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Lust or Love Checklist

Updated on February 26, 2011

Love is the common topic talked about in the world and yet it is also the most misunderstood. Although there are millions of books, movies, songs, poems etc. Attempting to dwell on the subject, there remains a serious lack of truthful, practical and clear explanation of the reality of love.  Without the valuable wisdom and insight on the matter, people rush into various relationships expecting to feel love and happiness but then end up experiencing frustration, pain and bitterness.

The Checklist

Some people say they love you, but hurt you in so many ways - physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. So, is it really love they experience or just love's perverted manifestation - lust?

Here's a checklist to see if it's one or the other:

* LOVE is giving; LUST is taking

* LOVE is unconditional ; LUST is filled with terms & conditions

* LOVE is forgiving & kind ; LUST is unforgiving & angry

* LOVE is sweet & happy ; LUST is painful & bitter 

* LOVE is expansive & all-encompasing ; LUST is limited & selfish

* LOVE seeks no reward & finds pleasure in giving freely ; LUST demands returns in the form of attention or material things & comes with many strings attached.

* LOVE is gentle & sensitive ; LUST is harsh & insensitive

* LOVE nurtures ; LUST degrades

* LOVE is founded on the eternal & lasting ; LUST is focused on the temporary & perishable

* If a person's love is centered on the Supreme Beloved (GOD), he or she gets to experience the wonderful nature of real love. So, it's better to LOVE than to LUST.


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    • Mystique Scorpio profile image

      Mystique Scorpio 7 years ago from Edmonton Alberta ;)

      Thanks this is good. Love part sounds like my husband he's filipino and I love his family I never felt so much love and I thank his mom for raising such a loving,unconditional and respectful man. I hope our daughter finds one like him when she grows up.