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Maybe It’s Gay Divorce We Have To Convince Them Of

Updated on March 22, 2010


I have a dear friend who was married during the small window of time when it was legal in California. Recently he and his husband (while I find this term weird sort of, it actually applies as they are registered husbands with the state of California) they have been going through some difficult times and there has been some mention of possibly divorcing. When I brought this up to a straight co-worker he scoffed, “Why do guys have to fuck up a good thing and get married? <heh, heh, heh>” As I discussed the legal ramifications of a possible divorce for a gay couple the scoffing from my co-worker continued. He pontificated about the fact that he didn’t think any court would look at an equal division of assets even though this is the California law and as he spewed his opinions (and I spewed mine right back) it dawned on me. Maybe it’s gay divorce we have to convince them of – Don’t Get Me Started!

When gay marriage was becoming legal in California I read a lot about it. Not because I live in California, I don’t, but because I thought it my duty to find out what the California gays were getting that I wasn’t in Nevada. On one of the websites I was shocked to read that those couples who were not residents of California but were married there should they ever want to divorce, one of the spouses would have to have residence in California for six months to get the divorce. It was one of those, “Hey, before you go get married in California gays, here’s what you should know” articles. When I cited this, my co-worker again dismissed me or the thought that this could be true or even why any gay couple would get divorced. Stating that since it’s not legal in many states, if they lived in a state where they couldn’t be married to a new partner, why would they worry about getting divorced?

You see, I think more than anything it’s the antiquated thinking that men are hunters so if they drag back a Fabio to their cave they don’t like or get tired of them then they should throw one another out and just go on their way. Because they’re both “hunters” they can find their own new cave, way, provide for themselves and no one should put a house in two men’s (or women’s) names to begin with. I can’t even begin to tell you how my blood began to boil. As this co-worker insisted that should my friend’s marriage end in divorce he would be “interested” to see what a judge had to say and that things like common law marriage and asset division, claiming he didn’t think it would apply because they were two men, it wasn’t still legal in California to be married and that there are no federal provisions for same sex marriage.

If I didn’t have so many straight people I loved it would be easy to hate all of them when I hear this type of stupidity spewing from a supposedly educated person. The fact that anyone out there could or should think that my relationship of twenty-one years with the same man is any less (are you listening Mr. Obama and lawmakers) than this douche who has his wife at home and 1.5 children who play soccer is ludicrous. And when you see it shoved in your face this way you begin to understand that the ignorance of man and the fact that so many men (and women) hold onto their ignorance with the tightest grip imaginable (and we all know that the tighter you grip sand or anything else the more slips through your fingers) and not only do they hold these ideals tightly they hold them up as some sort of strange paragon of what life should be for everyone citing it as “normal” to make themselves feel better.

Look I don’t want anyone to have to go through divorce whether they be straight or gay. But when you get done telling me all the reasons why I  can’t be married and then a law says that I can (in certain states) please don’t try to turn around and then tell me that me getting divorce is also less than your straight marriage or your straight divorce. Look, it’s 2010 and it’s time American morons begin to realize that gays are not just something to imitate to the guffaws of your straight friends, nor are their relationships any less than straight relationships. Guess what straightees? We’re just as good and bad at relationships as you, you stupid fucks, we just have more style in the way that we do it! Maybe it’s gay divorce we have to convince them of – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 7 years ago from Las Vegas

      debra - I'd have to say more "stright" or straight people get divorced because all states allow straight people to marry and not the case for gays. Will we see more greater divorce rates between same sex couples than straight couples? Who knows? At the end of the day two do not become one, straight or gay and it is up the couple to decide their lives, how they live them and what marriage means to them...once it's legal for them to have it!

    • profile image

      debra  7 years ago

      who has more divorce gays or stright people