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Make A Girl To Like Me - 6 Sure Strategies To Do It

Updated on November 14, 2010

When you are going out regularly to meet girls but for some reasons never get what you want, you definitely make a blunder along the way. Most likely, you simply haven't realized how attraction works yet. Rather than sulking while thinking "how do I get a girl to like me", read these following tips to get the girls to truly like you.

Note: you first impression is also have serious effect to the entire progress of attraction, see how to pick up a girl for the right way to approach her.

Stay Aloof

One of the biggest blunders men make is to push too hard. This makes you look desperate and clingy. The image you want to display is that you’re cool and independent. You could get it or leave it. Let her know that you like her, but also show her that you aren't concerned with whether she likes you or not (even though you are!).

Don't Forget Things About Her

She will go crazy when you remember several details about her life that she told you 2 or 3 weeks ago. Or when you remember details from the night you met. Anytime she talks, no matter what the subject is, pay attention and remember. Please don't recite back everything she’s ever said, but allow it to come out a little at a time. And don’t ever forget anything she’s told you or you’ll go down in flames hard.

Surprise Her

Unpredictability is attractive. Yes, women like men who are steady and consistent, but they LOVE guys that can give them surprises from time to time. You should be like a cliffhanger movie for her; she can’t wait to see what happens next! Never tell her everything about you in one go. Rather, spill a bit of information every once in a while. This will say to her, “There is much more to me than you believe. Wouldn’t you love to find it all out?”

Be Generous

Do nice things for her without wanting something back. You never want to seem like you are stingy. Be nice and do things for her, but you should never appear weak. The majority of women really don't like men who act like slaves, and the ones who do need to be avoided without exceptions. Stay strong and independent, but pay for her to show her that money is no big deal.

Be Her Friend

Show her that you’re her friend in addition to a romantic interest. This is much more important to females than it is to men. One of the best ways to achieve this is to just listen to what she says and show interest in her everyday life. Act like a friend to her, but continue to keep up some degree of flirty tone and playfulness. If you don’t do this, you will fall into the fatal trap of being just a friend. She will say, “I like him, but I really don't like him that way.”

Give It Time

Female's emotions work slower than guys’. She’ll need space and time to think things over before she will decide she likes you. The key is to let her have her space, but also keep in touch with her so that you can keep putting the groundwork for a romantic relationship.

Each woman has her own characteristic, so there is no way you can get her to like you without putting some efforts. But, these are some pointers that will help you out along the way. No matter what, keep your head up and stay confident. This will help you succeed and it’ll also impress her.

Note that in modern dating, it is possible to attract women while not having to be there in front of her; yes, I'm talking about online dating. Go through an essential aspect that you need to know so that you can success in online dating at online dating for men.


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