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Low Cost Wedding Invitations

Updated on February 27, 2015
Low Cost wedding invitations aren't too difficult to come up with, just be creative and investigate your resources!
Low Cost wedding invitations aren't too difficult to come up with, just be creative and investigate your resources! | Source

Though I have now been married to my wonderful husband for four years now (as of November 2014), I can still recall how all the costs piled up in preparation for our wedding and reception. While one of his family members was able to offer her florist services, as one of our wedding gifts, we still had other looming costs such as those required for our wedding invitations. It wasn't until after the fact that other friends had told us about how they had decided to pursue some low cost wedding invitations. The struggling economy, coupled with the continual strain of the pocket book of many led to their seeking out some of these options. Interestingly enough, these low cost wedding invitation options actually turned out to be a smash for them! Their impact and the reaction of attendees, I’m told, was comparable to what would have been elicited from much more expensive wedding invitations.

Now knowing about these low cost wedding invitation options, I likely would have chosen them over the more expensive invitations that we ultimately ended up going with.

It is true.

A wedding is like a giant black hole, into which money and time pour.

The return product?


But it's so worth it!

Any way you can manage to save money in your wedding is a worthwhile endeavor. Trust me, you'll need that money eventually for other things. I like to treat it as a game, figuring out ways to shave the budget in various areas. Low cost wedding invitations are one way that our friends managed, to great success! The cost of wedding invitations is very high, especially from certain print shops or businesses that cater directly to weddings.

Low cost wedding invitations are available in a number of different options, and I want to look at a few of those here. A low budget wedding doesn't have to look cheap or thrown together, and your low cost wedding invitations can actually add a quaint and rustic aesthetic to your celebration.

Read on, and learn all about low cost wedding invitations.

Weddings are expensive!
Weddings are expensive!
Handmade wedding invitations are a great option!
Handmade wedding invitations are a great option! | Source

Low Cost Wedding Invitations: The Basics

To save money in planning a low budget wedding, I've realized that you need to avoid mentioning certain things. For example, if you're purchasing a particular item of décor for example, avoid telling the clerk or retailer that it's for a wedding. Adding the word 'wedding' to any product you're seeking will increase the price by twofold! Seriously! It wasn't until this actually happened to my husband and myself that we realized that it was absolutely true that people perceive weddings as an opportune time to elevate pricing because they know that generally there is more of a budget being worked with rather than a one time constrained purchasing decision.

If you were to hire a photographer, it would be X dollars for the session. Hire a wedding photographer, and it becomes X time 3! It's one of those occasions that people know you're going to blow a bunch of money on, and they take advantage.

When printing or designing your low cost wedding invitations, don't mention what they're for! The printer may find out due to the copy. I would also avoid going to a wedding specific commercial printer for your low cost wedding invitations, because they will likely be more expensive!

Low Cost Wedding Invitations: Homemade

A great idea for low budget wedding invitations is to print them out yourself! Design it in Photoshop or some other graphic program, or perhaps get a graphic designer friend to do it for you as a wedding gift! Low budget weddings are all about being creative with your planning!

You may need to go to a print shop to have them done, or you can attempt to print your low cost wedding invitations from home. Just make sure your printer can handle stiffer cardstock.

You can avoid the printing altogether with your low cost wedding invitations and just make them by hand. It's sort of like scrap booking. Take the various elements and glue them together, or hand-draw whatever you need on there. My future sister-in-law drew all of her invitations by hand... a major task to be sure, but it saved them approximately $500! This is a great way for the cost of wedding invitations to be avoided.

Low cost wedding invitations can be achieved by doing a work exchange.
Low cost wedding invitations can be achieved by doing a work exchange. | Source

Low Cost Wedding Invitations: Work Exchange

If you do something for a living that other people value, you might want to consider doing a work exchange with a graphic designer to create your low cost wedding invitations. A friend of ours is a web designer, so, for his wedding, he was able to offer to exchange web work for wedding invite design. He actually did get his low cost wedding invitations printed for free due to a graphic designer connection he had.

Low cost wedding invitations aren't difficult to come up with, you just need to put some thought into your resources. And remember to prioritize your expenses. In a low budget wedding, any money saved in one arena can be put into something else... like the honeymoon!

Good luck!

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    • DIYmommy profile image

      Julie 4 years ago

      Gail Meyers-weddings can be extremely costly, finding ways to make your own invitations/favors/etc can be extremely cost-effective! Thank you for the post.

    • DIYmommy profile image

      Julie 4 years ago

      Peachpurple-I am glad you found the hub useful, thank you for the post!

    • Gail Meyers profile image

      Gail Meyers 4 years ago from United States

      The cost of a wedding can get totally out of control before you realize it. These are some great tips to help save on the invitations. Voted up and useful.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      wonderful ideas ! Getting married is a costly affair. Low cost wedding invitations is a great idea. Maybe young couples should consider having buffet wedding at home too. Voted useful.