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Updated on February 22, 2016


many people today don't believe in marriage. I wanted to get married but my exe just want to have sex. sex is not a bad thing its just that marriage puts your desires in place. i have gotten my heart broke alt of times now i have no sympathy, no feelings and i'm just mindless. I have got hurt so bad but i took it. my ex never texted me, i always had to text him. The crazy part is, he had an iPhone so i know the notifications were coming in quick. i really don't see the point of cheating, just marry me so we can be one.


when i was in a relationship i always had to call or text my boyfriend. He never spoke to me, only once in a blue moon. I didn't see the point in being in a relationship if your not gonna talk to me. i didn't understand why but a sign that he or she doesn't text you often is because there cheating, duh!

have you ever been cheated on?

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