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Fantasies for Relationships

Updated on April 23, 2014

Lady Godiva


Fantasies and Dating

Guys may have certain fantasies that could be hard to keep up with. There are all different fantasies really that guys do get about their dates. There is an ideal person that they would like to date. Sometimes they keep that ideal person on a pedestal by itself. Other times they may expect you yourself to be the fantasy.

Some men that are creative and or fantasy minded may have different ideas than an average date might. They are expecting a different sort of a woman that is a fantasy type. The woman has to live up to a lot of preconceived ideas. If she does not live up to everything that he has in mind, she will probably not be there for very long.

The fantasy could be something from the past such as Lady Godiva. It could also be a recent idea like the singer, Madonna. There are many different roles that could come in to the fantasy. It could be one idea or many fantasies. The guy could also himself want to play a role to be part of the fantasy. It is not just simple role playing that I mean but something that goes deeper than that. It is the whole idea and something that is important to the guy. If they are not acting out then it is not as much fun for them. They need the idea in order to go on as they would like things to be.

It may seem funny and more or less flattering in the beginning to be considered in various fantasies but why, you may think, is it going on? It can seem fun at first but if the idea is all that he is thinking of it is rather an empty sort of relationship. If you don't want to play along it could end pretty soon. There could be references to different sorts of fantasy ideas. Really think about if the fantasy is done in a good way.

It may be hard to take it all in at first. It is such a different experience that your head could be turned at first. But is that just all he is planning. You do wonder how many women have been used as the fantasy projections that he likes to do. You are a real person that wants attention for herself.

If there is nothing there but a fantasy, there will not really be much of a relationship. It may be a good idea to wait a bit to see what is happening. See how he is relating to other people. Watch carefully what is happening to the fantasies that he has been creating. See if it is just something that he likes doing to have fun or is it a more serious idea that needs to be looked at more closely.

It does make a difference also what fantasy you are looking at. If it is a flattering idea it would be much better to work with. If you do like the idea maybe it could all be worked out if you do get along together. But if it does begin to bother you to not be taken very seriously at all, it could mean trouble.

It is better I think to find out at first what is going on. With many guys that could be a difficult to do. As you know, that could be the last thing that he has in mind to get serious. If you are not that serious either it is very difficult to find out what is going on. It will just go on with you having no control over it. Eventually you will need to get it under control. Either that or you will become the fantasy without being yourself.

Thelma Todd 30's Movie Star


Hair Color

Guys may have different ideas about what women with different hair colors will or should act like. For instance, blondes bring up a lot of ideas in people's heads. There is the whole sex symbol idea about blondes now since Hollywood made them famous.

Men may think that blondes are more sexual and that it is a hot color. If you have been born blonde, that may not be the same idea as what you yourself have about yourself.

Brunettes may bring up a different idea of a woman that is serious and either daring or a homemaker. People may think that redheads are hot tempered. Redheads stand out a lot and it can get a lot of attention. The guy could want that attention from dating a redhead. It could also be true for the other hair colors.

The First Miss America


Miss USA or Playboy Bunny

Being Miss USA is quite a compliment to be compared to her. To some that are into women's lib it cannot be quite the idea that they want to portray. It is a bit out of fashion for a thing to do now. It is still in the news but not featured as much anymore. There were several protests about it before. It still portrays a male idea to the world.

He could refer to the idea of being a Playboy bunny. It is a fantasy idea. Some women do want to be one and others do not. It could be an annoying idea or a compliment to some to be compared to one.

Being a Famous Actress or Singer

A guy could compare you to a famous actress or singer. I think it is important to listen to what they say about it. It could be very flattering.

There are some guys that really just want you to be the famous person that is in show business. They may be in show business themselves. If someone else does not want to be in the business they may not really want them. Others I know, like the idea of someone that is not in the business.

After a while one can tire of the entertainment business and not want to be in it always. To be with someone that thinks of nothing else can be too much. The guy can be too conceited to live with. The fantasy for some guys is themselves. That can get to be too much for a person to put up with.

Of course a lot of the guys that are famous or rich want models. Everyone cannot be a model nor do they want to be one. Women want to be able to eat. It can get to be boring work to some. Someone could be compared to one of the models. You would want to make sure that you are also wanted for yourself and not just your looks.

Different Work or at Home Fantasies

There could be a case where the guy likes you and sees you as being representing your work. That could be true with travel. Especially if you work for travel or the airlines they could really want the benefits. It is a whole lifestyle. Every type of work could have different ideas attached to it that a guy could like. That could even be true for a French maid idea.

You might have the same idea about guys. You might want an airline captain or a cook. It would be nice to be able to go places. Or you could want him just for the money. It makes them seem more important. Without it they are not the same person.

The guy could also just see you as being a housewife type. He could want you to stay home and take care of his children. That might not be your idea for your life. You need to find out what the fantasies are indeed. You need to know what your life together would be like.

The Frog Prince


Your Own Fantasies About Guys

You may have your own fantasies about the guy. After all you do like the way he looks. There is just something about him. You enjoy the way he dresses. That is one hopes he dresses nicely. Or you could have other ideas for him. If you do, you are also in a way attempting to create a fantasy character for yourself. It is a little hard not to if you do like the guy.

Maybe the answer is to watch what you are doing yourself. You want to like the guy for himself also. It should not all be just about the way he looks. If he is handsome he knows that a lot of girls do like him. He wants to know also that you may like him for himself. They can get pretty jaded about the idea.

Also if the guy is in the public eye himself he knows that the girls do not just always like him for himself. They like them for the fame and the money. Look at what you are doing. Just watch yourself so that you know what you are doing. You cannot blame a girl really trying to get a good catch sometimes.

You may want someone like Captain Kirk from Star Trek but you have someone entirely different. Captain Kirk has his ship to think about. You don't really want to travel around space do you?

There comes a time also though when one just needs to grow up. Maybe the ball player is not exactly what you yourself need. You can get in a lot of trouble going after the wrong person.

The other guy may like you just for yourself. Sometimes that can be all that matters. It is important that you are both on the same page.

William Shatner as Captain Kirk from Star Trek
William Shatner as Captain Kirk from Star Trek | Source
Simon Baker from The Mentalist
Simon Baker from The Mentalist | Source
Princess - enclosed in a fantasy
Princess - enclosed in a fantasy | Source

Decide if You Like the Idea or Not

People are going to have different ideas about each other that may be over stated. Sometimes though the fantasies that are going through the guy's head may be just too much to take. It does not seem like a real idea at all. You are turned into a sort of object then.

Maybe it is not such a bad idea for you if you really like the guy. After all if you really are Miss America there may be no harm in taking advantage of it. But for some the idea to conform to the fantasy idea will be too much to take. It can be just too much trouble. If others hear about the ideas it can also make you into a laughing stock. If you want to be taken seriously it does not work out.

You could want to both have your fantasies together. You could also have fantasy but at the same time you could like each other for yourselves. Sometimes maybe it could all work out like that.

People want to be liked or loved for themselves. I think sometimes divorce comes about because the fantasy has become undone. Someone that is trying to make you into something that you are not just does not care about you as someone else has or might care.


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