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Male Guide to Female Communication

Updated on December 8, 2015

Has your girlfriend, wife or just a good female friend asked you a question like “how does this make me look?” yes, we have all been there. Don’t panic. You are not alone. (The following list are the most popular answers gathered from multiple women and girls.)

The 10 NoNo’s

1. “You look really tired”

  • Yes maybe we didn’t sleep a lot last night, but all women hear out of this sentence is “you don’t look good”. To us it’s kind of a big insult so try to stay away from that.

2. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but…”

  • Well how ARE we supposed to take it? Do tell.

3. “You remind me of my mom”

  • I’m sure your mother is a very sweet and respectable lady, and maybe that exactly the compliment you want to give, but then just tell us that we are also well respected. Your mother is a bit older than us..a lot actually, so it is inevitable we think that you’re telling us we look old. Just watch out for that one.

4. “That time of the month again?”

  • Oh nono. Not a good thing to say. Really. We understand that we can be very moody once a month but do. not. mention it. We go through enough pain already and we do not need you to emphasise it.

5. “Your sister is so hot”

  • We might agree with this, but you cannot. She is our sister. It’s as though you are saying she got all the good genes from the parents and we, not so much. Really try to stay away from this one. Call our sisters cute! Cute isn’t bad nor good, it’s just right for our sisters.

6. “You have a really pretty face”

  • This one can come across as a little bad. Let’s look at this statement in some more detail shall we? We are glad you like our face but it seems as though you just like our face, and I mean literally JUST our face. Seems like you got to our neck and decided everything below that was irrelevant. You don't have to specify what exactly it is you like about us, just say we’re pretty!

7. “You’re still hungry?”

  • Women eat. A lot. In the beginning we try not to eat a ton of food around you because we want to seem contained and well mannered. However, if we eat a lot around you it only means we are comfortable around you so please do not comment on it otherwise we lose that comfort.

8. “You ask a lot of questions”

  • We probably wouldn't ask so many questions if you knew how to answer them and keep a conversation going. Do not make us ask all the questions when we are getting to know each other. Engage in the conversation and show your interests.

9. “It’s a guy thing. You wouldn’t understand”

  • Try us. We might understand. After all, we are together with you for a reason and you should take the time to try and explain certain things you and your “bros” do. All we want is to just be included. That’s why we spend time with you in the first place.

10. “I’m not in the mood”

  • You always need to be in the mood for your girl! Not being in the mood to us means that you are not interested and do not care. Even if it’s something little but if you, for example, set up plans for a brunch but stay up till around 3 and text your girl “I’m tired, not in the mood for brunch” that’s the biggest NONO of all time.



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    • Young Journalist profile image

      Young Journalist 2 years ago

      I totally agree dashingscorpio. So let's all hope we find that soulmate and are not afraid to say no to them anymore!

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      "Dashingscorpio, I agree that #10 is very truthful, however if a man was to say this in the (beginning of a relationship), it wouldn't really help him"

      That's very true!

      This is why it's important not to believe you have found your "soul-mate" during the (infatuation phase) of a new relationship!

      If a guy thinks you're "hot" he is going to be in the mood to say "yes" to anything you want to do. Note women are the same way.

      They don't want to risk blowing their opportunity to be with her/him.

      However once people "feel comfortable" or secure in relationships they start saying "no" more often without the fear of losing their mate.

      This may also explain why they call the first few weeks of a new marriage: "The Honeymoon" period. :)

    • Young Journalist profile image

      Young Journalist 2 years ago

      Thank you fir the lovely comments dashingscorpio and MsDora!

      Dashingscorpio, I agree that #10 is very truthful, however if a man was to say this in the beginning of a relationship, it wouldn't really help him. Women expect a lot and if those expectations aren't met and the reason for that is because he is "not in the mood", then it will not turn out well for the man and may be the cause of an argument.

      I am glad you enjoyed this post, more will follow soon!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Truthfully funny. A really helpful guide for men who care. Good work.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      You listed some funny ones!

      However I'd say anyone that uses #10 is someone who believes they can be honest with you. Truth of the matter is if you really cared about them you would not want them to do something {you know they don't enjoy}.

      Very often in the beginning of new relationships both people bend over backwards to impress one another. They're on their best behavior and the word "no" is seldom if ever used. Laughter comes easily, romance is spontaneous, and sex is off the charts!

      Generally speaking it's not until they've had their first major argument that they reveal their "authentic selves". We discover elements of each other's "boundaries" and "deal breakers".

      Sure they went on that {first date} with you to the ballet or football game but now that you know each other better and feel "relaxed" in a (committed relationship) they're going to tell you "no" when they don't want to do something.

      We treat the "new" better than the "tried and true".

      People do this with just about everything! (a new job, new car, new sofa, new house, and new mate.) In the beginning no amount of effort is too much to maintain things at optimum level! Check back in a year or two or five years. Odds are you won't see that "sustained effort" any longer.