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Men Wearing Lingerie Can Change The World

Updated on October 16, 2009

The Inimitable Eugene

Many men who like to wear women's lingerie bemoan the fact that 'the world' seems to be against men wearing women's clothing. They'd like it to change, but they don't know how to make that change. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on where one stands) for these men, the answer is as simple to say as it is difficult to find the courage to act on.

How do you make a change in the world? You exist. You don't hide. Humans take what we see in the world around us as being 'normal'. The sky is blue, trees are green, and that is the way we think it 'should be'. Imagine the terror if we were to wake up tomorrow and discover that the sky was green and the trees were blue. Of course, if the sky remained green and the trees blue for a significant length of time, then we would come to accept that as being 'normal'.

This aspect of human psychology has positive and negative results (for example, in some parts of the world it is considered 'normal' to marry off 10 year old girls to 50 year old men) but it is nevertheless a tool for changing the world.

It does mean however, that if one wants the freedom to wear lingerie as one wishes, one can not hide it. Hiding it deals a double blow for men who wear lingerie and other items of women's clothing. For one, it removes it from the sight of the world, and therefore makes the act 'abnormal', and secondly, it affirms that it is something shameful.

So many of you have shared your experiences about going out shopping for lingerie and discovering that salespeople were more than happy to help fit a man for a bra or advise him on panty choices.

One man in particular who does an excellent job of living in the light is Eugene Wong, aka Hosiery Advocate (@hosieryadvocate if you want to follow him on twitter.) Eugene often takes pictures of himself out and about whilst wearing women's stockings. Wolford stockings are a favorite of his, and I have to say that I think he does an excellent job of blending women's lingerie into his everyday attire almost seamlessly. (Check out some of Eugene's looks here.)

Now you don't need to go prancing in the streets in your bra and panties, but there are no doubt little ways that you can hide your lingerie a little less. You'll be surprised at how much better you feel for it, and how much just one person can make a difference in changing perceptions around him or her. Behave as if your lingerie is a normal part of your life, and soon it just might be.


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    • profile image

      Hosiery Advocate 

      9 years ago


      Why do you say that we need me to lead Asian men to lead in wearing sarees? Are you Asian? I don't understand why you mention Asia.


      I kind of wonder how important a runway would be. I think runways have a lot of influence over us, but I suspect that it's going to have to be more than that.

      Frankly speaking, getting it on a runway would be a lot of work, but I don't think that it would be worth very much. I believe that a lot of people would applaud, but not be willing to carry on the trend.

      --Sincerely, and with thanks,Eugene T.S. Wong

    • profile image


      9 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      Taram is correct. Men do need Eugenes everywhere.

      Pantyhose and shorts have been getting some popularity in the US of A if the guys in the LAUF forum is anything to go by, and i would like to see the same movement happening here in Australia. We have the ideal climate to wear most of the year.

      Now as i see it, men are far from those who will push the boundries of fashion because of the stick we face from peers.

      I would like to see the fashion industry getting behind this trend. It would get more guys out and about in shorts and pantyhose and stimulate the sales of pantyhose and clothing manufaturers. Asuming we get approval from our wives.

      Thank you for spotlighting this Hope. It would be ideal for Eugene to get his style onto a runway.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      As clothing only has a "perceived"gender. I feel one should wear what they like. Women do. Highheels were once a male thing,as were frills. Women adopted them. And men being insecure stopped wearing them. As the concept is that fem is weak and masculine is strong. As to wearing skirts,dresses (men),it is a known fact that the testes need air circulation to produce sperm. If they are confined sperm count goes down. Therefore skirts ,dresses do make more sense. And they are more comfortable. Wearing so-called fem attire does not make one weak. In fact,I personally know ex-marines and navy seals that dress,and you would not want to mess with them. Further I would add,We are all to hung up on how we are perceived. We believe that we can control what others think of us. In reality,we cannot. Someone who choses to dislike you,WILL create a reason.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

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      Hope Alexander, You speak out exactly the same words that I have in my mind for many years. It is the many years concept that trees are green. The present color of tree might be called blue and the sky might be called green color. After a long time the existing colors for tree and sky will be known as blue for trees and green for sky. Same ways red color may be define as white and vice versa.

      Now going back to clothing and lingerie by men, I have a feeling that if sarees (in most of the Asian countries women wear sarees) were worn by men from a very beginning of existence of mankind it would not be shameful to wear saree by men. In fact sarees should be for men and pants for women. In pants it is very difficult for men to hide the hardness of the organ when they get horney, in saree no one is able to see the hardness. Women do not have such situation and pant is much more comfortable! It is also noted that girls like to wear jean pants! Asian men are much shyer to wear saree, even if they like to wear, except in dramas. Lingerie is inside wearing item. This has no problem for men if they like to wear. We need Eugene to help Asian men to lead in wearing sarees.

    • profile image

      Hosiery Advocacy 

      9 years ago

      :^D Argh! :^D Whoops! :^D

      I guess that I misread that. Thanks for the compliment of "inimitable". I disagree, but it feels good non-the-less. :^)

      -- Sincerely, and with thanks,Eugene T.S. Wong

    • profile image

      Hosiery Advocate [a.k.a. Eugene Wong] 

      9 years ago

      You're exactly right. :^) Whether we do what is right or wrong, we become accustomed to things after we see them often.

      Thanks for the props! :^)

      I love your title for the photo. "Imitable" is an excellent description, because we should be aiming for it.

      -- Sincerely, and with thanks,Eugene T.S. Wong


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