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Marriages are made in heaven

Updated on November 23, 2010

To be genuine, a marriage must begin on a sound spiritual basis.It must be of the heart, and the heart is the chalice of love.Honesty, sincerity, kindness, and integrity are all aspects of love.Each partner should be honest and sincere with the other.It is not a true marriage when a man marries a women to lift his ego or because he wants to share her money or social position.This indicates lack of sincerity,honesty,truth and love.Such a marriage is a farce, a sham,and a masquerade.

Never carry over from one day to another accumulated irritations arising from little disappointments.Be sure to forgive each other for any sharpness before you retire at night.The moment you awaken in the morning claim infinite intelligence is guiding you in all your ways.Send your loving thoughts of peace, harmony, and love to your marriage partner, to all members of the family, and to the whole world,

Say grace at breakfast, give thanks for wonderful, for your abundanceĀ  and for all your blessings. MakeĀ  sure that no problems, worries, or arguments shall enter into the table conversation; the same applies at dinner time.Say your wife of husband,"I appreciate all you are doing and I radiate love and goodwill to you all day long"

The husband and wife should alternate in praying each night.Do not take your marriage partner for granted. Show your appreciation and love.Think appreciation and goodwill rather than condemnation, criticism, and nagging.The way to build a peaceful home and a happy marriage is to use foundation of love, beauty, harmony, mutual respect, faith in god,and all the things good. Read 27th, and 91st, the 11th chapter of Hebrews, the 13th chapter of I Corinthians and other great texts of the Bible before going to sleep. As you practice these truths, your marriage will grow more and more blessed through years.

The best time to prevent divorce is before marriage. If we learn how to pray in the right way, you will attract the right mate for us.

Marriage is the union of a man and women who are bound together by love. Their heart beat as one, and they move onward, upward, and Godward. Pray together and stay together.


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