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Magical Carpet Ride

Updated on October 27, 2014

Take Me On A Whimsical Ride

Imagine yourself in a place that feels so magical and mysterious that you feel you must be dreaming. Now, close your eyes, and really just imagine a magical place. What do you see? Who do you see? What do you hear? Just stop and listen to the sounds as they show you where this magical mystery will take you. You have to let go of all control and trust as it shows you where you will go next. Next imagine yourself flying amongst the dreamers and the believers and into nowhere land.

And then you wake up. You aren't sure if that was just a dream or how long you'd been sleeping but you know you want to go back to how you felt in that place and in that moment, even if it was just a dream.

My beautiful and talented girlfriend makes me feel this way, whether she knows it or not she makes me feel like I am unstoppable. She inspires me, transports me to places I've never been and gives me sensations I've never felt before. She is sitting next to me and I may have changed what our original goal was but Ill let her decide what to write next. We wanted to share Our Story. We both feel strongly that we have a unique love and we wanted to write to inspire others. Life is hard. Love is even harder. We hope through this collaboration you get inspired if only just to believe in love again.

"We except the love we think we deserve." -A quote from my favorite author, Steven Chbosky

Unless you are one that found your soul mate early on in life, almost everyone goes through phases of dating different people. At those moments in time, we believe that there is something to be learned in the relationships, otherwise we wouldn't do it. We learn about others and we also learn about ourselves. But after a certain point you begin to realize, that what you deserve and what you are getting or giving... isn't quite up to par. So we let go. Taking with us a very important lesson.. of what you will put up with, and what you absolutely can not take on. But at the core of it is knowing how you deserve to be treated and how you would like to treat your significant other. With kindness, love, and support.

I once heard that In order to improve your relationships, instead of pointing the finger at what the other person is doing wrong, you must point your finger back at yourself and ask, "Am I doing those things myself?" I believe it was Alicia Moore who was quoting her father. But either way, I find it to be the most mature way to go about things. It's just as important to put into a relationship, if not more important, than to receive because the gift of loving is a powerful one, and to be able to love with everything you are and have is the greatest feeling in the world.

Our Love

It is important to set balance to each others lives,  and do not change each other,  but in tern, grow with one another.
It is important to set balance to each others lives, and do not change each other, but in tern, grow with one another. | Source

Our Love Story

Our story isn't simple but rather unique. A mere chance of being at the right place at the right time, and even then... there were some obstacles. We met at a transitional phase in both our lives. One of us was being promoted and the other was about to pack up her life and head to the ocean.... far, far,far away. I believe we were both at a point in our lives that even we were skeptical at the idea of a relationship.

Six months had then passed, and once again the right moment, the right place and time... we reconnected (thanks to modern technology a.k.a. Facebook messenger). We both knew it six months earlier when we first laid eyes on each other and we never stopped thinking about each other, even though we had both parted and carried on with our lives after that summer. But we both felt it again, that moment when the time finally did come for us to be together and to get to know each other.

Throughout this transformation we became not only lovers but friends as well. No miles could keep us apart, we were inseparable and did everything we could to keep our relationship stronger even through the thousands of miles that were between us. We skyped, texted all day, called when we needed to hear each others voices and even at times, left the phones on by our pillows at night so it was as if, we were lying right beside each other or "sleeping together".

The Key, is To NEVER Stop Dating

No matter what age you get, how far into the relationship you are (IE: 2 months, 1 year, 5 years, for the rest of your lives) it is so very important to never stop dating the person that you love. To never stop wanting to surprise them and woe them. Through time, different things will change. You will get engaged, you will married, buy a house, raise children together, advance your careers, so on and so forth. But in all of that, most be the root of love.

It is important to keep in mind that the two of you will not stay the same forever, you will change, because it is inevitable. But as long as you are both growing, and growing together, there will always be something new and exciting to learn about one another. We just have to keep trying at it, and becoming the very best that we can be... for each other.


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