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Marry For Love or Marry For Money

Updated on March 6, 2015

Marriage and money are two essentials in people’s lives in a civilized society. Will you marry for love or money is an age old question that has never lost its significance. And it seems like it will remain to be significant as long as both of them remains to be important in our lives. Money has always been an important part of our lives since time immemorial and marriage has been an important tradition in every culture throughout the world. Which is more important? In a society, they are equally important. For each individual though, the importance of both may vary.

This is an interesting topic for many of us who are curious about what others have to say. Through them, we may be able to draw our own conclusions about what the most important things are, apart from our own opinions and priorities.

This is an equally important topic for people who have to go through with such a predicament in their lives. This may be a rare experience but people who have to go through with such a dilemma usually find themselves on a dead end. Hence, a trivial topic such as this may help others build their own priorities and eventually find a solution to their own problems.

To Marry For Love

For some people, marrying for love is the most important thing. For others, it takes more than love to survive marriage. For some couples, marrying for love has made their relationship stronger through the years. For other couples, marrying for love ends with disastrous consequences. Indeed, there is no single answer that will work for each individual’s opinion and by the same token, there is no single answer that will work for each couple’s relationship.

For people who believe in love, marrying for love is a more reasonable ground for marriage. It is a popular notion probably because deep inside, we believe we need love for our own emotional well-being. While love can change over time, it is at least a stronger ground for marriage.

Marrying for love gives the couple an inspiration to go on with the hardships of life. Sure, the couple may not have that much money to start with, but with the right motivation and the right plans, it is not impossible to hurdle through with life’s struggles. Sometimes, having a financial plan and having the skills to manage that plan can go a long way towards financial stability. Besides that, a couple who are financially responsible will always end up with good finances in the long run.

To Marry For Money

There are people who prioritize money over love. It may be a good strategy for capital appreciation but also remember that marrying for money may cause a lot of heartaches. If a person has married for money, then the marriage will lose its ground once money disappears. Besides, marrying for money requires a person to have good money habits, otherwise it will prove to be futile.

It is very possible that marrying for money can cause devastating results. Money is not a guarantee for success nor is it a guarantee for a successful marriage. It is not even a guarantee for having a comfortable lifestyle as money can easily disappear when it is mishandled. Money can disappear anytime due to a bad financial decision and if one or both spouses are lavish spenders.

The Truth about Gold Diggers

Most people who marry for money are not the types who would balance material needs and personal needs. They are usually the types of people who think and talk about money all of the time. Don’t be surprised if you find that for some people, money is more important than their loved ones, if they are capable of loving at all. People who marry solely for money are usually the abusers and the gold diggers and people who are married to them usually end up being miserable.

It is not uncommon for a person to want a spouse who can support him financially whether he came from a poor or a wealthy background. With this in mind, it is therefore safe to say that gold diggers are not necessarily poor. In fact, it isn’t very surprising to learn that someone who belongs in a high society and is highly educated can still be a gold digger.

To Marry For Love or For Money

Money is important for all of us but it will not be the key to the success or the failure of a marriage. It is very possible that a couple with lesser money can be happier and more contented. Likewise, a couple with more money can live a very miserable life. Marrying for love may require you to sacrifice some of the most important things in your life. In the end, it all boils down to what the most important things in life for you are. Love or money.

What Should Your Final Choice Be?

Marrying for love or marrying for money is a personal choice and choosing the one that fits your personality best may be a good decision in the long run. But before you go out and make the biggest decision of your life, you should make sure that you are not going to regret the decision you have made. Are you willing to sacrifice everything in the name of love OR are you are willing to sacrifice everything for the love of money? In the end, only you can tell what you are willing to sacrifice for and no one can tell you if you have made the right decision. Only time will tell if you have made the right choice. If in the long run, you find yourself regretting your decision then you know that you have made the wrong choice. But if you have found that the benefits of your choice far outweigh the disadvantages, then you know that you have made the right decision.

Just make sure that you know life is never going to be perfect. It is not going to be a fairy tale with a happy ending. Life just isn’t about that. Even happiness can be a struggle for some people. Whether you choose to marry for love or money, they both will give you disadvantages and both choices will require you to sacrifice something for the other. With this in mind, you should know what you are willing to sacrifice for and make your decision based on that.

Marrying for money may be a way to get rich but it certainly wouldn’t buy you happiness and contentment. Money can’t buy everything but it can afford most of the comforts of life. You may find yourself becoming rich through marital gains but it is certainly possible for you to realize you are living in a trapped life. Wealth in itself does not bring matrimonial bliss. On the other hand, there are instances where money glues a marriage together that otherwise wouldn’t last.

There are no guarantees in life; some couples who marry for love may find that their marriage can still fall apart. And some who marry for money eventually fall in love with their spouses. But this is rather rare and is more of an exception to the rule. In general, a person who made the wrong decision in life will end up regretting it for the rest of his life.

What Will Be Your Criteria For Marriage?

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    • DabbleYou profile image

      DabbleYou 3 years ago

      Hi DDE, some people are more materialistic than others, I think yes, they will be happy. It all really depend on the kind of person you are. For the romantic type, they'll probably be more happy if they marry for love. Thanks for reading. :)

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Whether or not you marry it all depends what you marry for and to me love is more important than money most individuals who want a top kind of lifestyle would go for the money but will they really be happy?

    • DabbleYou profile image

      DabbleYou 3 years ago

      Hi Nell, good luck marrying for money. lol. I guess there really is no single right answer that will work for everyone. :)

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 3 years ago from England

      Hi, I married for love, and to be honest wish I hadn't. he was totally different to me, and even though we still share a house, long story, we are so totally opposite that maybe I shouldn't have jumped in so quickly, so next time its for the money! lol!