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Updated on June 2, 2017

MGTOW is full of life optIons

MGTOW - A new paradigm in male psychology

Welcome to the modern world. A world of first world enslavement. Where we wake each and every day and work to pay for the things we realise we did not wish to buy. We were sold a lie in order to keep the world turning, contributing to the profits of a ruthless, sociopathic financial ecosystem.

It is a world of modern day hard nosed, unequal, contradictory feminism, where the art of feminine grace and modesty has been lost, where women scream to the world they are vulnerable and defenceless, need to be cared for and paid for, while at the exact same time scream to the world that they are strong, powerful and more intelligent and sophisticated than men.

This modern world allows men and women to all congregate at a local bar on the weekend, where a man is expected to make that first move, spending far too much money on drinks for a pretty lady he is interested in, without anybody ever exchanging phone numbers at the end of the night, while at the same time, those same women complain that there are no good men anymore and complain they are sexually harassed.

We live in a modern, emasculating culture of social retardation, where men are not only too afraid to approach a woman with a fear of rejection, but now afraid to be falsely accused of rape or sexual harassment by those women, while at the same time women complain that men "have no balls" because they no longer approach. This is a modern culture where men are shamed into approaching women to face rejection and shamed when they approach as trying too hard.

This modern world we live in still promotes chivalry and male sacrifice, with women fantasising of a dream wedding and marriage, for men to chivalrously put themselves forward to sacrifice their freedom, their finance, their homes and their one life to wed, on the promise that those women will be there through thick and thin until the very end, no matter what, only to have those same women have affairs or initiate divorceseveral years later as these men work too much forced to spend less time with their wives, so that they can finance those wives lives and pay for those children. Then, not only do those men lose custody of those children, but also lose that home they saved so hard for, their weekly income lost to alimony, leaving them virtually homeless on the verge of bankruptcy because of "her body, her choice" modern day feminist freedom.

We live in a world where men truly have the worlds toughest, most dangerous and thankless jobs, sold a lie that there were rewards of love waiting for them.

As men, they took the heat, kept their mouths shut and allowed it all to unfold. The screaming modern day feminist raged across the first world, complaining of her rights, her privileges and her belief that men were no longer important in the modern era, while at the same time, gold diggers sold wealthier men a lie of true, unconditional love, in exchange for financial support, only to leave when hard times fell.

As more and more men became divorced and single, or became tired of too many rejections, one man began with a question, "Why are we doing all of this?" Then a second man asked, "What is in it for us?" A third man asked, "What dreams have I given up to pursue women who no longer appreciate me and what I do?"

The questions grew and the discussion began amongst men. Some was hateful, some hurtful, coming from a place of real pain. But most of what was discussed was helpful, insightful and gave men a clear indication of what they needed to do in order to thrive in this world and live this one life with no regrets and in abundance.

Finally, the question was asked, "With so much death and destruction and shaming of masculinity, with so much accused sexual harassment; with all that men lose, with how men are seen as nothing but slaves, perverts, rapists and not worthy of love in modern day society, what would happen if we just.... walked away? No fights. No arguments. We simply walked away... No more approaches. No more dates. No more marriage. No more children. No more commitment to chasing a relationship. No more chivalry. No more financing. What if we just walked away... What would happen?"

And out of the debris of a modern emasculating culture rose a new movement without a leader, no central authority and no voice. MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way.

Silently, men walked away. Even the name was peaceful. It did not scream anger. It did not scream hatred. Men just walked away and stopped interacting with women more than was necessary to work in the work place, or socially chat. Men were putting all women in the casual acquaintance zone; to work with them professionally and to speak kindly where needed. But no longer did they commit anything more.

What did men do instead? Single, they began to pursue their dreams, open businesses, commit to the gym, spend their own money on world travel, play video games with friends, travel through Asia more and hire prostitutes to relieve their genetic need for sexual intercourse. They paid the agreed amount and walked away to continue pursuing their goals.

Their money was their own. Their freedom was inspiring. Their bond and loyalty to each other increased. Men became better friends, instead of competitive enemies. Height and shape did not matter. Intelligence did not matter. Two men who were never compatible as friends before now stood with one common goal; to live peacefully, in harmony and only for the self. And all of the social issues men had faced, slowly just faded away.

Men were happy and completely fulfilled.

And in the future, it will raise huge questions; What will society do now that men are walking away en masse? What happens now that they no longer wish to sit at the table of gender issues, and when men tell women, "Legislate that you can take it all in a divorce. We don't care. We will never marry in the first place and we will never commit"?

And what will happen when men put down their tools and allow women to do the worlds most dangerous jobs, without their help, as for them it was never a choice, but for women it always was?

Modern day feminism has won, yet vastly off course from the path the original feminists had ever intended.

The gender war is no more. No man wishes to fight. Men have better things to do. And relationships and commitment are very last on the list, if on the list at all.

MGTOW is the way men passively seek harmony and life fulfilment

When men finally reach their mental threshold

Men, from childhood have been taught to bottle up their feelings and to 'man up', be tough. We even have a term for it called 'the man cave', where a man retreats inwardly or even to a place in his home, where he silently problem-shoots his issues to find a solution. It is here he is analysing his emotional state and dealing with it.

Many men do not actually have the emotional intelligence to deal with their situation and when it reaches critical mass they will unload. Yet, it takes a very long time to get to that point.

Feminism has taken women very far in society, yet it has never evolved. In fact it has devolved to a point where it is a first world propaganda engine. It should have evolved to be called 'Humanism', where, instead of promoting no violence against women, it should promote no violence against men, women and children. No violence against each other. No violence against nature.

Yet, walk into most male bathrooms and you will be greeted with imagery of a battered woman stating violence against women is wrong. This is not the same in female bathrooms.

Yet, perhaps there are, yet not proven, higher incidences of physical violence against women by men of a lower class, but what about mental and emotional violence perpetuated by women to men? How many men are berated by their wives and long term partners? How many men are treated poorly and are made to feel stupid and worthless? How many women use emotionally negative manipulation against men that do not leave physical scars, but long term emotional and mental scars?

Are there any posters that read, "Emotional and Mental violence against men is wrong" showing a male who is extremely, manically depressed? There are not.

For the large population of men who lose their home in a divorce, where are the mens shelters against the large amount of women's shelters? Men are left on the street.

What about the incidences where women feel bold enough to physically attack their men in public without reprisal because the man knows that if he tries to defend himself, he will be set upon by strangers, understanding that while women expect equality, they still wish to hold the card that says they are too vulnerable to defend themselves?

Yet men block out the onslaught each day. Untold thousands of men have been forced to give their lives to war and the growing percentage of men choosing to go their own way, tapping into the MGTOW forums, Youtube videos and support systems believe society views men as disposable credit cards.

So, what happens when they reach that threshold? Do they yell and fight? Some do.

This is stage 1.

The MGTOW movement is in stage 1, known as the Red Pill stage. The Red Pill reference is taken from the movie The Matrix where Neo is given the option to take a red pill or blue pill. Taking the blue pill will put him back in society, nothing changed, towing the line and allowing himself to slowly be consumed. But if Neo takes the red pill, he gets to see how deep the rabbit hole goes and see the world as it really is, the world outside of the world he is living in. But if he takes the red pill, there is no going back.

When Neo wakes up in the real word he feels sick and weak. He collapses, realising the truth. But freed, he has the opportunity to become much stronger and affect change inside the Matrix, creating his own reality and freeing others in his journey.

This is the rise of the MGTOW websites, forums and Youtube channels. It is time for information consumption. It is the education stage. It is the stage where more and more men pause and ask those vital questions about their own existence.

Part of them feels completely betrayed, a feeing that has been growing over many years. And the other parts feel lost, and yet completely hopeful that there is an answer to those questions they have asked themselves for many years. "What is wrong? Why can't I see it? Why can't I fix it? Is it me or is it the world? Why does everything in society feel so inconsistent and contradictory and why do I feel so worthless and depressed, trying so hard yet getting nowhere and even going backwards?"

The answers lay in the MGTOW movement, where there is no head guru, like Tony Robbins. There is no religious leader. There is no guilt or shame within the movement. It covers no race, skin colour, religion or economic background. MGTOW are united and educate each other.

This is stage 1.

When they reach their threshold, they seek answers and find the MGTOW movement.

Why modern day feminism is killing our emotional bonds and the rise of meninism

There is no one female responsible for men going their own way. It is collective. It is a solution to a collective use and abuse of powers. It is the solution to the collective manipulation and contradiction of modern day feminist themes.

What do I mean? An easy example is what we are told is 'rape culture'. The rise of this so-called 'rape epidemic' where young women have sex and claim they were raped afterward; where each move made by the man can only be made by asking permission first; where sexual harassment claims are commonplace, completely contradicted by the millions of sales of the 50 Shades of Grey book and the full cinemas of women watching the 50 Shades of Grey movie. Book reviews by women state how they wish to be ravaged by a man like this, and act very unhappy sexually towards their long term husband at home. Yet, such a man as Christian Grey would be crucified by female society if he was real. Those same women, enthralled by the books, would have him arrested in real life.

Another modern day dilemma is the promotion of marriage, that men are simply added decoration to a wedding that is all about celebrating her, the bride on HER special day. Then men will be expected to settle down and allow their wives to have a baby, against the rising tide of divorces initiated by women, who dreamed of the big wedding in the first place.

Another example is the emotional abuse a man suffers where a wife will complain to her husband that they do not spend enough time together and so he reduces his work hours to accommodate her and then she complains they do not have enough money because his work hours are reduced. All without offering him a solution.

These are basic and this article is here only to educate people from the perspective of men going their own way. The examples are countless and can be found in the MGTOW forums.

And then, nobody listens to a mans silent screams, except others in the MGTOW movement.

This has given rise to a sub domain called meninism. And currently it is seen as a parody.

Most men find it is easier to make comedy out of their issues because it is easier to deal with as they do not wish to fight. Yet, underneath their humour is a message coming through loud and strong.

The rise of the "I need meninism because..." is slowly merging from parody to something serious.

The MGTOW movement began simply tearing away at modern day illogical, narcissistic feminists by making creative jokes under the opposing term, meninism. Yet, slowly catching on, while being torn down by main stream media to nullify and invalidate the rights of men and the voice for men, meninism is taking a hold to combat the yelling of hard nosed, self-entitled feminists.

Why? Well, why not? That is the MGTOW approach. It is there, so why not parody? It means nothing to MGTOW but a way to fill in time. It also provides a valid avenue for other men who still care to fight back and it provides new perspectives for the male gender to ponder as new meninist meme's and thought processes are put to light.

For the MGTOW though, they do not want a seat at the debate table. They do not want to be included in the discussions of "how we move forward together". They have other dreams to fulfil. There is no apology that could go deep enough to make them turn around, because the warm light of freedom to choose their own destiny, care less about sex and beauty and concentrate on whatever else they choose to do is far more inviting.

Everything else seems like it should be put in the too hard basket.

Want to make it too easy to divorce men and still guarantee a passive income for the woman on his hard earned wages? Ok.

Want to shame men for approaching women in order attract them, risking humiliation, fear, rejection and self-loathing, which is what was taught that this was their role, their whole lives? Ok.

Want to reject men for being kind and doing what their mothers raised them to do, open doors, buy flowers and appease women's wishes, treating them like princesses, while women reject those men until much later in life, when they feel their body clock ticking faster and require a financially stable man to have a child with? Ok.

Want to create world congress seminars for "He for She"? Ok.

MGTOW are happy with it. Do what you feel. Do what you want. Meanwhile, Men Going Their Own Way are making money from the stock market, booking their flights to Asia, building amazing physiques, writing books and movies, pursuing adrenalin junky hobbies, playing video games, going to the movies, educating others, giving themselves to charity, volunteering abroad and taking control of their lives, no marriage, no dating, no chivalry, no children and zero commitment to women.

This is the destruction of the male/female bond. MGTOW no longer want it. It is not as though they want it and are rebelling. It is that they do not want it because everything other option is much more inviting and brings greater joy and fulfilment than anything any previous or future relationship could bring them.

Modern day feminism is narcissistic and works to destroy masculinity.

MGTOW - The men who are tired of paying

Equal rights. Equal Wages.

MGTOW are happy with it. They do not fight against it.

What they have an issue with is equal rights, equal wages, but men pay for dating women.

There is currently an abuse by certain women who register on dating sites because going on first dates with men, guarantees they will save hundreds of dollars every month on their food bill and allow them to eat for free at luxurious restaurants. The 'men should pay for the first date' mentality has become extremely abused by modern women, who claim they want equality.

So all things being equal, why should men pay? With men understanding that paying for dates in no way guarantees them anything further, and understanding that each man pays for her on the first date, why should men allow the abuse without any expectation of return?

Being such a push for equal rights and equal wages, why isn't there such a push by women to split the bill? Why isn't there such a push for women to approach men, if they do not wish men to approach, yet still complain that men do not approach?

MGTOW understand the economics of sex and understand that the cost is way too high for the return on investment. MGTOW then begin calculating what else they could be doing with that same earned income for guaranteed pleasure, whether it is going to eat out with other male friends or putting it towards their own investments.

MGTOW encourage no dating based on the fact that there is no point and paying for women has become an abuse of privilege and simple economic manipulation in exchange for casual conversation without substance. Why should men pay for a woman's time? Why is she so special? Especially considering the amount of free dinners she is receiving, only to allow her to save hundreds of dollars every month on her own food bill. Meanwhile, at the end of every month, those men who earn the same wages, have saved much less.

MGTOW see zero point in paying for anything that is not being put towards themselves because it is their money and their own right to do with it anything that forwards and enthrals their own lives.

The days of paying is long since past, since the abuse of men's money and a man's financial debt skyrocketed.

MGTOW - Relationships are the LAST priority

MGTOW is not about hatred. It should be clear that it is about a peaceful retreat.

Let's all understand that we have one life to live. MGTOW understand how precious time really is. They understand how many dreams they have given up in order to cave in to social pressure and do whatever society is pushing them to do at any one time, whether it be to get married, have children, get into heavy mortgage debt, be a slave to the monetary system, be romantic, be a family man, be pushed around, never fight back, travel locally once per year and never pursue anything unless society says it is ok.

And so MGTOW are extremely different in this regard. Some are avoiding the mistakes altogether from a young age, or they are catching up after years of abuse. It doesn't matter their age. The young are learning from the old, to never commit, to pursue their own passions and understand there is no special snow flake of a woman who will always be there for him through thick and thin; who understand that getting married is no guarantee of a life long love with one woman and that in 30 years, after he is drained of his money and spirit, she might just initiate a divorce.

They do not want the burden of children. That is a woman's desire. Regardless of feminism, women still desire children and require a man to fund that baby project.

But to MGTOW, relationships are the LAST priority. You couldn't get a lower priority. It is not to say that MGTOW don't want some form of love, but they could have a casual harem or have nobody at all. The point is honesty and choice. It is the dedication to improvement and fulfilment of self. It is not to feel the pressure to have children. It is not to be manipulated with a false sense of a honeymoon period love by a woman who has the end goal of having children and then treating her man as secondary, as simply an income generating machine who also works around the house. That is HER priority. Not a man going his own way.

MGTOW understand how easy it is to be put in a situation where they are abused and to be left with no voice and no power to fight. They understand how inviting women can make it in the beginning and how loved she will make them feel. The MGTOW understands it is similar to a cinnamon donut laced with trace elements of arsenic, over time, slowly killing him.They understand that once they are married, there is no backing out and they will be truly shamed if they do, while she will be seen as within her rights if she does and that the man must have caused it.

Relationships are of the lowest priority and MGTOW do not care if women win the right to all of a man's assets and life once married because MGTOW will not marry. They will not commit.

Life is much more enjoyable without the societal pressure men are put under if they choose to listen to that pressure.

This is the solution for men. It is now their only choice. It is sad to get to this point, but for men, it is also an exciting time to be alive.

What Men Going Their Own Way means for you

This article is only to educate and hopefully you begin to understand the perspective of MGTOW. They are tired of the fighting. They know they can never win or even hope to gain even an ounce of ground under the current modern workings of society.

Men are free and so they should be. Men built the world. Google was created by men. The greatest works of art and poetry were created by men. The words most extravagant buildings were designed, engineered and built by men. The greatest scientific breakthroughs were discovered by men. No, not by me or by other confessed MGTOW, but men, all the same.

And so much potential is now lost when a man commits to marriage slavery and continues to listen to the contradictory messages of the modern day, abusive feminist movement.

MGTOW may prefer to lock themselves into a basement and invent and allow the rest of society to whine and complain and emotionally manipulate each other.

MGTOW will be kind and caring. But what it means for you, is that they will not commit to anything monogamous. The end goal is passively walking away from the table to pursue bigger goals than you (if you are a woman) and your priorities that you need men for.

Perhaps it means nothing. But then perhaps it will spiral out of control. This is what the MGTOW movement hopes; that they can free the minds of all men.

This car company has tapped in to this anger and frustration men are building up over being treated as worthless children, berated by their wives

MGTOW Accounting 101 - Cost vs Benefit Analysis

If you are a woman reading this, ask yourself, if you found the perfect man, what would make him choose you over ALL other women? What do you supply him?

Ask, how much time, fear and pressure does it take for him to win your heart? And when he wins it, what do you give back? Is it about you or about you both equally? Once he has you, how will you slowly change? And why should he stay given how disposable he understands he is?

How much do you cost each man you date from start to finish? Calculate the cost. At the end of the relationship, calculate the financial cost to the man and the time cost. What did he give up and considering the cost and then the loss of you as his partner, why would he go through it again? For the sex? For sex with a beautiful woman? Well, no, because high end prostitutes cost less comparatively and give much more.

The emotional connection? No. What about unexpected mood swings, nagging, and his emasculation? Sure, there are emotional highs, but the cost of the emotional lows because of bad behaviour are too high to outweigh the good times. It is better for MGTOW if anything, to only be there for the honeymoon period, which allows for the good times only.

Think through the modern man's eyes and consider his modern day options. Does he risk his demise due to modern masculine-hating/shaming culture or does he create his own great wealth and adventure out into the world?

MGTOW have become their own bookkeeper's. The asset and liability columns are drawn. Relationships in modern society, for men, have truly become a liability, where once it was an asset, with a life of love of wife and children in exchange for his sacrifice.

When MGTOW calculate all of the costs, they really understands why they have been so poor for so long. They have spent too much time pursuing relationships in a society that sees them as a potential pervert or a slave to modern feminist thinking.

It's just too much to handle. And the Men Going Their Own Way are simply minimising their lives, their costs and diverting their attention to leading truly inspiring lives.

MGTOW - Is their any turning back?

Perhaps human society flows and ebbs. Perhaps it is simply this generation. Perhaps it will die down. Perhaps it is only the loudest voices that get the most attention.


But once a mans eyes are open and he sees what has really been happening. Once his answers come that has sought out for so long, he must pursue a greater happiness.

To MGTOW, it is similar to releasing negative friendships and associations. Perhaps you see those old friends who no longer serve you that you let go, who once got you into way too much trouble, yet you leave it at a casual catch up. Meanwhile, your career is taking off and your bank account is growing. Your life experiences are growing beyond your expectations as your past associations fall away. You embrace that new life that is entertaining, forgiving, loving and full of hope. Your money is yours, you health is yours and you can see parts of the world you only ever dreamed to see. You no longer care for the fight because it was always a losing battle. The fight was on that battlefield right over there. But over here thee is only peace. Over there it has been decimated by the endless war. Over here there is only sunshine abundance and discovery.

A wise man once said that people only change when the pain not to change exceeds the pain to change. MGTOW have felt too much pain and have been forced to endure whatever it takes to break away.

Why? Because only excitement and good times await men when they no longer take part in the game that has always been rigged for them to lose.


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