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Marriage life

Updated on November 15, 2015

I just recently got Married and the feeling is like being together for the first time all over again.

Some may not feel like that but I do, and this is my first and only one.

I’m glad that I took this step even though I was one of the ones saying I would never do it.

But it’s all about finding the right one, the one that will be there through the good and bad.

Even though the bad get bad if they are still willing to help and show you that they just don’t

Want you for their own selfish reasons. The feeling is like a brand new feeling and a feeling of accomplishment once it’s done. You’ve walked down the aisle and said I do.

The arguments will have to be different sometimes you need to sit back and let things blow over and be fair about the decision you make. Then come to your lover and let them know you’re sorry and really talk out the issue instead of just pointing fingers.

It’s a good thing if you have the right person who cares for you and really wants you for you then that step would be a beautiful one and a rewarding one. Nothing is more important than having someone by your side that wants to be there no matter what happens.


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