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Marriage Hall & Marriage, South Indian Style.

Updated on April 11, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

To take a picture of this marriage Hall I need a Chopper.

South Indian Marriage once in a Lifetime only.

Son's to a large extent aren't of any major concerns for worry to parents in south Indian Bramhin's family till they complete their collegiate education preferably in any professional bachelor's or master's degree.Daughter's to a considerable extent are a case of concern to parents no sooner they qualify for collegiate education.This is on account of their college mates who form from all types of families and the girls are mostly innocent of worldly affairs no sooner they enter the college for their degree in chosen career and the trend of the present generation is to compete with boys who take up professional courses.

Now at this point there is very little option for girls to study only in woman's college for their chosen professional courses.Here is the small margin of an option of not to mix with boys of almost the same age and get in to a short friend ship which may or may not continue after their studies are completed in that college where they start their major step towards further studies and which may carry on further even after their marriage in many cases to some extent.

Once they complete their professional courses the present trend in big cities being corporate company's now conducting recruiting as trainees on campus interview of final year students and offering very high salaries and perks to girl students tempting them to pressurize their parents to allow them to stand on their own feet or support their parents financially* which may be real or a excuse to get their hands on big money to fulfill their ambitions..

What happens from now on :-

Girls have more attachment and tend to remember their happy memories in their first ever to happen in the college the memories that they experienced in studies and remember their friends who are of course mostly girls and in some cases they remember the boys as well with out any sort of getting to marry them sort of situation.However to some it might turn out that way if it is their destiny to words a happy life.Having said that there is no chance of these girls gritting their teeth to get in to situations in their jobs with boys competing with them in the same job.Both of them may get on well or part ways in to different company's in better positions than what they held in their previous company's with higher positions and salaries with better perks.

What happens now?

Nothing happens quickly but things can happen if they start drinking coffee now and then.Yes it will be only coffee,then it will be more days with coffee and then it will be lunch now and then.Why not visit friends hang outs.Why not more Lunches.Now it is nearly 6 months and the girl tells her mother her friend will drop her some days as work is heavy and she might have to work late.Then one day she tells her mother that it will be late and company will arrange the transport for her and she starts coming in a Car.One day she will come home on a motor cycle and a guy drops her at her home.The girl say's her work was over and she could not wait for the car which would be making her wait for 3 hours.More of such things and one day the guy walks in to the house and gets introduced to girls parents.Yes he is very good boy say's mother to father.Father keeps cool but is watching.Now it is a surprise that the girl gets a assignment in USA and has to go immediately.She goes abroad and the boy is left alone.

What happens next.

At USA the girl is happy and is progressing very well.The parents are happy.One year passes and the girl's parents are looking for a suitable boy to their daughter as she is now of very good looking and in USA.It so happens that the boy who was dropping her home on his motor bike gets his parents to talk to the girls ( who was getting dropped from his office ) parents and they both meet.The boy say's I will marry her only and they need not search for any other girl.The girl's parents are surpriced that a boy's parents from a very respectable family should come and ask for marrying her daughter.There is no option left there is no other boy they are close to looking at the movement.Both the parents start negotiations.Terms and conditions are mutually respected and settled for each other's benifit.They both agree on a aspecious day and the wedding day is fixed.The boy and girl are happy.

They are married

Wedding Hall empty at 2:00 PM.

Real fresh flowers decorated to Main Entrance Door. Cost ?

Morning session over,Mighty Big Evening session will be a Gala Function Western Style.

Every second of the Gala Morning & Evening will be Video graphed pleasing music played till no more guests are seen.

Most popular music is by Saxophone by renowned players.

Indian Drum - One hand by Stick and another by Hand - The rare Drum of Drums.

Guests who attended the day's function only, are fed heavy Meal a feast.

Good delicious food wasted by guests.

Removing food that is left by guests.

Good food wasted goes to Piggery.



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    • L.L. Woodard profile image

      L.L. Woodard 4 years ago from Oklahoma City

      It's interesting to read how different customs are the world over.