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Updated on November 17, 2011


Marc – means warlike.

I know someone named Marc. However, he is not manly as his name. He is emotional. His eyes are reflection of his persona. He is a Samaritan. Good hearted. So soft that he forgets about himself for others. He even forgets that he is the man in a relationship. One thing that I hates.

He let himself beaten by the person he loves. Quite romantic or sweet maybe but it is not right. He is a man. He must stand on what he believes is right, after all, he is right all along. The people around him must also respect him. He may be a joker, he may have the heart, but he can also feel pain.

His soft persona makes him adorable, and admirable. He can easily make others laugh and smile.

He is a responsible man. He may not be that disciplined nor organized. He has his way of doing things nicely that produces desirable results.

Yet, on the contrary, he stills lives by his name. Because he is strong in his own way by standing firm despite all the burdens that he carries. He seldom talks about his worries and pains in life. Only to the elite, his chosen few, who are close to his heart. And this only when things are really out of hand.

That’s the Marc I know for two months from now. Unfortunately, I am not given opportunity to know him more. He is leaving for good. I am sad and sorry that he have to leave but still very thankful that I meet him. He is a blessing.

We must live by our name in a positive way. The name we have and carry since our childhood is something we must cherish because it is our mark in this world.

But if it is not us, then we must not. Living in our name is non-sense if we are not happy. Being true to ourselves is a very rewarding gift. We must not let others control us or dictate to us who we must be. It is us who really knows who we really are, nobody else.

To all Marc out there who happens to read the hub of mine … you are bless. Because you were given the name of strength. So use that strength to fight for your right and for what is right. And use it to protect the person who’s dear to your heart.


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    • profile image

      4 years ago

      and how can i forget?

    • profile image

      phoenie_x 5 years ago

      thanks so much for this. and for everything. I'm so sorry.. but I know you're happy now. Always take care.. and never forget that happy dream we had. :)