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Men Are Like Clay...Mold Them Your Way. Learn How!

Updated on July 30, 2016

Survive as a Woman

Men are like clay...mold them your way. Learn how.

Men and women where made to live together as a couple, to help each other, have a family and have a beautiful life together, working side by side.

In order to understand the "molding process" women need to know who they are, and what is their mission in life.

The first chapter "The Problem with Women" we will give you great understanding of this fantastic process. Enjoy!

The Problem with Women

How many times have you heard a woman say: “I did nothing wrong…it is all his doings, not mine.”

How many times, we blame the other person, without looking at our actions, or maybe without thinking, and considering, perhaps we had something to do with it, or perhaps, we are to blame and he was just reacting to our actions.

The reason I say this, is due to the fact that, we as women have a say in the lives of our partners and/or significant other. Yes we have indeed been gifted with tremendous abilities in life as women; our acute intuition, our insight and positive attitudes, astuteness, sex appeal, beauty, and charm. These are significant weapons we can use for the good, or for the bad; to build, or to destroy.

Even if you think you don’t have these weapons, or abilities, and gifts; all women use them unconsciously or not, in several occasions. Misery and despair can be a direct consequence of these powers used in the wrong way.

It is very important for you, as a woman, to understand exactly what you have, in order to use your resources effectively, and become a Woman of Power.

I wish I would have known all this when I was growing up. My life would have been much easier. Unfortunately however, with the death of my mother at seventeen, I lost my advantage. My mother was a Psychologist, and trained me well, but I needed more time with her to ask more questions, to understand certain things women should and shouldn’t do. To warn me about all the many complexities of emotions and feelings women possess, and guide me through all the changes they go in life.

When I lost my mother, I felt I didn’t have a sufficient personality. I didn’t know what to do, I felt insecure, lacking in guidance. I didn’t like this feeling at all.

I had so many questions about life, and my purpose in life. What was I to do on this earth? Why am I here? What is the purpose of being a woman?

I would ask my brothers and father:

· I want more personality, how do I get it?

· How do I know what is the right thing to do?

· How do I determine my desires?

· How do I know what is good for me?

· Why are we here?

The answer I got was even more disturbing and confusing to me at that time. They said: READ!

Read? What? I didn’t understand at that time how books could help me. Trusting in their words, I started researching books on women, in the hope of even understanding myself.

I also investigated one of the oldest books in the world. It said we were created equal, men and women, each one made to perform different roles, and by keeping up with nature’s intent, both would be able to help each other, support each other, and be able to survive peacefully on this earth.

I also learned that women were very well equipped to fulfill tasks with fantastic results. The first of these was to pro-create. The second was to support her mate. I know all women are very familiar with their first role in life. However, this second role is very much misunderstood and forgotten by many women today, without realizing it is the key factor for happiness, and maintaining good relationships.

In my quest for understanding more about women and their role on the family, I organized an excursion to the jungles of the Amazon to see how women lived, and study their behaviors. I went on a little canoe down the Amazon River, visiting many villages. I was able to meet many women and families living in harmony and peace.

I was pleased to see how these women (even though they didn’t know how to read and write) in small villages, worked with their families, cooperating and supporting their husbands, and I saw how, they played a very intricate part in the unity and prosperity of their tribes.

I notice, the women were the masters in the community, the peace makers, and the organizers, but they did not take the praise; the glory went to their husbands. The husbands felt they were the lions, the kings; and the leaders. Remember…“behind a very successful man there is a woman.” this was the case. Was this an illusion? No, this was their reality, they didn’t know anything else. They were just playing the part nature gave them, and they were very happy living it, because it worked. Happiness was showed in their faces, in their smiles, in their lives, and in their children.

Regarding wealth, they were very poor, according to our standards, but they were rich, they had it all. A little house made of palm trees, a clean floor, and a wonderful hammock bed. Every morning they had eggs for breakfast all their meals where fresh and tasty. (I have not been able to taste eggs and meat as good as that one they cooked on a special wood stove, hum…)

Not to mention the land with beautiful waterfalls, and wonderful greenery, all brought about the feeling of being free, with no stress, “this is life” I thought.

Colombian Hammock

I learned that the basis for happiness it is not having wealth, being beautiful, or having a higher education. The secret of happiness is having peace within yourself by maintaining a good relationship with your partner, your children and yourself.

This experience led me to a 12 year missionary work around the world, in the search for knowledge and understanding of a special human being…the woman. This fantastic quest led me to a magnificent husband and a marriage of 34 years, (every year gets better and better,) and a wonderful son.

The Problem With Women...Is Women!

In The Quest For Happiness

I visited Spain, France and other parts of Europe. I found women to be more relaxed, more open to new ideas and concepts. The women of Europe where not complicated in their romantic lives, and treated man with more equality, as a friend and a partner.

In South America, women where conservative, religious and more given to the conservation of the peace in the family. There was a strong desired to please others rather than simply pleasing themselves. Women just did what the mother told them to do, and that was it! They were not ready for changes at all.

In North America, women were liberated, self-sufficient, equal to men, with the feeling they can do even better. As a result many men felt inferior, challenged and emasculated. Are they happier than other women in the world? Some show they are. Maybe the circumstances have made them that way, and yes, they feel that they don’t need a man to support them, to succeed in life.

That is a nice sensation, but don’t let this feeling fool you. Nature’s intent was for a man and a woman to work together, to share and love together. The experiencing and sharing this life together, brings a complete feeling of success, accomplishment, and happiness as some cultures have proven it.

During the course of this book, we will discover the secret to success. We will discuss how we can work together with our partner, and how we can accomplish together the peace, love and unity so much needed today. We will discover how as women, we are so blessed to have more than part, on the success of this mission in life, and how we can accomplish it, by working together a partner to unity. Women have this task, this mission, and they are the ones responsible to do this job. Men are not going to start the process; they are not going to initiate it. Why? It is because their goals, and mission, are different.

It is my wish (for all the young women in the world, without a mother or without guidance, and all women needing assistance at this time) that all my years of experience; knowledge; and sacrifice; serve them as a light in the night; and a sun during the day. To shelter them from the predators around them, assist them in recognizing and applying their knowledge, to help them become “women of power.”

The Problem with Women…is Women. Now you can understand why. If we know what the problem is, if we know we have so much power, then we can fix it!

Women have a tremendous influence, not only at home, with their partners and family, but in every facet of their lives. They can build, or they can destroy. We need to learn how to apply those elements correctly in order to build and not destroy.

What They Really Want!

www.Survive As A will give you the answer.

On the next chapters we are going to review:

“Understanding Your Powers”

“Developing Your Tactics”

“Molding Your Way”

“Family or Husband?”



"Be A Woman of Power"

“How to Win Him Over" and much more...

How To Survive as a Single Woman


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    • profile image

      Jasmine Miggins 9 months ago

      How can I get a copy of the rest of the content from what I am reading above? Your knowledge would be very useful to me as I am seeking just the guidance you speak of. Like you I wish I had of know this earlier on in my life but I know it is never too late to get your marriage and family back on track. As you said, as a woman, I have the power to do so.

    • srossjul profile image

      Julie S Ross 6 years ago from Irvine, California

      In my book soon to be released I elaborate on this subject. One part says...When a man is in love, or interested in another person, he is in a state of pleasing, and he will do anything for a woman. Just look at my first comment in this page from naturalsolutions. He is right.

      Knowing this, a woman can do much to mold and build the relationship, or destroy it. Please go to my next Hub... 20 "Power" Tools Women Have and see the Molding Process.

      Thank you for your fantastic question, I hope we can help others.

    • srossjul profile image

      Julie S Ross 6 years ago from Irvine, California

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      Yes, it is very sad when a partner fail to do their part.

      A man should be understanding, and the woman should be supportive, so they can work in harmony.

      Love is complicated I know, but a formula that works is the one nature gave us. When we support our husbands and give them the space they deserve, things work better, and we will be rewarded with a good relationship. It is when women forget to give that we start having problems.

    • profile image

      naturalsolutions 6 years ago

      I can say that the only person who can mold a man is her woman. It is really the fact.

      If a man really loves a woman he will do everything for a woman but the big question is, how can a woman make a man to fall deeply on them. There is no exact formula, whenever a woman fails, it is a great heartbreak. So confusing right?lol

    • srossjul profile image

      Julie S Ross 6 years ago from Irvine, California

      Go to our website and subscribe to our free weekly tips to start the molding process.