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Marriage and Sex

Updated on July 24, 2010

What's better than honeymoon sex?

Having better and better sex each time. You may have heard that things go south after being married for a while. The honeymoon and newlywed phase is over, and the burning desire that was there before is a distant memory. Cast your worries aside and get ready for your new beginning. Many couples have more intense sex the longer they have been together. You learn more about each other in and out the bedroom. You learn how to work it and make it work in your marriage. If you are not to that point yet, be aware, take notice and pay attention to certain movements and actions, especially during foreplay because this is the time period where things are moving slower, and you'll be more aware of what's really going on. Think about the gestures you make if his breath isn't as minty fresh as it usually is. Or he's an inch away from your hot spot and you're squirming like a worm because you're to shy to tell him. Sex doesn't get boring if you don't want it to. There is always something new to try and you don't have to become a dominatrix to do it, unless you want to.

Feel Good

You do need to feel good about yourself. Of course we all have areas of our bodies we would like to lift, nip and tuck, but for the mean time we have to work with what we have. You are having sex and giving yourself to him, you're not in a modeling contest. He wouldn't have went this far with you in the first place if he didn't find you sexy and attractive. If you can't expose all of your body, you can keep some areas covered and still be super sexy and seductive. If your mid section is your problem area, try a corset with a sweetheart neckline that will flatten your tummy, give you an hourglass shape and also lift and support your breast. Accentuate your best body parts, he won't be looking at anything else. Lace, lace, lace, black lace, white lace, red lace. I'm sure he has a favorite color that he loves to see you in. What do you feel sexy in? garter belt and lace stockings, stilettos, whatever makes you feel sexy and powerful, keep some items on or take it all off. You will feel like a sex goddess and things will come naturally to you that you won't even know where it's coming from. Don't add your wig just yet, you want to save some titillating surprises in store for next time you have sex.

Desires Come True

Have fun with food, do what you want with these items. Cool-whip, whip-cream, chocolate syrup, strawberries etc. If you're not into body shots you can use other things like warming lotions that come in different flavors. You can make his desires and yours come true. If a sexual fantasy or fetish that is a bit much for either of you, compromise. Meet somewhere in between, compromising keeps couples together and can make him love you for the rest of his life. If you can't be open about your sexual desires, there are things that can help you get your point across. Sex games and kits that help you communicate sexually. Sexual position card game, where the object of the game is to pull a card and perform a sexual act. You can agree or not, and this will help express what you're into and what you're not when it comes to sex.

Get A Room

Just because you share a home, it doesn't mean you can't rent a room. Being in a different environment adds excitement, so get a room at your favorite hotel, or one that you have been wanting to visit. Take a bubble bath together, wash each others hair after everything is said and done, it's intimate and nurturing. Make sex something special and fun each time, even if it's something small that you change or do. The little things can make the biggest difference. Dig deep and bring that exotic dancer or playboy bunny out that's inside you. Be that sex symbol you look up to, even if it's only for a moment.


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