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Making Life Choices by Five Questions to Yourself

Updated on July 19, 2014

Enjoy making choices

If a young man of twenty is given a choice to pick one car, an average house, a loving wife with two beautiful kids and one million in the bank to trade with 20 years of his life, chances are he would refuse it straight away. But he might end up having less than that on his fortieth birthday. (Yes, you guessed it right; it’s the process or journey of those twenty years that is worth more than the outcome only.)

Life is all about choices and their prices

Life is all about choices and their prices. Everybody learns this with time, but some of us do not exactly know how this works. In next few minutes I will try to make it a bit simpler for you.

What do you want from life? A very simple question and everyone will be excited to list all the things he or she may love to have in life. Love, success, family, business, fame, leisure, luxury, or even trip to the Mars, … the list goes on. However, old wisdom and modern lifestyle both teach us one simple lesson and that is you have to pay something in order to get something.

So you need to keep this in mind that whatever you choose in life will take away some of your time, energy, money and emotions as part of the deal you make with life.


Life Choices - Friends
Life Choices - Friends | Source

Five Crucial Questions

Since every Life Choice cost us something, so it becomes crucial to make right choices and avoid choosing something that harms us in the long run. Here are five keys questions you should ask yourself to identify any Life Choice and whether you should go for it or wait for another one.

1- Is it a Life Choice?

2- Is it aligned with my destination?

3- What’s the price?

4- Is it worth it?

5- Why should I take it?

Be Cautious

Think twice before making a choice
Think twice before making a choice | Source

1- Is it a Life Choice?

It’s a crucial question you should ask whenever you want to make a critical decision about your life choices. The answer is if it adds happiness in your life with whatever it brings along then its for sure a life choice for you. If you like it, love it, admire it, feel good to have it or be with it then it is your life choice, and you got to jump into it. But wait for the rest of four questions first :).

Whats your Life Goal?

Choose one Life Goal that appeals you the most;

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2- Is it aligned with my Life Goal?

Everybody has a goal in his/her life. It doesn't matter who set that goal; sometimes we consciously set our life goal, sometimes our behavior and choices set it for us. However you may ask this question to yourself only if you know your life goal. Its also important that you know how to achieve that goal. Every life choice should be aligned to your life goal. It means either this new life choice you are going to make will help you achieve that goal or will not be a hurdle on the least. If it’s not, then chances are it's not for you.

Its a fun game

Have fun choosing what you love to do
Have fun choosing what you love to do | Source

3- What’s the price?

It’s a very critical question. It will also need your thinking to find out what type of currency you are going to use to pay the price. Let me give you a hint; it might be your time, your already earned money, your emotional attention, your health, your friends, your hobbies, or your family. The bigger the choice is, the higher the price will be. You got to calculate carefully if you have the price to pay for it. In your 60s, you cannot invest in 25 years insurance plans (unless you are over-optimistic about your life expectancy). Some choices will ask you to pay with your time, emotions, friends and some family members altogether, and you got to do that if you want to have that choice in your life. Well, it's not marriage only.

Life partner; A crucial choice

Someone you wanna grow old with
Someone you wanna grow old with | Source

4- Is it worth it?

Ask this question to yourself again and again, as you are standing in front of a candy jar, counting your coins in your palm and the shopkeeper is waiting (unwillingly). Every life choice doesn’t have fair price system. For some, it may be cheaper while other might pay a fortune for the same. Consider your price to pay and the worth of that Life Choice you are going to choose. Is it worth it? Is it worth it? And the answer is, If and only if it brings you closer to your destination, your goal then it might worth paying with everything (or a big chunk of it) to have it. If it does not, then it’s a luxury for you and you should only be paying from your luxury budget. If its price exceeds your luxury budget, you get to drop it.

Happy Family

Life Choice - A Happy Family
Life Choice - A Happy Family | Source

5- Why should I take it?

It seems like same question as the last one; if it’s worth it, you should take it. Let's hold for few more minutes since we are talking about life choices. Every Life Choice has a unique value in your life. You got to find that to answer this question. If you find something worth your life’s ten years, emotional stress and few thousand dollars of your (or your parent’s or your bank’s) money, its got to have something that tells you why you should take it. I would leave the answer to this question on your unique needs and insightful imagination. But if you bring that reason to someone close to you and ask his/her suggestion, it would help you for sure. True story.


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