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Updated on September 3, 2011

Marriage is a divine institution ordained from heaven.What is the purpose of marriage? God's primary purpose of marriage was clearly expressed in Genesis 2 vs 18 before He brought forth Eve,Companionship.God observed that Adam was lonely and he needed a companion; 'And Jehovah God said,it is not good that the man should be alone.I will make a helper suitable for him'.Adam was obviously lonely because as a higher animal,he could not have related with other creatures as he would with a fellow human being.God understood that he needed not just a companion,but a suitable one at that .This explains why Eve was also identified as a helper.A third reason is the need for procreation.God had blessed the couple saying ' Be fruitful,and multiply,and replenish the earth' [ Genesis 1 vs 28].

God's plan never fails.The bible says in Isaiah 14 vs 24 Jehovah of Hosts has sworn,saying,surely as I have thought,so it shall come to pass;and I have purpose,it shall stand.As a divinely ordained institution,your marriage is not destined for failure no matter what it may be passing through right now.All you need to do is to concede the position of leadership to God in your household.The trying period is a period of divine re engineering and reconstruction.Whatever God starts ,he brings to perfect completion[ Philippians 1 vs 6].Your marriage will not be an exception in Jesus name.

Therefore,for God's purpose for marriage to fulfilled in the life of young couples nowadays,the two must remain together- in love and harmony,no matter what obstacles might comes their ways.



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