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Marriage Tips from true life experience

Updated on October 12, 2012

Things that this hub is going to cover

  1. Best advise from experience

  2. Thoughts on having a spouse

  3. Thoughts on being married

  4. Family time is key

  5. 5 major Tips & things to avoid as a happily married couple

True love is worth all time spent

Best advise from experience

Hey KrystalD thanks for asking such a great question about the subject of marriage, my advise about marriage is to stay true to yourself and be honest with your spouse or fiancee. Life may have its ups and down's, but you must hang on tightly to keep things going in any marriage, because being married is fun filled, with all the twists and turns that you may not enjoy at all times.

Marriage is surely worth the struggles, when two people have chosen to get married for the right reasons, and when the love is unified between both partners in the physical, mental, and most importantly in all spiritual ways possible. This Unity can be established by joint belief systems, good morals, love and mutual respect for one another as well as the tender loving care for family.

This marriage thing, definitely takes a level of emotional balance, and the overall interdependent well being of a happy couple, so try to work towards making your lives together, equate to more of a higher value in every way shape and form, as you both go along as a married couple.

I also think that good healthy eating, exercise, having fun together, sharing everything with each other, and even group meditation may help a marriage a great deal in this department, and also help to establish a strong positively based productive family with a wholesome foundation. (Seek an expert Marriage Counselor or family therapist, if your marriage has gotten out of hand, or your family may be in need of counseling assistance.)

Love is one magnetic experience

Thoughts on having a spouse-

If your partner truly loves you. things will surely work out for the better in due time, just keep working at it, and never expect anything to turn out perfect, and for your marriage partner to magically change their behavior patterns, before or after the marriage begins.

My wife is a woman who is bright and full of liveliness, she's knowledgeable in terms of life as a whole, has a high IQ or high leveled mental capacity, she is a challenging and effective communicator, skillful, intelligent, very loving, caring, and most of all she possesses both inward and outward beauty that radiates, and emanates into my atmosphere. In other words these are just some of the reasons why I love her so much.

Try figuring out what you love about your fiancee, significant other, or spouse, then list it to get an idea of such love you have for them, because it works wonders for me to tell her when she asks me, and I mean what I say to her in every way.

Her show of affection allows for me to become much more passionate for our relationship, and how we share things evenly, sharing is definitely a key to a great marriage, so be mindful of that. We do many things with one another, and find many ways to make time for one another, as well as making time for our family. Balance is something that's not easy to establish in ones life, but must be worked on in every sense of the word.

Marriage Life deepen's love

Thoughts on being married-

  • My marriage is only a good one, because I refuse to give in to the temptations outside of my marriage, and my wife appears to be doing the same in return (Remain truly committed to the relationship).
  • It definitely takes two to make it work, money or no money, for better and for worse, and beauty alone simply cannot keep two folks together for long. (True love, Courage & prayer helps)
  • Realize there's much more at work behind the scene's to a marriage between two adults, and you must be in it for the long haul. (Dedication to one another)

Plan things out prior to starting a family its worth it to plan

You can get your kids involved

Family time is key -

"I feel that dinner time or any meal times is the key element that brings all families together, and so I strongly believe that the heart to the family is through the stomach. With that being stated I also firmly believe that by repairing that factor in a family, the children will follow suit in doing the right things for themselves as well as for others, because they can learn the simplistic understanding of family values at the dinner table, which can be applied to their every day life."

Tips & Family Factoids-

  • A vast majority of today's American families aren't into eating home cooked meals anymore, and so this is how many family structures simply fall out of synch, and many of the responsibilities of daily chores, nightly cleaning, etc.... These core family values are simply lacking in most of our youth, as well as adults today.
  • This particular issue needs to be addressed or fixed, before a true marriage relation is to even think of lasting, and so both partners need to consider getting much more familiar with the kitchen, and into cooking for one another wholesome hearty meals as well as for their children, if any are present or to come.
  • Open up them cook books, watch some cool online cooking videos, and get into making your family the best meals you can find is my best recommendation, and look for organic food alternatives for healthy cooking, as well as more veggies for the healing factors of your meal preparations for the family, it will help boost the families energies 10 fold.

5 major Tips & things to avoid as a happily married couple

1 - Trust is a key element to a good and long lasting relationship as well, it will make or break any marriage no matter what. Many people simply can't trust their partners with money, or finances. If this is the case early in the marriage think twice, because it can potentially arise in the future, so be wise and look to marry someone who's much more trustworthy with money.

2 - Lust for having sex with others besides your spouse, is a huge issue in most relationships, especially in marriages, and is the cause for many break-ups or even divorce. So try to be mindful of what you choose to say, do, or think about others, and try not to worry so much about your spouse is my best advise, because if they're due to become unfaithful to you, then you're surely bound to find out in due time.

3 - Patience is a virtue, is what many people say to one another, but in all honesty in order for a love life to flourish, one must invest their time into the other. This takes a great deal of patience, and so if your not the patient type, and are into rushing everything, you might just want to rethink things a bit, because this part of a marriage, can also be the difference from experiencing a life of awesomeness with your spouse, or one that feels like a heavy burden, or worse off.

4 - Arguments are bound to happen between partners, and as a married couple, expect to have confrontations with one another, it actually is said to be therapeutic, but be very careful how you go about it all. Just because two people can't seem to agree on certain topics doesn't mean you should do harm to the other person, whether with words or anything physical in nature.

5 - Forgiving your spouse with love- Try to think about the love factor, and the fact that y'all both have a long life to live with one another, simply give the other person a chance to breath, to get their point across, and back off at times. You don't always have to be the victor or winner of the conversation, or choice in what to do next. "Give it a breather", your wife, or husband will love you more for simply backing down every now and then.



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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thank you @Shalini Sharan for the cool comment and for sharing my hub as well, I do believe in marriage being the foundational structure of our human family life, and so it is imperative to try to help others with such pondering questions, thoughts, and anything I can muster up from my own experiences in life.

      I hope it helps many others to think reasonably about their partners today, because we need more love in the world, and less friction between people.

    • shalini sharan profile image

      shalini sharan 

      6 years ago from Delhi

      some very useful tips brought out by you cloudexplorer, marriage is indeed a sacred bond which is to be made after thorough decision, because it is with that person we intend to spend our life with

      sharing it

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Yes indeed @Rackjackson, love life, marriage, and family is number one in my book. Thanks for sharing with me here on my hub, and I'll give a few of your hubs a try, nice to meet you digitally.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Hi there @KrystalD, I was compelled to answer this question as promptly as I could, mainly because you asked me that question directly, and also because you were the actual first person to ever do so.

      My marriage is totally awesome, only because I accept the good and the bad experiences we have, and I never ever feel the need to quit my marriage nor does my wife try to leave me. Now on the flip side we have a lot of fun sharing everything, even reading books together.

      Even when me and my wife have arguments or disagreements, I actually enjoy those moments as well. She challenges me and keep me afloat, and I think that's what a person should have as a counterpart, and life partner.

      Thanks for asking such a great question, and I owe you on this one, wow this was truly a unique experience, because I just started using that cool new video generator option hubpages recently implemented. I'll see you soon in one of your hubs as well, can't wait to catch up to the reading of yours too.

    • KrystalD profile image


      6 years ago from Los Angeles

      Awesome hubexplorer! This was very thorough and honest. All relationships take work and marriage is a huge commitment. I agree that balance and communication are huge components. I think for some of us single folks, these can be important to remember once entering relationships.

      I also think you are completely right about mental and spiritual connections creating happiness. The physical realm seems to be the least important (though they mean something).

      Falling in love too quickly based on physical attraction can certainly be a road block on the path to something lasting.

      Thanks for taking the time to write this hub because it certainly gave me some things to think about.


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