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Updated on September 26, 2011

My JaR oF cAnDy

I saw a child reaching for a jar of candy

So cute and lovely to see him making his way towards that jar of candy

Using everything he sees

Doing everything he can

Just to get a hold of it

Just to taste it

Until at last

He could almost reach it

He could almost have it

But one wrong move without thinking

Pushes the jar to the edge

And as the jar balances itself at the edge

He tries to reach it

He tries to save it

But it just wasn't enough

And so the jar falls and breaks

And with the shattering glass it hit me

I was that little boy trying to reach you

I kept pushing and pushing and pushing

I kept pushing without thinking

Until i pushed you to the edge and you fell and broke

And no matter how I tried to reach you

It just wasn't enough for you

And now that I've lost you

No matter how I try I could never bring

My jar of candy back........


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