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Maria, I Cannot Stop Your Memory From Draining From My Soul

Updated on March 5, 2015
 . . .Maria, the living art, priceless living art who kept my heart pumping life . . .
. . .Maria, the living art, priceless living art who kept my heart pumping life . . .

My beautiful, distant, silent Maria

farewell, sweet soul of my wounded heart

you were the painting, living so true, silently making me crave an eternity with you

Sweet Maria, no name could mean as much, and a soul could reach and touch

my begrudgingly-existence hands to a silk not known by crusted brow

Oh how the blood drips, drips, one strand

at a time; your a prisoner, Maria of a time of then and one to begin

walking as a preying widow on a wounded fly, I bend and bow, and cannot cry.

One glimmer of your starlit smile, Maria, maiden of forgotten Spain

Author of my love sonnet, creator of my lifeless eyes

Your scent so soft and skin far so perfect

why you blinded me with a sparkle of your whisper

and burned my horizons with one childish whimper.

Now, Maria, oh, nameless woman who I vow, more then and more now

Bowed to your lovely crest, life be given from your seasonal breast

 . . .Lovely Maria of present dream, tell those undreamed dreams that I was who you mean . . .
. . .Lovely Maria of present dream, tell those undreamed dreams that I was who you mean . . .

Our days, laughs, and a year together gone

In sandy summer when our Monarch/s are alone

We dined on unicorn's turf and shaped ourselves in a tiny troll's earth

I saw it once in your weakened laugh, a laugh that called me a fool

And a fool I found an honor at your feet.

The horizon an evil orange and wingless angels

Fly the coasts making sure sanity was still intact

Oh, dragons so lie to a romantic in fire, leaping to seize her who was never there

I laugh and roll in sand so hot, memories leave my blood, I have, and now have not.

Oh fool I start to speak, elder sages wink and a half and I begin to think

 . . .Lovely fading girl, Maria how my crippled hands long to entangle your braids . . .
. . .Lovely fading girl, Maria how my crippled hands long to entangle your braids . . .

Maria, no test in life is deity fair

I, the fool, dreamed of you, one life beyond toil and care

Sunrise, sunsets, are ash as I watch one last Maria memory pass.

Why, a fool on a sand dune, singing, struggling, and moaning 'til noon

Maria, see? It's your fool, the match to death, now see?

She swiftly, slowly walks and to no one mimics a talk

The fool lays face-down in a rancid ditch reeking of rising death of serpent and witch

Maria, queen of princesses adore, woman created out of sync, or maybe God's wink?

Such foolish, unbound thoughts of loving Maria, at least, my God, I did dare to think.


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