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Don't Signup For a Login Until You Read This

Updated on July 29, 2011

Forget Your Login

Hey just want to put forth my own view on dating sites. I highly encourage people to try out dating sites for themselves and come up with their own opinions. I am also morally supportive of any effort made to help people find love including websites like but I do have some reservations.

Do you have a login? How long have you been using it? Have you got the desired results from the all the money you have paid and the time you have spent using your match com login? Let me give you some better ideas! Let me tell you a story...

A few years ago, I joined a variety of internet dating sites and found that they are good places to find first dates. But having said that, I don't think that you should have to pay exorbitant fees and costs for a login just to have the opportunity to find love.

Why is so Expensive?

The reason why a lot of these large dating sites like charge you so much money to be able to use their services is that they have a marketing bill to pay. Every time you see an ad on TV, in a magazine or a newspaper for, you are helping pay for it in a small way with your membership fee.

Now don't get me wrong, with your Match com login, you get access to some very sophisticated services and algorithms on the login website that is supposed to set you up with the perfect person. In order to do this, they have to engage in a psychological profile breakdown of sorts and then match you up with someone. Most of this however is nothing new. It is based on the age old principle of shared interests and morals.

So why not make things easier for yourself? There are plenty of free resources online to find a date. But frankly I am not a fan of online dating sites and I'll tell you why.

Dating Was Supposed to Be Fun

You know what’s NOT fun? Finding a job! That is why provides a real service to take the pain out of looking for work. But Dating? Sorry but having a login is not even comparable. Dating is supposed to be FUN! Meeting people is supposed to be fun. Have you ever felt the sheer excitement and the flutter in your heart when you randomly meet someone incredible?

Have you ever hit it off with someone you don't even know? Have you overcome your embarrassment and shyness to put yourself out there and then actually been successful? If you have, then you know the kind of thrill I am talking about and you will never get that out of your login. If you haven’t, then let me tell you, it is better to keep trying and playing for just THAT thrill than to sign up for some Internet dating site.

Internet Dating is like playing your favorite video game with cheat codes, all you need is your login and voila, Invincibility Mode! (or thereabouts)

But I Don't Have Time For Dating!!!

Ok Ok! I get you. Some people may not have time for dating. Others may just be tired of the whole dating scene. So you want an easy way out? I get you! Well, then you still don't have to sign up for a login. There are plenty of free sites online where you can get a date.

The most likely one is FACEBOOK!!! Hello? If you have a Facebook account, then you can enjoy the best of both worlds. If you have some friends on Facebook, then throw a party for them and ask them to invite their friends. MEET PEOPLE!! Look. I am sorry to tell you but I find it ludicrous that some online algorithm can decipher the complexities of Human emotions. You use your login everyday, right? You tell me!

At the end of the day, you will have to meet your potential "matches" and decide for yourself if you get along with them or not. What better way to do this than in the company of a bunch of people you ALREADY know! So throw a party for your Facebook friends. Meet people face to face. Sparks May Fly!

More Alternative to Your login

Have you heard of this website called Meetup? Google it please! This is another great way to find love. The key to finding the right person for yourself is to expose yourself (not in the a dirty way lol) to as many people as possible. Socialize and meet people who share common interests. This website is great for that kind of thing.

So this already is better than picking up random people in a bar because here you can sign up for groups according to your interests. Love to write? There's a group for that. Love Salsa? Got you covered. Love Coding? Yup Yup! Give it a shot. AND YOU ACTUALLY MEET PEOPLE FACE TO FACE! That beats the pants out of plugging in some random letters and numbers that make up your match com login to have the opportunity to see pictures of people.

And if you don't have time for even that much then my friend you have bigger troubles in your life than the lack of a mate and no match com login is going to save you. I mean, even if your login works out for you and you find someone, how are you going to find the time for them? Sorry but Skype chats don't work in the long run. I've tried it!.


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    • profile image

      Dave to Karla 5 years ago

      @Karla, are you that picky that the only man you could find is one that needs a $15,000 loan to buy a house on a beach???

      It sounds like you are the type of woman who skips over 15 nice average guys to get to the jackhole.

    • profile image

      Karla 6 years ago

      Be very careful on It is easy to be profiled by bad people. I was on there and thought I found the love of my life! $15,000 in all sorts of small personal loans and help with his phony house that he owned by the beach, I found out that he was a crook. Be careful!!! I learned the hard way.

    • profile image

      CHEAT HATER 6 years ago


    • trishool profile image

      trishool 6 years ago from Delhi

      thanks very much for the comments everyone. I really appreciate your time

    • CyclingFitness profile image

      Liam Hallam 6 years ago from Nottingham UK

      I've found a negative with is that not every profile is genuine. I know of a site on the internet which will pay you to set up a or dating direct account profile. Sadly this means that the profiles you see might not be a paid user of the site and subsequently mean your time and effort is misplaced.

      Nice hub. Rated up

    • trishool profile image

      trishool 6 years ago from Delhi

      thats awesome girl lovin girl.. I will look into tangowire and maybe write a piece about it. I would love to interview you about it.

    • profile image

      girl lovin girl 6 years ago

      For lesbians, is an especially bad deal, but tangowire for lesbians ie curve actually works.MOst of my lesbian couple friends did meet online. On both sites there are hundreds of stale profiles and only a handful of paying members at any given time in any town, but ON tangowire only one of the 2 needs to be a paying member and the inactive nonmembers can still receive a notification by email, read and reply repeatedly to the paying member/s emails. On both must be paying but they dont tell you that, so the payer doesn't get why no one replies-well its b/c there are only about 10 women actually paying at the time in any locale. On tangowire, you will get a notice of an email and be able to read it and reply, even if you are inactive and not paying. on tangowire you might actually meet someone. We lesbians, are way too shy to initiate a date socially and its so ambiguous- getting TO the first date is the biggest challenge (while commitment and marriage come too easily to 2 women), so lesbian online dating via tangowire actually works better than meetups where all women are afraid to make the first move and every other is both potential friend, date or rival and it is impossible to guess which way to go with things-we girls are waiting to be asked, so the online tangowire is actually VERY much our best option but is dishonestly fooling us to thinking these profiles can write us back and they CANT on that service.

    • profile image

      Cheryl  6 years ago

      Sick of being lonely....

    • TheMonk profile image

      TheMonk 6 years ago from Brazil

      I met my wife on the net. It was 7 years ago. We used a program called mIRC to chat. It was a lot of fun back then.

    • profile image

      Brent Chambers 6 years ago

      I must say that after a year + of and related sites I to some degree do, agree with your comments. But from my point of veiw my investment here was not in the matching but in the exposure. I in this forum have presented myself through my own expression to many more people than I could ever hope to meet . The most profound obstruction here I beleive you will find on any on line opportunity and that is the human participants. Simply said we fail to make logical and reasonable advantage of said opportunity. Way too many sit back in their computer comfort and place unreasonable ; orders ; for their perfect match and instead of taking the initiative sit back and wait for that perfect package to be delivered to their doors. For those of us who do not , get in our own way , this could be a good opportunity but it does not exempt us from common sense. You may question the cost of these services but I for one will always feel my future is worth that investment and more. Brent.