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Maid of Honor Speeches - Top Tips to Writing Great Speeches

Updated on May 3, 2011

The maid of honor speeches is one of the most important speeches of the wedding reception.  You are most likely a very close person to the bride as a family member or close friend.  You will need to use the maid of honor speeches to show just how important the bride is in your life.  There are a few things that you will need to know in order to deliver very special maid of honor speeches. 

First of all you may want to consult whoever is planning the wedding to find out when you will have to give the maid of honor speeches.  Traditionally the maid of honor speeches are given after the groom's speech and the speech given by the father of the bride.  However depending on the wishes of those who are planning the wedding the order of the speeches may differ and that is why it is important to ask in advance.

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Getting Started With Notes and Ideas

After you figure out where your speech comes in you will have an idea of how long you will have to speak and also what you should be saying in your maid of honor speeches.  You can start brainstorming for the maid of honor speeches by first sitting down and thinking of all of the good memories that you share with the bride and how you can translate those memories into words. 

Pick two of your most striking memories and write them down as stories in the draft of the maid of honor speeches.  You can then add an introduction and conclusion and voila!  You have the maid of honor speeches all ready to go. 

The introduction and conclusion parts of maid of honor speeches are very simple.  Just start with a thank you to everyone and close out the maid of honor speeches with some complements for the bride and groom followed by a quick wedding toast to them.

Practicing the Wedding Speech

While you are preparing maid of honor speeches make sure to keep it all a secret. Don't share the maid of honor speeches with the bride before the wedding as this should come as a nice surprise to her. The best thing to do is to practice the maid of honor speeches with someone who is not attending the wedding so that nobody who is going to the wedding will know what you are going to say in the maid of honor wedding speeches.

Always remember not to make the speech too long. The best speeches that are given are usually relatively short and should not make everybody feel bored. Choose language that is beautiful and full of emotion in order to make the speech more touching. Whatever you decide to say always remember that your speech will have a lasting impression on the bride.

This is why it is extremely important to just not say anything but to carefully choose the right words. If you want the occasion to go smoothly you would be smart to take this advice and plan the speech out in advance of the wedding. 


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