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Matriarchy And The House Of Cards It Is Based Upon

Updated on April 29, 2017

The Symbol Of Feminism-A Clenched Fist Represents Equality


There has been discussion on Hub Pages regarding the prospect of future society becoming a matriarchy, the article can be reached here. This discussion focused on a matriarchy in which women had authority over men and men had a subservient role. Furthermore, this social order was described as being imposed on the general population. Such a description matches that of a totalitarian society. A society in which one group is marginalised and oppressed by another group. Being a man myself, I cannot say I even remotely share the authors “excitement” about society transforming into a matriarchy. To be fair the author does voice criticism about a number of aspects of such a social order and has at least in her other articles, expressed concern regarding the treatment of men and boys in society. By no means is this a personal attack on the individual in question, but rather an attempt by me to provide an ordinary man’s opinion on the subject.

The Boy Crisis In Education Part 1 Of A 7 Part Series By ManWomanMyth

Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers On The War On Boys

Dr. Warren Farrell On The Boy Crisis In Education (Starts At The 52 min Mark Thanks To The Protest Outside. Good stuff earlier though.)

The Protest At Dr. Farrell's Lecture On The Boy Crisis In Education-Talking About It Is Not Allowed

Merely One Example Of How Schools Are Anti Male

Why The Boy Crisis In Education Does Not Mean A Future Matriarchy

So let us begin. The proposal that future society will resemble a matriarchy is based on the contention that because boys are struggling in education, this will inevitably have a flow-on effect in the workplace. Fewer and fewer men will be able to get high status, high paying jobs and acquire positions of authority. Consequently as the years go on, our female counterparts will overtake us and women will dominate the upper rungs of society. There are a large number of problems with this argument alone, hence why I decided to devote a Hub to the subject. Men deserve to have a voice on these matters and to be listened to. So here are a few points worth considering:

  • Yes it is certainly true that boys are struggling in education and to our future detriment we are doing nothing about it. I have written 8 Hubs on the subject (see my Hub Profile) regarding the reasons why boys are struggling and believe me it has nothing to do with the ridiculous myth boys are innately less intelligent or capable. Boys are not motivated to learn in our gynocentric education system and there are several reasons for that which I have discussed at length in my other articles-1.The classroom environment, 2. The educational curriculum, 3. The lack of male role models at home and at school, 4. Culture and socialisation, 5. Self Fulfilling Prophecy, 6. The one option man vs the multi-option woman in modernity.
  • As with any complex social trend, the devil is in the detail. Women may make up the majority of university students, but what are they studying? The female dominated fields at university are: nursing, education, the arts and humanities, psychology, the social sciences, medicine, veterinary science and law. The male dominated fields at university are: computer science, engineering, mathematics, information technology, the physical sciences, architecture and urban planning. With respect to the field of business, female students make up the majority in marketing and human resources. Male students make up the majority in economics, finance and actuarial science. Accounting is split very evenly between the genders.
  • What can be said about female students at university, is that they are less likely than men on average to be studying fields that will lead to a high income and high powered positions in society. Women are instead more likely to be studying disciplines at university that will lead to jobs that offer more part-time hours, greater flexibility and involve work which offers a better life balance. This is what feminists will not discuss when they bring up the pay gap-The very obvious fact that men and women make different choices about what career they want to pursue, because they have different interests and wants and different plans and goals for their own life. Please watch this video on the implications on income and so forth, which these gender differences generate.
  • In terms of education, the gold standard for leadership in business is the master of business administration (MBA) and in academia it is the doctor of philosophy (Ph.D). Again while it is true that women are earning more postgraduate qualifications than men, it matters a great deal to their career prospects what qualification they are actually pursuing. If women are earning most of their masters degrees in education, the arts, social sciences and psychology, then that is not really going to translate to women running future society. Men still comprise the overwhelming majority of MBA students and graduates. Whilst women earn more Ph.Ds than men, again as with undergraduate study, you find men earn the bulk of doctorates in fields more likely to be high paying and high powered. This can be seen when you compare how many finance, economics, actuarial science, mathematics, engineering, computer science and physics doctorates are awarded to men relative to women and then compare the amount of doctorates in arts, education, psychology and the social sciences awarded to women relative to men. The reality is that most of our future business leaders will still be men because men still make up the majority of MBA graduates. Most of our future academic leaders in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), finance, economics and actuarial science will still be men.
  • Another major point to consider, is that women are more likely than men to opt out of full-time work or the workforce entirely to start a family. Women are also more likely to prioritise work/life balance over promotion in their careers than are men. Consequently they are less likely to use their educational qualifications to climb the corporate or academic ladder and hold high powered positions in society. This is even after taking into account childcare. Just because childcare is available, does not mean every couple has the money to pay for it, or that every business can afford to provide it for their employees, or that every government has the funds to continue to subsidise childcare for working mothers indefinitely for decades into the future. Furthermore, childcare does not completely remove the burden of giving birth and raising young children from the shoulders of working women. Imposing the cost of free childcare on businesses for their employees through law would be disastrous. Businesses would simply move overseas to reduce labour costs and operate in more favourable environments with less government interference. Some businesses may even downsize or go bankrupt. This is especially likely in our modern economic climate, which is becoming increasingly volatile and challenging.
  • A university education is not the only way to earn a high income or acquire a position of authority in society. Having a highly specialised and technical skill set by learning a trade can lead to both. Electricians, mechanics, builders, plumbers and other forms of technical specialists are in high demand. Not only do many of them actually out-earn their university educated counterparts, many also start, run and lead their own businesses. Education is not just acquired in the school or university system, it can also be gained through technical schools. Whilst women may be dominating in traditional education, this is not reflected in technical institutes or in trade schools where boys excel.
  • It is also worth pointing out that there are sectors of our society such as the military and police force which are highly male dominated and given the nature of the work, this is unlikely to change. Men will continue to lead such sectors of our societies in the future. The same of course can be extrapolated to the energy industry, the shipping, transport and freight sector, mining and construction and so forth. These industries and sectors are highly technical and/or have specialised physical requirements. Many of the associated roles require an education that is not actually acquired through the school and university pipeline. The police force and military have their own colleges and many businesses in the above industries run their own technical institutes and training programs.
  • Whilst most studies show that the genders do not differ in terms of general intelligence. Men do dominate the upper end of the intelligence distribution. Men are several times more likely than women to have an IQ above 140, or at the level of intelligence classified as “genius”. The distribution gets skewed even further in favour of men for IQs above 160. It has been controversially proposed by numerous individuals including academics and educational administrators, that the reason why men dominate the upper rungs of society, is because of the wider distribution of intelligence in men than in women and the far greater numbers of men with exceptional intellectual ability. Therefore the dominance of men at the upper of echelons of our societies, may indeed be a natural consequence of our neurobiology and the greater representation of men at the higher levels of intelligence. The vast majority of our nobel laureates, patent holders, inventors, thought leaders, famous writers, politicians and business leaders are men. This is as true today as it has been for all of recorded history. That this remains so, despite all of the profound social changes that have occurred between men and women over the last 50 years and particularly the last 30 years, is very telling I think of underlying biological factors.
  • Men score substantially higher than women on personality tests for social dominance. Men on average have a greater desire for power and authority than women. Consequently men are considerably more likely to pursue leadership roles in society, because they have a greater personal desire to do so than women on average. Women are motivated by different drives and therefore make different decisions for their own careers and lives. On a final note, the body of research on leadership does not support the case that either gender is better at leadership than the other.

Now none of these realities mean that men are superior to women, or women are superior to men. Making ridiculous value judgments from such realities is a hobby for bigots and small minded individuals (see my article here on female supremacists and their arguments). Men have strengths and women have strengths. These should be valued and celebrated equally. With respect to the weaknesses of men and women, we should be showing compassion for each other. That is what a healthy functional society would be doing. It would not be having a battle of the sexes, raising women on pedestals, demonising men and making boys feel inferior. That would be indicative of a society with a value system disorder and a pathological dislike of men and boys (misandry).

The main thing I am trying to get across with the above points, is that it is not as simple as suggesting the boy crisis in education will automatically lead to a society in which women have authority over men. Society is too complex for such generalisations to be made about the future. However even though future society is unlikely to resemble a social order in which the bulk of positions of authority and power are held by women, that does not mean the boy crisis in education will not have serious economic and social ramifications. Whilst men may still make up the bulk of our future leaders, men will also make up the bulk of our unemployed and that number will grow considerably. The vast majority of struggling students are boys and their numbers have been rapidly growing for the last 30 years. Sooner or later these boys will become men and many of them will be unemployable in a knowledge based economy. So whilst a matriarchy is highly unlikely to form because of the boy crisis in education, it will definitely lead to an undereducated and underemployed male underclass and quite possibly an economic depression. That is not far-fetched, if you fail to properly educate half the population, especially the half that does not get pregnant (since they can work for a longer period of their lives), economic productivity will fall. The decline of Western economies which is already underway as I write this, will simply be cause and effect.

Barbara Kay On The Feminist Coup D'etat

Feminism Is Female Supremacy

This Matriarchial Family Law System Is Breaking Men And Killing Them

Imposing A Matriarchy On Society

Now at this point, I would invite people to consider the ramifications of imposing a social order on society in which women have authority over men and men are confined to a role of subservience. There are no two ways about it, such a society would be actively discriminating against men and elevating half the population above the other. The reality is that such a society would require the use of force, most likely by law, for it to come into existence. Indeed that is exactly what is happening now and what has been taking place for at least the last 30 years. The ideological movement responsible for this is called feminism. Feminism solely focuses on satisfying the needs of one half of the population and completely ignores the needs of the other half of society in the name of “equality”. It has strong control over our governments and media, particularly when it comes to the legal and education systems. Feminist control over the flow of information, elected representatives, regulation and censorship of public discussion on gender issues, affirmative action for women and gynocentric equality policies have been a reality for three decades. Despite women surpassing men in many areas, none of these affirmative action and one-sided gynocentric government policies are being repealed.

Feminism has successfully created with little or no resistance, a gynocentric culture in which the needs of women are elevated above the needs of men (with the help of emotionally manipulated white knights in power). Feminists will compare the wages of childcare workers to engineers and talk about the wage gap while simultaneously ignoring the overwhelming majority of male workplace deaths and disabilities. Not a mention from feminists either about the epidemic of male suicide, male homelessness, the fate of fathers in divorce and family law courts and yes the boy crisis in education. Instead it is all about how we live in a rape culture and how badly women are portrayed in video games. Tell me, when was the last time you saw real men on the street or the media condone the rape of women?

There is no government department for men’s affairs, there are no men’s sections in our newsprint or media, there are no men’s departments at university, there are hardly any legitimate men’s studies programs, there are no male only scholarships, there are no affirmative action programs for men or boys in education or employment, there are no men’s shelters for the substantial number of domestic violence victims that are male, the rape of men or boys is laughed at and not taken seriously and there are no lobby groups in our nations capitals putting the interests of men on the national agenda. No, in modern times in this gynocentric culture, being female is the real privilege. Not only do the powers that be listen to women’s problems, they actually do something about them. This applies even if their actions discriminate against men and put the welfare of children (both boys and ironically girls) in jeopardy in the name of gender equality. Such is the pull of feminist lobbyists on elected officials. In comparison, men's issues barely get any attention (if at all) by our politicians and government.

A Woman Explains How She Exploits Her Ex-Husband

Ex-Husband Jailed For Failing To Pay Alimony And Child Support Exceeding His Income

False Allegations Of Rape-But Remember Men Can "Gain" From The Experience

Female Privilege

Being female entitles you to default primary custody of your children regardless of how bad a parent or abusive you might be. You can be assured the state will help you milk your divorced husband for every dime he is worth in court. If the ATM slave does not pay up, then he can be thrown in jail. In education you can benefit from having a feminised curriculum, mostly female teachers, women’s support groups, female only scholarships and even your own department and subjects at university. You will also feel quite at home in college, as the oppressed female minority make up most of the students on campus and are excelling. Don’t worry about the maths! A minority means whatever feminists say it means. When you leave university you can take advantage of a number of affirmative action programs to gain employment and give you preference over better qualified candidates. When you do start work, rest assured every work place has a policy structured around the premise that women are always the victim and never the perpetrator when it comes to sexual discrimination.

If you physically abuse your husband don’t worry, the domestic violence laws are such that your husband will be going to jail if he dares to call the police.If you rape a male minor the police might have to throw you in jail for a bit on a light sentence and the justice system might be able to get you off citing mental health problems. Don’t worry about the pregnancy though, the state will still require the male child you raped to pay child support when he is older (and no, I am not making that up, this really has happened in some states of the US). If you want to kill your husband, use VAWA, fabricate a domestic violence accusation and/or make a false rape allegation. The court is on your side, so who cares about the male you falsely accuse or the affect your false reports have on the real victims of rape and domestic violence. Besides as a college dean once said, men falsely accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience. All that time in prison with hard criminals will certainly help him learn what a woman has to go through every day. In case the sarcasm was not obvious, I was being sarcastic, but yes we do live in such a society where this is “normal”. We do live in a truly sick world. But I am sure feminists will start working right away to correct the injustices, I'll just remember not to hold my breath.

Boys Are Stupid Throw Rocks At Them


Boys Are Not Stupid Do Not Throw Rocks At Them


Men Are Treated As Disposable And Their Concerns Ignored

Men are treated in this gynocentric culture as the disposable sex (something I discussed further in a Hub linked here). Men's issues and pain is consistently ignored by our society and politicians and yet men are still expected to risk life and limb. Men are still the ones who are forcibly drafted to be the cannon fodder in our wars. Men are the ones required to do the hazardous jobs. Men are the ones expected to work the 50-60 hour weeks and be the primary breadwinner. Men are the ones required to put themselves in harms way to help someone in danger or in trouble. Men are the ones society calls upon to do the difficult, dangerous, stressful or unpalatable work the supposedly “fairer” sex could not possibly be expected to do. The reality is society does not care about men and yet expects these same men to do the legwork to keep the key infrastructure and everything else that is running society going. Now of course we also expect men to do these things while we ridicule them in the media, make t-shirts encouraging girls to throw rocks at boys, laugh about men having their penis chopped off on national TV and write books about, “The End Of Men” and why they are redundant.

Could you imagine the outrage for a moment, if I wrote a book called "The End Of Women" and described why women were redundant. Or how about black people or jews? Yet it is perfectly acceptable to write such garbage about men and you will even get a segment on TED and Intelligence Squared (a misnomer if ever there was one) and be invited onto talk shows in the mainstream media for it. What possible good will come from telling half the population they are redundant? That they are no good? That there is no room for them in future society? Please explain this idiocy to me (for further commentary see my Hub on the subject linked here).

Not to worry, boys are getting this message from society loud and clear. Hence the epidemic of male suicide as we can see below. Over three decades of man bashing has seen to that and I lived through it myself as a boy.

The Epidemic Of Male Suicide


Why Men Are Opting Out

Dr. Helen Smith And Men On Strike

Men And The Future

The Growing Male Backlash

So what is the reaction of men to this misandrous and gynocentric culture? Men are withdrawing from society in droves. Boys are no longer motivated to apply themselves in school, men no longer see any incentive to marry or have children (see my Hub on Parasitism And The Marriage Strike linked here) and men in general no longer see any reason to get on that treadmill and “make money someone else spends while they die sooner” (Dr. Warren Farrell on defining male power). There are no incentives for men to continue to support the system, so men are simply pulling out. In Japan they call them “grass eaters”, in the West we talk of “failure to launch” and “guy land”. The amusing thing about all of this is the powers that be think they can shame men to get back on the treadmill and be a good workhorse.

Newsflash-You can’t motivate people if they don’t respect you. The reality is that most men (especially my generation, gen Y) have a growing contempt for the gynocentric education system, legal system, health system, political system and mass media that not only does not address their needs or concerns, but actively discriminates against them and ridicules them. Why should we support such a system? Why be a father or get married when you are simply used and exploited as an ATM and sperm bank by the system? Where is the justice in women getting shorter and more lenient sentences for the exact same crimes? Why does breast cancer get more funding than prostate cancer when they both kill the same number of people? Why is it ok to talk about women being smarter than men, but socially taboo to suggest the exact opposite? Why is it ok to make t-shirts calling boys stupid and encouraging people to throw rocks at them?

This society is sick and a growing number of men are understandably not buying into the culture. Men are weighing things up, not seeing any point in applying themselves (indeed perceiving a real hazard if they do) and acting rationally. However things a far worse than that. The epidemic of fatherless homes feminism has helped create, has now produced a substantial number of boys which when faced with relatively little incentives to contribute to society, are not just dropping out of the picture, they are now turning to street gangs or killing themselves. Hence the epidemic of male suicide, homelessness and crime. London riots anyone? Watch out, because that will become the norm.

I agree with the author in the sense that from a certain perspective, not only is a future matriarchy possible, but it is actually already here. What we have at the moment is denial. Denial from politicians, collective silence from a public too afraid to name the elephant in the room for fear of being ostracised by feminists and above all from feminists themselves, who will insist the Earth is flat when everyone else can see it is round. The difference between myself and modern feminism, is that I clearly see and acknowledge the reality that both men and women have problems in this society and both need help. I acknowledge the need for a men’s rights movement (in addition to a legitimate women’s rights movement and a partnership between the two under a general human rights movement) to re-establish balance, fairness and above all restore the social cohesion that society depends on.

The reality is that men are no longer going to put up with being marginalised and they will not suppport a matriarchy. Men are taking a stand! Hence the rapidly growing men's rights movement and the accelerating rise in the number of men boycotting the system.


The Collapse Of The Matriarchy And The Demographic Winter

The Days Of Feminism And The Entitlement Culture Are Numbered

The Inevitable Collapse Of The Matriarchy And The Demise Of Modern Feminism

What do I see for the future? If the chain of causality is allowed to reach it’s terminus we will be looking at the social and economic collapse of the West. You cannot raise entire generations of boys to be undereducated and then be rendered unemployable in what will be a knowledge based economy and not expect serious economic and social ramifications. Whilst men may still make up the majority of our future leaders because of their dominance in related fields and courses at university and in key sectors of society and industry, that does not mean the majority of men will be participating in our economy. Men may still make up the majority of MBAs, STEM students, intellectual geniuses and our most ambitious talent, but the students that are struggling are overwhelmingly male and that number is rapidly growing. This is what imposing a matriarchy on society will eventually bring about. Men will still hold most of the positions of authority and high powered jobs, but a far larger number of men will be unemployed, underemployed and low income earners. The amusing thing about it is that feminists are in a double bind and are caught in their own hypocrisy. If they do not acknowledge the need for a men’s rights movement and how critical it is we address men’s issues, then they will inevitably bring about a social collapse that will lead to their own demise.

Funding and entitlement schemes which women take the lions share of, will be cut off as government and private revenue dries up due to the poor economic conditions resulting from so many men out of work and not contributing to society. Remember as well that because men do not get pregnant, the economy is inevitably more dependent on men for work. That may not be politically correct, but that does not mean it is not true. Many businesses will either close or move overseas as a result of the protracted economic downturn. Furthermore, with so many men out of work, the crime rate will skyrocket and this will undoubtedly go a long way to stretching already thin resources. There are only so many police we can pay for, only so many prisons we can finance to build and only so many prisoners we can feed, house and provide for. Compounding these problems will be the decline in fertility as fewer and fewer men want to marry or fail to meet the over-inflated hypergamous expectations of single women that have been socialised in an entitlement culture. The result will be an aging population with a dwindling supply of young workers to support them on pensions, fund the elephantine government bureaucracies and keep the economy going. Social analysts have already raised the alarm and are calling it a demographic winter.

Like all totalitarian systems a matriarchy will inevitably collapse. The mistake the author and so many people make is thinking men are powerless. In reality all men have to do is collectively withdraw from the gynocentric system or remove their support and then the whole thing collapses like a house of cards. This is already starting to happen. More and more men are choosing not to apply themselves at school or in employment (see my article on young men going on strike for further discussion). Why apply yourself in a system that exploits you and has disdain for your masculinity? To people that think men are powerless, might I suggest they research Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW). Then check out the men's rights movement and stop by A Voice For Men. See how many male drones you find and good luck if expect men to bend to your will because you will need it! Perhaps nothing debunks the myth men are powerless more than the marriage strike.

Men are already pulling their support from marriage. Why would we want to voluntarily sign up to be an alimony slave? Why would we want to have children if there is a substantial possibility they will be ripped apart from us? Society does not respect fatherhood so why should we father children? Why exert so much energy working toward getting a high powered job, to earn money someone else spends while we die sooner? Why go for that next promotion when you don’t have to? Why get on the treadmill? Who do people think runs the infrastructure and keeps the gas, electricity and water going? Lets see how long things last if even a fraction of men stop supporting the Western gynocracy. If society does not care about men, men will start to not care about society. Men want freedom and justice and above all they want to be treated as human beings and not as utilities.

I could go on but I think I have made my point. If people want further discussion on why I think a matriarchy is not a good idea and will fail, then see my Hub on Female Supremacy And Pseudoscholarship and the section toward the end on "Why A Matriarchy Won't Work" and my Hub on Hanna Rosin And The End Of Men. People are kidding themselves if they think the current trends are sustainable and that men will voluntarily go along with being confined to some subservient role and being further marginalised. Don't confuse men's silence with acceptance of the status quo. Men are angry but most don't bother speaking up because they correctly perceive the powers that be won't listen. So instead men are starting to collectively withdraw and buck the system.

A social revolution is now under way and men are fed up. The man-haters did not quit while they were ahead, too bad for them. Men are starting to awaken and once this approaches critical mass, the response will be Earth shattering.

When half the population starts to disengage from society, that society has a finite lifespan.

On the subject of men's human rights and the survival of society, consult this article.

Matriarchal Fiction Vs Actual Reality


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