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Maybe, He's Not That Into You Because He's Taken

Updated on November 2, 2011
1. If your man only calls at a certain hour of the day or night and you don’t hear from him again until the following day around the same time, then maybe he’s not that into you because he’s taken. In case you are wondering “where the hell is he?” He’s at home with wifey, he has you saved in his second phone which is turned off and hidden in a clever place so she will not find it and find out his little secret.

2. If your man only takes you to certain places or areas (i.e. South Beach). Then maybe he’s not that into you because he’s taken. Men know exactly where wifey likes to hang out. That why in the beginning they always let the woman choose the places they want go on dates. He’s not being nice, he’s simple studying her. Women always pick places that are their favorites because we can be really selfish sometimes. It’s safer to stay in one designated area to avoid any accidental run-ins with wifey.

3. If your man only likes to hang out in secluded places, like your house or a dark to semi-dark venue, then maybe he’s not that into you because he is taken. He has to keep you happy but at the same time remain low key.

4. If you know for a fact your man has children but you have never met them but he has met yours, then maybe he’s not that into you because he is taken. A man will never and I do mean never bring just woman that’s not their mother, around his kids, unless it’s serious. Why? It’s true he wants respect his kids or baby’s mother but men hate drama. If they can avoid drama no matter what it takes they will do it. We all know children are like parrots. They will talk about everything they did with their father that day because kids don’t know any better. They just love to tell stories about their adventurous day.

5. If your man never invites you to special events (i.e. birthday parties, thanksgiving or Christmas dinners, his kid’s sports events) then maybe he’s just not that into you because he’s taken. This should be hint number one, however most women remain in denial. Understand something; he cannot take you anywhere where you can be seen by close family and friends. How will he explain you?

6. If your man let another woman disrespect you either by phone, email or one of those infamous social sites, then maybe he’s just not that into you because he is taken. He will never let anyone disrespect wifey.

7. If your man comes over for a quick booty call but never stay until sunrise, then maybe he’s not that into you because he is taken. It’s kind of hard to stay out until morning when wifey is waiting at home.

8. If your man let you do most of the decision making in the relationship, especially when it come to taking the relationship to the next level or discussing your feelings towards one another. Then maybe he’s not that into you. I say this because most men like to make you feel like he’s being genuine or considering your thoughts and feelings. He simply letting you set yourself up for a very interesting game of dominoes. One wrong decision and he has the upper hand. Example: Your man cheated and you found out. He gave you a very nonchalant option of leaving or staying. You decided to stay because like most women, you are afraid to be alone. Your man gets caught cheating again and once again, you decided to stay. Your get caught cheating again and finally you’ve had enough but guess what, you can’t get mad at him. Yes, he cheated and that is wrong but again he gave you an option to stay or leave. You decided to stay; the only person to blame is you. Guess what? Not to anyone’s surprise, you stay.

Maybe he’s not that into you because he is taken; I see it more and more each day. Women are accepting the fact that they are sharing the man they love with another woman. Of course they are in denial or play it cool when someone close to them calls them out on it. We give up too quickly when a relationship doesn’t work out, so out of fear of being alone, we settle for the first loser that comes along and tells us he loves us. Men are not the ones to blame. A person will do you what you let them do to you. Women, we need to start trying to heal our broken hearts and start respecting ourselves first and then demand respect from our so-called men. Please, let’s break this cycle.


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    • Faceless39 profile image

      Faceless39 6 years ago from The North Woods, USA

      Rated up, useful, and interesting. Great tips, and probably true, unfortunately. I hope that this hub will help people get out of bad situations! :)

    • profile image

      latoya 6 years ago

      Thank you ladies :)

    • KelLightningbug profile image

      KelLightningbug 6 years ago from Central Florida

      Awesome and truthful hub!

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

      Very very true, Latoya. Great hub! Welcome to Hubpages. :)