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Meeting Her Online And Not Really Knowing Her

Updated on April 10, 2013

Meeting Her Online And Not Knowing

Meeting Her Online And Not Knowing
Meeting Her Online And Not Knowing | Source

Meeting Her Online And Not Knowing Her

I have noticed since I started to write again that I am attracted to certain writers of the female persuasion. I read their biography's on how they live and what they do, and I am enticed to know more.Meeting her online and not really knowing her is a mystery of sorts. Recently I have found one to be a young lady that is very bright and smart, her articles were of a standard I do not write. Very well written long ,informative pages on the topics she is interested in. I found her appealing and sensual in her grace of writing and wanted to know her.She is married , I think and has been through several years of schooling and is an ordained minister. Very intelligent and sexy to me. Now how can this be?

Ok, I am single and lonely , is this the answer, and though I see where I could really enjoy this person's company. I have to remember that I met her online and I know her writing but really have no idea of who she really is. It's a small world out there, and it is possible to fly to meet her, yet back to it, is she married? I don't want to know. I want to keep my fantasy mine. She will never know unless she reads this. I just messaged her about a questioned she had asked the community of writers. My answer was exactly what I would of told her in person. Ok , the question," What would you like your spouse or date to surprise you with on a special night out?" The meaning of the question was a female to male question. I answered, that I thought if my girlfriend or spouse took me to Victoria's Secret and tried on things for me, then surprise me that evening with wearing what she had bought.This was my answer.

I thought about the person that had post this question. Then I looked her up and was enticed by what she had done as far as her personal life and professional life.Yet , meeting her online and no knowing her personally makes a difference and I must keep this in my head. I looked at the different articles she had written and how meticulous they were. She had a picture of herself, and very attractive I must say. I also got a taste for what she liked by her articles, since you can write about anything on here. It's like doing a search for someone and using one search engine to do this search. You can really find out a lot about a person on this site if you dig deep enough.

If your a writer and you're on a writing site you can become friends with other writer's with this service and who knows what could happen. A person whom writes about anything gives away much from their articles on this site. I really did not think about that. I look at my articles and I have several about dating , living , being a man and so on. One can find out about my personality through my articles if stacked up against each other.

I guess the best thing is to do what I am doing right now, just write about her. If I meet a special girl , like I have in this article , I will write to let her know. What better way to inform someone, and not making a fool of ones self. This is an excellent way to meet young ladies and men alike. I did not know writing articles about what your passionate about would lead me to wanting to be with another writer. Meeting her online and knowing her as she writes is best to leave it this way. She will read this , I am sure, and maybe I will get a comment. The only people this will affect is her and I. No one will ever know, our little secret. A bit of a romance that you can find writing articles. Who knew that this would happen ?Meeting her online and not really knowing her is a romance article that just came to my mind.


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