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Updated on August 20, 2010

When the GOD created man, he knew he would be alone. After all he is the CREATOR and knows everything. So when Adam was made he also made a woman Eve to comfort her and share his loneliness, happiness, pain and all what was there to be offered and the institution of marriage was born. The idea behind was also to start a generation called mankind who would be obliged to HIM.

So with the passage of time this generation progressed, this progress led to many different modifications in the manner of getting married and so does the meaning of word marriage changed.

The meaning of word marriage is not stagnant rather is constantly changing from one person to the other. In some pre historic times women were given to men as slaves and men were their masters but that was the dark period with complete illiteracy and ignorance all around. In those times marriage has been a bond that could not be broken by the spouse but nowadays, however, marriage has changed its form to a more modernized one.

Now with more awareness and knowledge it is not just a case of master and slave but two equal human beings termed as husband and wife. The darker side of this modernization is that people are now not that serious about it and marriages in the modern era are far weaker bondage than in the previous times.

The question thus arises is that what really is marriage? If we see by law, marriage is nothing but a legal bond between a man and a woman that guarantees the sharing of both their resources wealth and everything and the bond can only be broken through the court of law by a process known as divorce.

But don’t get confused. This is just the lawful meaning of the word marriage. The original meaning however is far beyond that. It is not just a pact but a relation, a relation full of love peace joy and happiness. It is a relation where one shares sorrows and grief and happiness and joy.

 Marriage also inculcates a sense of joy and relief. It is about understanding one another and sharing the problems. The main step towards a successful marriage is the understanding that the couple develops between them. This understanding also includes the most important and vital trust part.

Of course there is the physical part of the marriage and that cannot be ignored but the compromise we make is essential. Both the man and woman should be compromising to an extent that both could tolerate minor things and not to develop them as an issue.

Compromising in relationship is a vital thing as it decides the time limit of the healthy relation. One should learn to tolerate others for small problems and bigger problems, if at all they happen should be resolved sensibly through a dialogue process and not by extreme steps.

In nutshell, concept of marriage changes with time and before getting married the couple should think that they are responsible not only for themselves but for the future generations they produce.


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