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Male and Female Infants the differences in which is born more than the other

Updated on August 9, 2017
Here is a graph of life expectancy of people of this year
Here is a graph of life expectancy of people of this year

Male and Female Infants which is born more?

When people think of babies, do they think of the limitless amounts of times, that people don't know whether they will have a boy or a girl? Or do most parent's find out before? Who is ready for some interesting facts about babies? First of all, do you think there are more female babies or more male babies born and why? Can limitless amounts of babies be born at a certain time, whether they are boys or girls? Well if you look at the stores that sell baby items what do you notice? there are more things for boys than there are for girls’ right? Why is that? According to, live there are 107 boys born in ratio to the 100 girls born. This is worldwide and the ratio is partly because of sex-selective abortions and genocide in countries such as India and China. In these two countries, males are still more desired than females, the ratio still hovers around 105:100. So there is a limitless feeling with boys being born vs girls, wouldn't you say?

Parental ages and the parental stress levels are just two factors that can cause either a male or female baby to be born. Although according to this more males are born over females, but female babies are stronger in the womb then the males, the reason I am saying this is because girls bounce back from complications faster than boys do, that is why boys have more birth defection girls do, because girls are stronger at birth than males according to this site.

The reason why there is more boy attire then the girl’s attire is because of where they are made. They are all made in china or so that is what the tags say, where are more boys born in China. Boys might be born more often but they are more susceptible to getting life-threatening diseases or having an abnormality. Everyone knows that boys are reckless or so that is what the persona is, it is the same for them in the womb they are not as strong as girls are because even at that age they have the “Oh I can handle anything” persona. I am not saying that boys don’t live outside the womb because they do but they are the ones with more birth defects, not that they can’t live through them because they can I have seen that first hand.Since the males were allowed to live in china and India more than girls were, that is what has lasted throughout the rest of the world, why nobody really knows, women just carry boys more than the carry girls. Although there is a lot of girls clothing out for babies now, there is still more male clothing because a male is the most prominent sex of the baby that is born.

It really depends on the mother and the chromosomes that take. It depends on health and how old the mother is which depends on the sex of the baby really. Which nobody would probably think of that, but that is what the site says, which I was surprised at. I am one of three kids there is two girls and one boy in my family. But boys are a more prominent sex than girls according to birth because boys can do more I guess in terms of work then girls can but that is very bias we all can do anything we put our minds to no matter what our sex is.

Do you think that you can decide what sex your baby is when you are pregnant? Well nobody can decide that it just happens, doesn't it? Have you ever, had a mixture of the sexes or have you just had one over the other, what do you think of the people that have two different sexes of children. Do you think that those children get along better or not? Why would that be?

Male and Female Infants

Are more males of females born each year?

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There is always a limitless amount of baby clothes if you know where to go shopping for them

When you go shopping to stores that have kids clothes they have limitless amounts of kids, clothes including baby clothes, but most of the time they have more girl clothes than boy clothes. Does that depend on the store, though? Or does it depend on the amount of boys or girls that were born the year before? I think that it just depends on who is making the clothes, and they look at the internet to see which sex is born more, which is how they figure it out.

If there are twins being born there might be an uneven number of girls or boys being born, this is because some people have twins that are two boys, two girls or one of each. Even though there is limitless information on the internet of which sex of a baby is born more do we really know? How accurate is it? That is the question.

In my own opinion and I am not a doctor of any kind but I don't think that you can really judge which is born more male infants or female infants in today's day and age. I don't even think you can decipher it when you try to look at chromosomes. Most of the time when you are pregnant you don't want to know the sex of your baby. People like to be surprised. However, they like to prepare but all colors now can be used for boys or girls there isn't really a specific color for girls or boys. In my opinion, what do you think? The specific colors for boys and girls are usually blue for boys and pink for girls but how many mothers or people follow that today?

When mothers are out shopping there is a lot more blues and greens or blacks out in the baby section because they are male colors and there are more boys born over girls but does that mean you can't dress your girl in blacks, blues or greens? No, it just means that baby girls have more clothing selections then boys do.

Boy and Girl  Baby Twins
Boy and Girl Baby Twins

Is there more boy or girl clothes in stores today when it comes to babies?

A number of baby things that we find in stores seem limitless each year and each year it changes in terms of clothing and toys in how much of one gender there is versus the other. Or at least that is what I find, and I don't even have kids yet. What do you think is this true? Do you find there is more girl baby clothes and toys in stores rather than boy baby clothes and toys?

Do you think that Male Infants are born more in a year or Female Infants and why? Let's Discuss

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