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Male And Female Relationship

Updated on December 11, 2014

----How To Remain Always In Love----

love also means a special kind of respect between the two lovers/life partners that place can not be given to any one else and it is most important and can solve most of the will give the opportunity to discuss and for conversation that give the satisfaction of mind and develop a unique relation up to if both will implement it in their life to give first preference to each other. it will create a great mutual trust and faith and try to make them one soul in spite of two bodies and never feel bore but give the feeling of as always will also demolish any doubt that can be created by the circumstances or tried by the others who are not happy with their nice relations and may be always in a try to make misunderstanding between them.who try to exploit their relations to make a dispute between them as they think that if their relations are broken they feel happy. many person with a broken relations think that others relation should also be broken and due to this mine mentality they try and want to show others that they are more intelligent and superior than others. it is a natural phenomena that every one that may be but try to prove them selves to others that he lives in more peaceful manner so they are very nice and more competent. so if any two lovers want to remain always in love he should have to care their relations and do not believe on others what they are saying for them and always ready to find the truth with a very mind and not in a hurry. we think that most and may always others are wrong .many time and mostly they try to make a plan to disturb others life that appears as right..but mutual understanding and to act upon the decision to be a lover/life partners so there first priority is always remain unite. that is the most important that they do not think that they have taken a mistake to love each others and always try to see their future life which is very long to enjoy the things. these may be the small mistakes but very important as these things looks small but to make a conflict at any time to live together

Love Is A Mutual Understanding And Affection

How To Find The Ways To Always Remain Happy

--Good Persons Are Meant For Love----

we think that in both sides males and females only good persons are actually wants love and affection.most of the persons (male/female ) are lack of knowledge and do not know the meaning of love. they can make any one to their life partner.if such persons marry with each others then they will pull on their life any how. but if any female/males not of this thinking become their life partner. there may be a great possibilities that there may be a communication gap with their likings and interests and never allow them to discuss or conversant with any matter and point. so they may never remain happy. we think that sex is not every think but satisfaction of mind is every thing. any one can marry with every one but enjoyment of sex may be only with him/her to whom they love. love is not a small thing that comes out very easily it is the reflection of worth and knowledge insight their love. if we think that every one only want sex that may be a wrong interpretation and it may not be true. they want affection and love then sex to get real enjoyment. attraction of eyes and to get the views of other can notice and judge to whom they can get the satisfaction require to them. no one can change their view points, habit, nature and way of life.the things comes to an end when any one try to get other one male/female with planning not with actual and natural ways. they try to hide their drawbacks for the time being or till they do not get married. every male wants a good girl and every female wants a good male. so they try to remain good till they have not married. this approach that every one will change their habit and way of life after marriage is not right but a very few may change themselves. so we think that with a open way to tell other side what are real things so that a good and real match can come in to existence and not on false basis so that we can make our life happy ,enjoyable and free from sorrows and pains to make ourselves prosper and live a peaceful life.

-----Good Persons Are Full Of Love And Affection

--Regarding Our Hubs--

Male And Female Relationship
How To Remain Always In Love
Good Persons Are Meant For Love
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-Whole Life May Based Mainly On One Decision-

we think that the whole life of every male and female depends on mainly one decision how we get life partner in their life and that is why we have to put our full efforts to make it a right decision. we know that every one is trying in their own way but it is essential that good and right person should get their life partner almost of the same worth. no doubt is very difficult and we have to compromise at a stage when we become older and older. so we have to try at the beginning of our age mostly 18 year of age. we think that if we get the right choice at that time or after some time we think that it is not the time to get married. but if we do not take the right decision we have to wait and then we may suffer a problem not to get a right choice. if we take the right decision we can achieve every think with the cooperation of our right choice other wise we have to remain at it is or try to get a right partner. it may be that we will get it or not but when we remain in search and want a right partner then why at that time when the good partner is with in our approach. that may be the best time of marriage when we get a suitable and may be more close to our nature and interest. we should not delay or postponed our decision that can open the path of achievements in our life.we can make delay of every thing that may have less or more effects but the decision on which our future life will be based and if opportunity has come to our door we should try to gross it without any delay and with every possible way. it may always remain our best decision of the life if we get a life partner of same nature interest and thinking. it is not only become a decision but the best pride of our life. a greatest cricketer of India and the world Sachin Tandolker has said that the best decision of their life is to marry with such a nice girl which is his wife.

Take A Right Decision And Get Every Thing

Modern Likings Of Today

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    • ravinderkumarshar profile image

      ravinder kumar sharma 3 years ago from india

      to secure the future we should not hide some thing and come out with a actual what we are to get the life partner

    • ravinderkumarshar profile image

      ravinder kumar sharma 3 years ago from india

      no one what so ever may be talented or nice but no one is superior than their lover. do not divert their intention.

    • ravinderkumarshar profile image

      ravinder kumar sharma 3 years ago from india

      to make a decision to love any one or make any one his life partner think first and then after decision never think that they have taken a wrong decision.