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Marriage Advice - How To Make Your Marriage Work?

Updated on August 17, 2015
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Maurice Bishop, a powerful, spoken word Poet currently serving in the United States Army. Published Author & Motivational Speaker.

Best Marriage Advice!


Before I give you all advice, we really need to ask ourselves what is the problem in our marriage? Husband and wife problems are somewhat different but the same, so let's check it out.

Husband Problems

1. My wife doesn't want sex any more

2. My wife constantly nagging at me

3. My wife always gives me attitude like she's on her period (Menstrual Cycle).

4. My wife does not understand me.

5. My wife likes to pick fights with me.

Wife Problems

1. All my husband want is sex.

2. All he cares about is himself

3. My husband does not help me with laundry, cleaning, cooking etc. He's lazy.

4. My husband does not understand me.

5. My husband does not even communicate with me.

Does these problems sound familiar? Probably some of you married couples already been arguing about a few of these lists I name. The steps I have to make your marriage great involves both of you to work together. Marriage is 50/50 so if you are not going to put all your effort into this to save your marriage then you're wasting each other valuable time.

Thoughts To Ponder

In many marriages, couples lost the puppy love phase. Remember the time when you first saw her or him and you said to yourself "Oh My!" It was like love at first sight. When you both exchange numbers you all were nervous but at the same time couldn't wait to talk to each other. When you went on dates, both of you made sure you dress to impress. Majority of the time it didn't even matter where you all went to; but just as long you were in each other presence. You think about what you want to do to make him or her happy and you go to sleep thinking about each other. How can we get back to that place?

Step 1

Bring Love Back

When you wake up in the morning your first 3 words that should come out your mouth is " I LOVE YOU". I will tell you to kiss but most women don't like to kiss with morning breath. I tried to do that with my wife and she mushed my face away. I told her I was trying to show her some love and she responded, "Every day impression is everything so you will always kiss me with a fresh breath". The moral of the story is 'Brush your teeth before you kiss".

Another thing I highly recommend is do something nice for each other and always compliment each other. DO NOT say anything negative about each other even if its a joke.

Step 2

Date Night

There are many excuses why married couples don't go out or do anything with eacth other. Here are a few list:

1. I'm too tired

2. I have work in the morning

3. Kids priorities

4. I'm too busy

5. I don't feel like it

6. We don't have the money to go out.

We humans need oxygen to live. In marriages we need date night to keep our marriage alive. Date night will make you remember why you were in love in the first place. Date night can rejuvenate your marriage, it can put you in a very sexy mood, and so on. Treat date night like oxygen in your marriage. It is IMPERATIVE!

FYI: Date Night doesn't always mean going out to fancy restaurants and spending money. Date Night could mean sitting at home watching a movie and feeding each other strawberries. Date night could be cooking dinner together and afterwards taking a walk with each other.

Thoughts To Ponder

Overall, Date night is spending quality time with each other in a special way.

Step 3

Spice Things Up

I believe this is something that men love a lot and the least thing that women love. But then again every couple is different. Sex is awesome and amazing and the best gift to married couples. However, there's not enough of sex within the marriage. Sex should be exciting, fun, and fulfilling so spice it up in the bedroom. Fulfill each other fantasy. Be Spontaneous! Be Mysterious! Be Unpredictable! I'm not saying do it everyday but don't be like the stagnant couple that spice it up once a month.

Thoughts To Ponder

Rekindle the fire any chance you get. Life is too short.

Step 4

Pray Together

You probably heard of that old saying, "A couple that prays together, stay together. Prayer is very powerful and effective.

Smith Wigglesworth was a great preacher. But before he was a preacher, he was a plumber who wasn’t a Christian—nor a very nice man.

Fortunately for him, he had a godly wife.

He didn’t want her to go to church, but she went anyway. When she did, he’d lock her out of the house, and when she came home, she’d have to sleep on the back porch. In the morning he’d unlock the door and she’d come in and say, “Good morning, Smithy!” and make him breakfast.

She was a godly example for him. She prayed for him and God gave her the grace to be good to him in spite of his rude behavior. And because she continued to be so good to him, he eventually came to know the Lord and was radically changed. As a result, he became one of the greatest preachers who ever lived.

That’s the power of prayer. I'm not telling you all to become religious because that's not what I'm bringing to the table. What I am telling you is that prayer changes you and people around you. If prayer can change Smiths Wigglesworth then what makes you think that prayer can't change your marriage.


Marriage is a beautiful thing but there is work involved. Some days you and your significant other are not going to click. You may bump heads sometimes but this is all part of marriage. You are still studying each other. I highly recommend that if you feel the urge to argue or say something that is not nice, reverse it with kindness and love. Love conquers all. I also recommend that if you are in the bedroom arguing, take off your clothes till you are in the nude. Let's see if both of you will argue then. Keep communicating, keep giving love, keep praying, keep enjoying each other presence.


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