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Marriages are made in Heaven, Its true!!

Updated on September 20, 2012

Sprititual marriage

 It is always said that the marriages are made in heaven! Its absolutely true for all! We are from India and love marriages are not so common there, like here in UK.  I met my husband in the university while doing masters course.  We were friends for years and I never imagined to go beyond this. The reason was my dad, he was totally against love marriages. He had already warned me not to think of love!

But love is something which you don't generate but it grows within you and is beyond control!! When we finished our studies and returned back to our places then we realised that we were in love! My husband came to me and proposed me and then we decided to get married. The real thunder came when my dad came to know about this. I was trapped in the house and he said "I have fixed your marriage and you are going to marry with the boy of my choice". He invited the groom and his parents for the marriage ceremony. 

This is the story of year 1994. Nothing was left for me accept begging and crying.  I was unable to think weather he is doing right or I am wrong. Many thoughts were coming into my mind, like may be my choice is not good, he is not in job yet ( as my husband was student then), may be my dad is thinking for my good etc etc. I wanted to run out of the house but I did not wanted to break my dad's heart. The nature was also against me. I remember that evening, the sky was dark and was raining heavily from the morning. Water was everywhere, no bus,no taxi was running!

I was scared and hopeless. I closed my eyes and prayed to god "Oh God I want to marry DN (name of my husband), I have promised him, how can I marry with my dad's choice".   if you think that I am right then please help me!!

When I openned my eyes then I saw the rain has stopped and the sky is becoming clear!! I coul not believe my eyes! Frankly speaking there was no chance of this to happen. Suddenly I realised that the God is with me and I am not wrong. I was confident and full of energy to break all laws. I decided not to marry my dad's choice. I took my things and went out towards railway station,catched the train and reached my husband's place. 

I joined PhD and then after two years we got married against my dad's will. Just after two months, DN got a good job in public sector unit. I am a physicyst in UK. We started from zero and now we have everything.  I have a cute son. He is now 10 years old. 

I believe that my life is a gift of God. He is blessing me continuously.  The things which are not in my favour, he don't let it happen for me.  He is lightening my path. That is why I always think that mine is a spiritual marriage, guided by the God himself.             


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    • profile image

      Rama 2 years ago

      The only persons who will think about one's is their parents.for everthing we will depend upon their decisions infact they know us better than us. Can't they give you best choice in choosing life partner as we are all missing this point. If u suffer they suffer more. As they no gaurantee in love marraiges because they dnt knoe anything abt the persons family background. They want their children not to suffer and enjoy their married life happily. Marraige is understanding between two families but not just the two persons.

    • profile image

      Sail 3 years ago


      You have to make up your mind first. You have to be strong and choose your partner over someone whom your parents choose for you. You don't need a miracle - you need a strong will to choose and marry the person of your choice. Parents definitely intend the best for their offsprings, but that does not make them always right. Sometimes, parents are selfish, and they only want to think of themselves and their stand in our hypocritical society. I have seen some parents who would rather choose to listen to their ego rather than sit with their daughter and reason things out.

    • profile image

      shruthi 3 years ago

      Please miracle in my life 2 marry the persn whom I lve a lot...I don't want mny etc in my lfe xcept dad lso against lve marriages...but I cant take any decisn against him...please god please help me

    • profile image

      Rupali 4 years ago

      I feel a girl, right from her childhood till the time when she understands what LOVE is, knows one thing for sure; that one day that beautiful moment will come in her life when she will marry her prince. Till that time she prepares herself, every day, for that special moment. Share your thoughts about this wonderful relationship on

    • profile image

      kanna 4 years ago

      You people are very lucky. my GF told that she love me most but ultimately given imp to her parents and got married to some one else.. i'm suffering now..

    • profile image

      Venkat 4 years ago

      I believe its happened only because of your strong will. life is a collection of choices. you made your choice.

    • profile image

      Non Compatible.. 4 years ago

      Oh god mujeh bhi koi itna pyaar karay that she go against everything...or everything stop going against my happiness..thanks for sharing ...hope is everything ..hope you always live happily and I become compatible...and a loving wife that I love as well..madam ffi ji

    • profile image

      hi 4 years ago

    • profile image

      waqar 5 years ago

      good things happen.

      god was with me every time if i need him or not. he is always with me. and show me paths where to go next. but when i get caught in love every body even God goes against me to marry her. i do everything to make her mine but every body trying to get me away from her. i always pray to God. now 3 years has gone but still i am unmarried thinking of her. and no body listens to me. i don't know what the hell happened to me suddenly and why God has separate the ways from me.

    • profile image

      sanand16 5 years ago

      You may be right. But I think, I am blessed too.

    • profile image

      kavita 5 years ago

      u r lucky. As in u found true love which is very rare.