has it been so long that you can’t remember?

In order to let down all your inhibitions and aggressively make love to your woman you must first let go and be totally in love with her. There is no way around this. You must be fearless with your sexual desires and your emotions. The very thought of making love to her in this way should bring tears of joy and happiness to your eyes. Most men can passionately lose themselves in their work, sports, hobbies and even their own orgasms but many men can’t lose themselves with their women. Most men feel that by doing this demonstrates a weakness. A shortcoming. On the contrary, it shows your woman that you desire her for all of her shortcomings and weaknesses. It shows an inner strength and confidence that she will cherish and respect.

The next time that you make love to your woman push through all your physical and emotional boundaries and into her. Feel the softness of her skin, the luscious scents of her body and see her glowing beauty. Breathe deeply through your lungs her breaths, feel her movements, listen to her sounds. You must be totally unaware of yourself and be totally aware of her. Feel yourself move into her and feel your boundaries crumbling so that you become her. Love her with more abandon that you’ve ever allowed yourself to do before. Relax into love so completely that only love remains.

Allow this love to penetrate into your woman filling her heart and body with passion so that she has no choice but to surrender to the aggressiveness and force of your love. She should be relaxed yet feel completely overwhelmed completely letting go of all her fears and only giving you her love.


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    • profile image

      Ally 3 years ago

      i have one right now also, i never ever got them on my lips or face i always got them on my nose, they start from the insdie and they spread to the top of my nose because i used to mess wit it! i used to hate goin to skoo wit girls looken at me like i was a monster but usually when i get one if its at a early stage when they look like a pimple i would use vaseline on it to stop it from spreading and to keep it moist so it can die as it looks instead of turning into a soar. then i ice it down

    • HappyHer profile image

      Tracy Morrow 8 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      Wow! Awesome hub. You usually hear about women's issues with overcoming inhibitions. This is a great one for the guys.