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Marriage Realizations That You Never Thought Of!

Updated on October 15, 2014

What's The First Thing To Cross Your Mind When You Think About Marriage?

When i think of marriage, the first thing that crossed my mind is commitment. An eternal commitment, building a family and building a team. Despite of that, i find marriage to be a social courtesy that we could do well without.

I might not believe in the concept of the marriage, but i sure respect it. I don't think that marriage is needed to fulfill the things said above. It's all up to the couple.

The other day, we were having a discussion about marriage and a couple things crossed our mind about it. A few perspectives about marriage that you probably never thought about! Some humorous, others not so much. Lets jump into it, alright?

Balance Of Love And Money
Balance Of Love And Money

Marriage Is Betting Someone Half Of Your Things That You'll Love Them Forever

Have you ever thought about it?

When you get married you're essentially giving away half of your things, "proving" that you'll love that person forever.

If marriage is a commitment of the soul and body, why would it involve material things as well? Why are people so insulted about prenuptial agreements? Why is it so mandatory to risk half of our stuff to prove our love?

With love comes sharing, so to prove my love i'll give you 50% of my things. Sounds about right to you? Why wouldn't it! This goes both ways of course.

"You want a prenup? Oh you don't love me enough!"

*10 years later*


Do you believe in prenups?

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Until Death Do Us Part
Until Death Do Us Part

Until Death Do Us Part

Well, that's ironic.

The holy commitment of marriage is so fickle that death itself must be wondering what happened to it. Just a few years ago divorcing was something rare and reason for mean eyes. Nowadays, people will divorce each other over a smelly fart, it seems.

Quite a few countries have a divorce rate well above 50%... How insane is that? In every two couples, one will divorce each other. What? Destroying a family has the same chance that i have of getting heads in a coin flip? Wow.

Portugal, Spain, Estonia, USA, Belgium are just a few countries with insane divorce rates like the one above.

Death must be really disappointed!

The Big Day...

Just twenty/ten years ago, women were taught to value the big day. That day where they would walk the altar? Didn't really work out as expected.

Every day more and more women prefer to dedicate themselves to work than even think about such things. Men are turning into the "big day" lovers, instead of dreamy women. No shame in that guys!

Of course, this varies from country to country but in more advanced countries, women only to start to think about marriage in their late thirties, early forties. Begone wedding barbies!

When Age Hits...

... Time to marry!

The holy marriage, the ultimate sign of love and commitment is now, more than ever, a desperate move to avoid aging alone!

People focus more and more in their careers and leave marriage to their mid-life. Inevitably, that leads to marrying a person just to not be alone. Talk about love, huh. It's human nature to avoid being alone, some might even hit the lottery and find someone they really care about! A fine example of that is old widows. They usually remarry as soon as possible, even if the combo isn't all that great! Lets not dwell into that!

No I in Team!
No I in Team!

There's No I

Marriage is where Is go to die. There's no I in We when it comes to marriage. The moment everything is signed, a We is created. That We doesn't divide into two Is unless we're talking about doing the dishes!

Marriage is where secrets go and die. Everything stops being a secret!

Solo plans cease to exist. Now, it's all couple's plans. This is when two individuals transform into one.

Is that a good thing? Hm.

I Love You... Taxes!

Sacred marriage is also a completely viable option to run away from taxes or get benefits.

More and more, people get married for benefits rather than lifelong love commitment.

No Need To Believe In It To See The Wrongs

Peer pressure, social pressure, family pressure, etc. People get married for the wrong reasons. Even though i don't believe in marriage itself, i still find it morally wrong how people abuse what once was the biggest commitment in ones life. And it's hard to respect a thing that is so fragile and ridicule these days.

To each its own, i guess.

Is Marriage Sacred?

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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      4 years ago

      I believe most people get married because it's "tradition" and women in particular have dreamed about being the "princess" and the center of attention on their wedding day since early childhood.

      The groom is little more than a "prop" at these events.

      Clearly with a divorce rate of 50% marriage does not mean "commitment". Not long ago I too had a discussion of what marriage was. I pointed out Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell have (lived together) for over 30 years while Kim Kardashian & Chris Humphries got married and split after only 72 days!

      You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out which couple was the most "committed". So if marriage is not really about commitment what is it? Eventually the woman I spoke with (confessed) it's about "security". She said; "He can't just walk away after 10 years leaving you with nothing!" Aha!

      Essentially marriage is a "state sanctioned" pre-nuptial agreement (entitling) them to the division of property, finances, and other benefits in the event a marriage fails! It's not about monogamy or staying together through ups and downs. A couple can do that living together.

      Marriage is about having guaranteed legal benefits and financial entitlements. I wish people would really come out and say that's what they want instead of using the word "commitment". Marriage is "relationship insurance"! :)


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