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Married Women. Is It Possible Being Sexy After The Marriage?

Updated on August 13, 2010
Married Women. Is It Possible Being Sexy After The Marriage?
Married Women. Is It Possible Being Sexy After The Marriage?

Many of us have noticed such a strange thing – a sexy “strawberry” turns into a “pumpkin” in a year after wedding bells. Well, could she: " found her husband and calmed down”?.

It turns out that all the time before the wedding treacherous woman pretended to be a ripe berry and pretended that she likes to look good, dress nice and have sex?

I think this version is very humiliating to men. It turns out, those who "come across" the bait of sexuality – are just idiots. Or, before the wedding they were looking only at her neckline and not on the person who are going to live with them under the same roof ... Or they decided to get married in the first 14 seconds of acquaintance. 

Watching the couples, I noticed that most often those who "sink in the scale" after the wedding, are women who have much space to descend.  Talking about those ladies who had more than average attention from men before they got married. They were more confident, more relaxed, brighter and more photogenic than again, the majority. That is a mystery to me. And the "fall" does not necessarily mean "to walk around the house in curlers and a flower robe. It is not always could be expressed in their appearances. Something accidentally dies inside a woman, and what needs to be changed – either some bulb or a battery - it is not clear.

In situation like this younger ladies often prefer to change husbands to light the fire again. And those who already have children, or/and are older, turn into a frantic moms, diving into child –care issues or become some kind of a mad business woman, involved into their businesses from rise till dawn. In short, they are most likely to become creatures that are very difficult to catch, undress and caress.

And then I had this thought, what a brutal joke the monogamous institute of marriage played on women. Let me explain: the monogamy is considered to be like a knife for men’s balls, but in fact, even in counties where men are allowed to have multiple wives, not so many of them use this legal right, or simply have no guts for doing so. Could it be because of multiplying their wives, they automatically get as many mothers-in-law? The truth is that men prefer to build long-term relationships with only one woman. Not talking about no strings attached though.

As to females, the monogamous marriage should fit them perfectly, it protects them from… well…probably from STDs. Or jealousy?
Exactly right! Jealousy – is not good at all. In general and for women especially. After the man made his promise to love till death, then so be it. Jealousy before the wedding is ok, but not after it – everybody know that jealous wife = hysterical wife = bad wife. A good wife is not jealous and does not cause it, because there is a mutual trust between her and her husband.

The more attention a woman gets from other men, the more reasons she gives her husband to be jealous. That means that wives should learn not to draw attention of other men. But how!!!??? If its even pleasant, how? And, shoooot, it is so exciting…Stop. No. I am a faithful wife of my husband.

But, there is a certain category of  “men animals”, who do not care if you have a wedding ring on your finger and always seeking affairs with a good-looking married woman. But again, you can find less and less of them with age….
Those are all sad discoveries I had. The sexier a woman was before marriage, the more she has to hide her sexuality from others after the marriage. Huh? But the sexuality isn’t just in a design of her dress, or in her haircut or make-up style. It is something different – the way she feels herself – feminine, sexy, energetic, happy, loved and loving. And in order to keep herself in such state, should she just get rid of other men in her life?
No, I do not call all married women to get into affairs. But to forbid oneself to think about other men is not necessary. There is little courage to be faithful to her husband into the world of asexual faceless mannequins. In the world full of handsome remarkable man, genuine sexy women chooses the only one, and always one and the same – the best man for her.


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    • seekingaffair profile image

      seekingaffair 7 years ago

      equealla , thank you for comment.

      I think, communication becomes a vital aspect of an healthy and active sexual life after marriage. It is not about simple and plain talking but understanding the body language and gestures too. So the couples must talk with one another more in a manner which is fruitful and understanding!

    • equealla profile image

      equealla 7 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

      Great article. I had a good laugh here and there. I think more and more woman manage to stay sexy after maraige. Perhaps it has to do with more opportunities for woman in general. A married woman do not need to just be the wife sitting at home and raising the kids. Also she does not need to be a professional. She can be who she wants to be, and live a fulfilling life, even when married. This I think is the case of most married woman today. There are of cause, the extremes.

      Any case, I loved reading this hub.


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