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Marriage Disasters

Updated on April 13, 2013

Married Couple's Advice

Why Today’s Marriages Don’t Last – The Vows of the Superficial and Wrecked Self-Esteem Individuals

So many marriages fail and it's no wonder that they do. Lust, fun times, and people with self esteem issues: a healthy long-lasting marriage does not make. When you consider someone for a long term relationship, it is not the words that come out of their mouth you should believe. Morals, values, belief system, character, integrity, good heart, loving, vision, and purpose are just a few things to consider. Here you will share the marriage vows of the superficial.

Do death do we part or until the next best trinket comes along.

Please be seated; the couple are about to say their own vows……………………………

"I Jane take you Jim to pretend to love in full and complete good health. I promise to love you as long as I don’t have to give of myself to this marriage. I promise to manipulate, control, and pretend to be everything you want so I can have this moment in time when all eyes are on me. I love you as long as you pay for everything I want and do not require me to do anything other than physical affection (on occasion because I must control that too) and shopping sprees. I love you as long as I don’t have to give of my heart, time, or make any sacrifices for you.

If you ever lose your job or income you have 30 days before I leave you. Because I am a broken individual I will ensure that our relationship is chaotic and will keep you miserable and unhappy. I expect you to do 100% of the work to keep our marriage alive and be forewarned if I see a better “package” presentation, I will convince myself that I deserve better than you and will be prone to cheat or leave you for the upgrade. I understand I am to appear to have a career/job/education but I have made it clear I have no real dedication to achieving my own financial wealth. That being said, be advised that I deserve everything different from my working class environment in which I was raised. Should either one of us decide to leave the marriage; be aware I will financially destroy you. Please understand I will gladly marry you for a meal ticket, trinkets, and intend to be a homeowner through you.

I will continue to look physically appealing so long as you provide financially for me to keep up my looks. I am not obligated to make a house a home. I will not work together with you and will do my best to fake my way into your heart by pretending. I am a pretender therefore your faith/lifestyle/religion (or lack thereof) irrelevant as I am only willing to be your figment of imagination. I hold you responsible for my happiness which you will fail to provide because no matter how beautiful my appearance or body; I am an ugly, unhappy person inside. I saw how broken you were to allow me to manipulate you so as long as I am in control, I will provide you with the unhealthy relationship you seek with a pretty smile. For these reasons I promise to be pledged to you so long as you are the envy of my girlfriends."

She blinks her false eyelashes and turns to her husband to be. Jim takes her hand and says:

"I Jim take you Jane to be my wife. I promise to believe you love me and I will continue to attempt to buy your love with all my heart. I feel unworthy and my feelings of low self-esteem are comfortable feelings from my childhood that you allow me to duplicate. I understand you are going to make my life miserable but my need to believe the lie that you love me is greater than my desire to see you for who you really are. I will remain captivated by your beauty but should you put on any weight with the children, please be advised rather than working out with you, I’m going to cheat and possibly leave you. Please be advised lust is the basis of my desire for you. I understand that you are not really my friend but my wife and I accept that. I will lie and cheat on you always because I am driven by lust, lack morals, and have no sense of remorse as I am a child in a man’s body. Should any health issues arise I will not find it tolerable to help because I have and never honor my commitments. I’m in it for as long as this marriage is easy and when it becomes too difficult to bear than I’m leaving.

I will allow you to boss me around like a 5 year old because consistently through life I am unable to stand up to figures of authority or speak up for myself. Because I do not love myself I enter readily into the possibility of you leaving me should we experience any hard times rather than expecting loyalty. I was given an ultimatum to marry you and since I’ve been married 5 times before, I agree to see what you are like for a few years before I get divorced again. I understand that you will financially ruin me if I walk away and your desire to have a child by someone of my success if based on the desire to get a child support and alimony check should something go wrong. I love the way you make war with my family and cause havoc rather than trying to find a happy medium and blend in. I love the way you will not allow loved ones, friends, or family around me when they have been around me all of my life. I agree to give this a try."



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    • C.V.Rajan profile image


      5 years ago from Kerala, India

      Oh! What a fantastic analysis of calculative minds! Enjoyed reading this. Let me read more of your hubs over time.


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