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8 Awesome Online Dating Tips for Men

Updated on July 25, 2014

Not bad, we say. Still ? there are some things you should know about on-line dating before you get started. Arm yourself with these top 10 on-line dating tips for men and get ready to dive in, feet first!

Tip #1. The Dating Site Matters

We're well into the heyday of online dating and there are hordes of dating sites competing for your attention. So which ones should you grace with your profile?

The dating sites with the most women, of course. The sad truth about online dating is that it is a male-dominated market. Most dating sites have ridiculously skewed male-to-female ratios, making it difficult for even the most promising bachelors to get the attention of the very few women on the site.

The first – and possibly the most important – thing you can to improve your online dating game is to make sure you sign up for the websites where the women are.

Find out which are the best dating sites for men!

Tip #2. Spruce up that Profile

Every online dating site is littered with profiles written by men who were clearly half asleep while writing them. There are grammar mistakes galore. TyPiNg Lyk DiS iS ScaTTerEd hEr N DerE. And spell check was woefully underutilized.

The easiest thing you could do for your profile is making sure that it's at least indicative of a civilized man. Make sure you're sentences make sense. Iron out grammar mistakes. And for cupid's sake, check the spelling

Tip #3. Looks Matter

The wonderful thing about online dating is that you don't always have to be out there searching for dates. Instead of endlessly meandering through bars and clubs and buying drinks for girls who might be interested, you can sit back, relax, and let your profile attract women for you...

But that only works if you've got an attractive profile.

When it comes to online dating - and any other kind of dating - look matter.

But you don't have to look like George Clooney to get dates. Women like men who come off confident, personable, intelligent, friendly and fun. Make sure your profile photos reflect these sides of you. Choose photos where you're smiling and looking into the camera. Take advantage of multiple profile photos to show yourself in several of your best lights. Love snowboarding, trekking, surfing, scuba diving? Showcase an action shot. Have an ambitious, career-oriented side of you? Show off that pic of your looking spiffy in a suit.

And seriously, don't put up pictures that have been obviously been Photoshopped to cut out your ex-girlfriend. You know what we're talking about - those photos with the very conspicuous female arm draped over your shoulder. Yes, we can see it. So can your potential dates.

Tip #4. Be Positive

Ever come across a profile that reads like...

"I HATE liars and fakes!"


"Don't bother contacting me if you're fat/Republican/earn less than $x,xxx/Liberal/Religious/Non-Religious/etc."?

How does the list of qualifications make you feel? Probably not so good...

Even if you have a list of absolute deal breakers, leave it out of your profile. You can suss out people later once they write to you. There is just no good reason to put all your distastes and non-preferences out in the open, especially when they can prevent a perfectly awesome woman from reaching out to you.

Tip #5. Details, Please

Why are there so many online dating profiles that sound like a resume? It is NOT intriguing to list your professional history on your dating profile. Even if you follow it up with a list of your hobbies. It still sounds like reading a resume.


Be the guy that actually goes into little personable details about his life. Don't talk about your career - it's not a job interview. Mention what you do in around one sentence and use the rest of your profile space to go into detail about who you are as a person.

What do you like? What gets your juices flowing? What are your hopes, dreams, aspirations?

Showcase your personality. Be specific. Leave out the resume.

Tip #6. Be the First to Reach Out

While your awesomely crafted on-line dating profile is doing part of your work for you, you should also be actively seeking out women you are interested in and contacting them first.
This will allow you to actively pick and choose the ones you're interested in instead of merely responding to the ones who are interested in you.

Make the first move!

Tip #7. Be Inviting, Not Informative

Women on most online dating sites receive a LOT of messages from interested men. Most of these messages are copy-and-paste, generic "about me" paragraphs sent to every woman in town.

These generic messages are easy to spot and they don't invite interaction. They only provide a bunch of unsolicited information about yourself, information that the woman in question is unlikely to ever respond to.

And who can blame her? It's not interesting. Not inviting. Where's the incentive to reply?

Make yourself stand out from these boring messages by sending emails that invite a response. Keep it short, inject it with a little wit and humor, and always ask a question about her.

By reading her profile, you can easily get an idea of what her interests are. Play to them by sending her a message that invites her to respond.

Tip #8. Be Honest

Honesty is sometimes overlooked in on-line dating. A lot of men figure - hey, she can't see me and she doesn’t really know anything about me...maybe I'll stretch the truth a little.

Don't do this.

It's just sad. Especially since the point of on-line dating is to meet offline at some point and guess what - once you meet offline, she'll be able to verify everything for herself.

Be honest about your height, age, and everything else that's easily verifiable.

Happy on-line dating!


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