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Updated on February 4, 2009


We met in 7th grade. Such a sweet and shy girl. Just the opposite of myself. Most who knew me referred to me as MOUTH OF THE SOUTH. A title that I wore proudly. Speaking my mind has never, ever been my weak point. Anyway, Debbie and I became acquaintances in Junior High but our friendship did not blossom until we made our grand debut in high shcool.

That first day in 9th grade, as the bus pulled up in front ot the school, I remember I was a little anxious and worried. Whose classes would I be in? Would I be with my clique of friends or would we all be dispursed into different classes. As I stepped off the bus and walked into the building, there was Debbie, standing by a locker looking as lost as I felt. When our eyes met, her smile would have spanned the state of Texas. The excitement mounted. We soon discovered we were in many of the same classes. From that day, we were "bestest" friends and I loved her like a sister. I could trust my friend with anything.

Besides the fact that I adored her, having her on my side had its advantages. With the demerits that I got for chewing gum and popping bubbles (ten and you were suspended), most students would have been sent home several times over. But what are friends for? Deb was also the principal's favorite and so she worked in his office a little while each day - doing small things like taking my demerit slips out of "THE BOX" and throwing them away. Thanks Deb. You saved my life - mother would have killed me:)

TIme passed quickly and we found ourselves in 12th grade. Debie fell in love and married that year.. She was so nervous and I was so sad. The thought of sharing her with someone caused a stir of jealousy my heart. Just the same, when the big day arrived, I fixed her hair, helped her with her makeup and off to the church we went. While time has erased some of the details, I do remember two things very clearly. Debbie forgot her shoes and ended up borrowing shoes from the pastor's wife. They were way too big and she cried as she stuffed them with tissue paper. Then it was time for her to make the big walk down the isle. With tears in my eyes, I watched my friend, so beautiful in her elegant gown, give herself to the man she loved. The ceremony was over and it was time to toss the lovely bouquet. She looked at me and winked. I knew I was going home with the trophy. You guessed it - for years that small reminder of another place and time, graced the dresser in my bedroom.AND you know what they say about the girl who catches the bouquet. All too soon, I found myself in a marriage that was not meant to be. Guess I married for the wrong reason - trying to keep up with my bestest friend.

We graduated that year - she with a new husband, and me with a pocketful of dreams.We kept in touch for awhile. I saw her when her firstborn, Kim, was just a baby. Soon after, with a young child of my own, life's realities set in. Recently separated, I had to find a job and take care of my son. Dorothy wasn't in Kansas anymore.

So busy with my own world, time slipped away, too quickly.. But, Debbie was never far from my mind. I wondered how she was, where she was, and how life had been treating her. I tried, but could no longer get in touch with her.


Not long ago, I decided to sign up with facebook out of sheer curiosity. After completing my profile, I noticed about 8 pictures at the bottom of my page. As I started glancing at each, one seemed familiar. I clicked on the picture and could not believe my eyes. There was my long lost friend!

Life is full of surprises. I never realized how much I still loved my friend. Nothing has changed. She is the same wonderful person I remember. Yes, we are both 30 years older, but the thing is: we are still "bestest" friends.






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    • profile image

      Deborah 8 years ago

      Thanks, that is a very sweet story...memories weeee !!