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Marriage proposal: process

Updated on May 13, 2015

STEP2: The Marriage Proposal Process

In every endeavour, there are experts and novices; experts are the experienced hands while novices are those who are new or those who knew next to nothing in the endeavour. For the sake of those who are not experienced in the act of marital proposal, this discuss is their success template in marital proposal. In this concluding part on marital proposal, I want to bring it all together as the marital proposal process. You want to marry but you are not experienced in the act or what to do when it comes to marital proposal; this marital process template is dedicated for your success.

Start Here: You must learn and master the act of converting a total stranger of the opposite sex to a friend. Do not leap over this section because it is the foundational ingredient for a successful marital proposal. Please follow, implement and appropriate all the instructions given on the “how to propose marriage” section. Remember to perfect your knowledge on simple courtesy and etiquette before you proceed from here.

Seek Confirmation

I once had a very good friend and a wife material in the church I fellowshipped as a bachelor. One day and because the sister also saw me as a husband material, she took the initiative to ask what I want from life. It was a soul searching question and by the time both of us were through answering the question, we knew we had to leave the relationship at the level of friendship.

Now that you have a friend, it follows that you should find out if you are going to the same place before taking the relationship to the next level called marriage. This is the proper time to study, compare and confirm your ideal life partner visual with your available new friend. Your confirmations must include both spiritual and physical considerations as you have it in the section on “envisioning marriage”.

Prepare The Proposal

A proposal involves at least persons and the message. A message is idle and unfruitful without proper communication. Effective communication presupposes the receiver gets the intended message from the sender. To ensure effective communication in marital proposal, the sender must package the message based on his or her understanding of the partner. You can also build on other people’s experiences (Ruth3:1-6/3:18). There is need to also apply your personal gifts and talents to ensure success. You must seek the perfect timing and thereafter, you must wait patiently for response.

Do The Needful

Make sure you use an approach acceptable by your partner; women and men propose differently. Whereas the proposal message of a woman is non-verbal, that of a man must be verbal. In verbal proposal, the man should initiate the discourse. You must maintain eye contact and be truthful as you speak. Finally, you must be ready for any response; if the response is wait, then wait. If the response is negative, continue your friendship. Give more time and prayer if you are convinced otherwise and make the proposal again and again…do not give up.


  1. Father, thank you for your daily mercies & provisions in Jesus Name
  2. Thank you for the privilege to be alive & to have you as my ally in these my heart desires for this year in Jesus Name
  3. Father, forgive me of every act of unfriendliness in the past that is working against my marriage/child bearing desire in Jesus name.(Prov.18:24)
  4. Father, as you did for Ruth, please make my presence felt by my life partner this year in Jesus name.(Ruth.3:3-4)
  5. Father, let my enemies make mistakes that will make my heart desires come true this year in Jesus name
  6. This nonsense must stop, every evil personality manipulating my opportunities and heart desires, die in Jesus name.
  7. Lord, raise a man to recommend me for lifting (life partner, fruit of the womb, admission to tertiary institution, career promotion, etc.) this season in Jesus name. (1Sam. 16:18)
  8. Holy Spirit, provoke a divine recommendation that will connect me with my life partner this year in Jesus name.
  9. Father, destroy every evil personality limiting my seeds of hospitality from yielding its harvest by the blood of Jesus
  10. I break the veil of spirit spouse over my life partner opportunities by fire, in Jesus name
  11. I decree and declare that this year 2015 is my year of transformation into my married status in Jesus name. (Job.22:28)


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