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Men, Women, The Reptilian Brain And The Fate Of Humanity

Updated on September 14, 2016

Technology Has Made Our Current Social System Obsolete

The Mismatch Between Our Technology And Our Reptilian Brain May Lead To Extinction

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” –Albert Einstein

There is no question that our species has a large intellectual capacity, but there is a question about how much of that actually steers our behaviour. Behaviourally modern humans have been around for about 50,000 years or so (some estimates suggest a little longer than that) and the human brain has not really changed that much since then. In contrast the environment and the means by which humans survive has changed considerably. This is particularly true over the last 300 years. We went from horseback to landing on the moon in less than a century. There is a limit to how quickly our brains, our psychology, our social and group interactions and our culture and our institutions can adapt to change.

Looking at the current scale of the major problems facing human civilisation at the moment and the relative inactivity to address those problems, has led a number of people from many different disciplines to come to one observation. Our intellectual prowess and our technological success, is outpacing our capacity to socially and psychologically evolve. At the root of this problem is the way our brain is structured. We really have a multi-brain. We have a higher brain and cerebral cortex, which sits on top of an ancient reptilian brain. This lower reptilian brain comes from our ancient animal ancestors and has a considerable influence on our higher brain functioning, decision making, perception and consciousness. The reptilian brain is a little bit like a ball and chain which places limitations on our reasoning, behaviour and particularly our capacity to adapt to change. Both genders share this common human flaw in their brain structure and functioning. It has been my opinion for some time now, which I share with many other people, that society is systematically failing to manage technological change and alter the social systems we have to match our new technological capabilities. In the context of species survival the development of nuclear technology for instance, is completely at odds with our propensity for war.

Distinguished Anthropologist Prof. Lionel Tiger On The Crisis Facing Men And Boys

In many respects the relationship between men and women forms the basis of our social system and it is predictably an area where is there is currently a particularly acute lag in adjusting to a new social equilibrium in response to technological advances. As Dr. Warren Farrell has pointed out, the roles of the two genders in history were based on survival and the oppressive force was not men but the natural environment. Technology has liberated humanity from the restrictions of our more primitive existence and consequently the old gender roles were made obsolete. Just as women liberated themselves with men’s assistance and support over the last several decades, so too do men need to liberate themselves from their traditional role with women’s support and encouragement. We do not see this though. What we see instead is women liberating themselves from their traditional role and then expecting men to stay in their traditional role as protectors and providers. This observation is an observation that I share not only with other men, but with many women themselves who talk honestly about the numerous double standards women still hold men to. Here are two links to consider if you doubt what I am saying, found here and here.

In almost every case where feminism gains traction, it does so in societies where there is a strong and established base of traditionalism and a strong trend of economic growth and modernisation to finance it and support it (feminism is an outcome and not a cause of economic prosperity and is dependent on societies being already safe and well resourced for support). Feminism requires that men stay locked into their traditional provider and protector roles, while women enjoy the same opportunities and rights as men without any of the same responsibilities and obligations that come with them. Without men shouldering all of the societal responsibility, the zero-sum rent seeking behaviour of feminism and the state at men’s expense, ceases to be sustainable. Hence the cries for men to “man up” and all of the associated insults, when men fail to get on the treadmill for society and be disposable workhorses. Some women such as Karen Straughan, have even wondered whether women would still want the same opportunities and rights men have, if they were subject to the same responsibilities and legal obligations as men are.

Dr. Warren Farrell Explaining And Debunking The Gender Pay Gap

Exact Equality With Men Would Be A Step Down For Women

For instance we hear about the gender wage gap constantly by feminists, but we never hear about the longer hours men work, the more stressful and demanding occupations men do, the more inconvenient work schedule (night shift etc) men work, the more geographically remote work done by men and the more hazardous work men do, to earn their higher incomes. What feminists want is a free lunch for women. They won’t admit that, but that is what it boils down to. We see the sense of entitlement in new feminist campaigns like HeForShe. Feminists want men in the traditional role of white knight and to put women's interests on a pedestal above men's interests. There is no effort made by feminists to look at men’s issues beyond mocking them or simply flippantly dismissing them or giving them token secondary concern below women's issues on the rare occasions feminists actually acknowledge men's issues.

Feminism is about power and it is about using the state and the legal system to force men to support women in some elevated social status. Equality is only sort by feminists in areas where men have some perceived advantage. No effort is ever made to seek equality for men in areas where women are at an advantage. Feminism seeks equal rights and opportunities for women, but makes sure women are exempt from the responsibilities, sacrifices and obligations attached to those rights and opportunities that are expected from men to earn them. Basically what feminist advocacy amounts to, is equality for women when it suits them and traditionalism or chivalry when it does not. Through its actions, feminism has shown itself to be an organised form of violence directed at men and boys through the state and through the law, by a minority of women on behalf of all women. I say violence, because that is exactly what it is. Force directed primarily through the state and the legal system, is being used to get men and boys to take a secondary position in society. Feminists can and do twist what they are doing all of the time to avoid accountability. But their actions speak louder than their words and betray their real agenda.

Bill Maher: On The Culture Of Appealing To Female Vanity

Why has feminism gained traction? Feminism essentially plays to women’s vanity and men’s protective drive to be the white knight. The extent to which those two aspects of male and female psychology are reinforced in the culture, will determine the extent to which feminism gains traction. A strong social prevalence of superficial materialistic attitudes overriding basic moral values and breeding narcissism especially in women, a widespread promotion of feminist propaganda in the media, politics and academia and a strong cultural history and an ongoing reinforcement in the current time period of the traditional male role, creates the perfect blend to exploit men for women’s benefit. Those cultural elements create a bubble of female vanity and a social base of male white knights living in a delusion that men have all of the power and therefore have a unidirectional responsibility to women that women don’t share with men. So we have a psychological mismatch between men and women. When men realise this, many of them do so only once they go through the meat grinder in family court and divorce. Many women get their reality check once they have sons and realise the many double standards that men and boys are subjected to and the many real and serious issues men and boys face.

George Carlin: The Owners Don't Want You To Think

Female vanity and “white knightis”, are all just different manifestations of deeply seated impulses from our primitive reptilian brain influencing our higher consciousness. They run deeper than our limbic systems. What we are observing is very primitive, power driven, ritualistic and territorial behaviours which are signatures of the involvement of the reptilian part of the brain. Although undoubtedly what is called the "parental brain" is involved as well, along with some other factors relating to sexuality and pair bonding (see this presentation for more explanation on the parental brain and these other factors). All of these forces at play are strong and influence the higher perception and decision making of our brains. Most people are simply not self-aware enough to question their own behaviour and that is precisely what allows ideologies like feminism to take advantage of human psychology. We do not live in a society of introspection and the ruling elite which funds and supports feminism along with many other pet social engineering projects, likes it that way. If society is to evolve then people must start learning how to think, not what to think and that begins by people understanding their own way of reasoning and their own prejudices.

If human civilisation is to survive, then men must be given the same freedom as women were given to liberate themselves from their own traditional role. Women are now responsible for themselves. By liberating men, a new social equilibrium between the genders can be reached and a new social system can be erected that is properly matched to our technological capabilities. Dr. Warren Farrell spoke of it as men and women going from role mates to soul mates. He also mentioned that what was needed, was a gender transition movement that focused on both genders and not a feminist movement that focused only on the female gender. I completely agree with him, the roles of men and women are interlinked and we need a movement that addresses that reality.

Feminists Showing Us Their Lizard Brain

What is stopping a full transition of gender roles from happening? Primarily ideological feminism, but also a traditional culture surrounding masculinity. I have spoken about how ideological thinking will lead to extinction and I want to elaborate on that. Ideological thinking is driven by an emotional attachment to a particular worldview. Ideological thinking is the product of our reptilian brains controlling our higher reasoning. How many times have people come across ideologues that get emotional when their ideology is questioned? I promise you that if they are getting emotional, then what you are saying is a major threat to their ideology. Ideological feminism is now rooted in many national governments and global organisations. It is present in the media, in academia, in the legal system and dozens of other places. All of these institutions and areas of society should be recognising and reacting to men’s issues, such as the boy crisis in education and yet most of them are not. Why? To acknowledge men’s issues, involves challenging the worldview of feminist ideologues who sit in influential positions in society and censor dissenting opinion. Simply questioning their worldview stimulates the reptilian brain of feminist ideologues (see the adjacent video above).

On the other side of the same spectrum of gynocentrism, we have a traditional culture surrounding masculinity. Whilst the traditional role of women has been relaxed over the last 50 years, the traditional role of men has remained reinforced. Again we can see the reptilian brain at play. People, particularly women, are emotionally invested in certain traditional social norms regarding men’s behaviour toward women. When you challenge such norms like chivalry or hypergamy, it stimulates an emotional reaction in the lizard brain of it’s primarily female supporters. There is a sense of entitlement that because they are women, they are apparently owed something by men (see this article for one example of many). When that is challenged then the shame game goes into full swing, “be a real man”, “be a gentlemen” and so on. Imagine if men reversed that and said things like, “be a real woman” or “ be a lady”. The feminists would have a field day! Shaming and ostracising the men that won’t conform to female expectations of traditional masculinity, also stimulates the lizard brain in men and plays on their need to feel like a valued member of society.

How Feminism Will Bring About Social And Economic Collapse

Understanding Human Behaviour Is The Key To Humanity's Survival

Fear and the reptilian brain is at the root of all of these behaviours and it is an irrational fear. It is irrational because by preventing men from liberating themselves, society is walking towards it’s own destruction. Society has not made the mental leap that technology has changed the requirements to sustain civilisation and the social norms must be adjusted to reflect that. Humanity gets trapped in it’s own ideas and it’s own fears during periods of rapid change. The change that has occurred to civilisation over the last hundred years is unprecedented. The challenge now, is for society to overcome it’s own fears and the bigotry and hypocrisy that emerges from that. Part of that challenge will be understanding the role of our environment in shaping our own psychology and understanding what really rules over humanity.

A cornerstone in recalibrating a functional and sustainable social equilibrium between men and women, will be the introduction of the male birth control pill, the reinforcement of male parental and reproductive rights in a reformed legal system and family court system, the restoration of the value of fatherhood in our culture and the introduction, promotion and encouragement of men to enter childhood education as teachers. Reproduction, parenting and child rearing are a major foundation for any social system and are the bedrock of society. They are a central point of reference through which we structure society, both in the context of evolutionary psychology and in political, social and economic terms. In the last 50 years the balance of power has been shifted to women in these areas and this unsustainable imbalance is threatening to destablise civilisation.

The huge negative impact of the current epidemic of fatherlessness for instance on children and the future generation of adults they will become, has far reaching social and economic consequences on the future of society which cannot be understated. The evidence is indisputable, taking fathers out of the family through the biased family court system during divorce and through the growth and promotion of single motherhood and the welfare state, results in the life outcomes for children suffering substantially in at least 30 different areas. These areas range from poor academic performance, homelessness, poor employment prospects and criminal behaviour, through to poorer health, greater mental illness, greater suicide and sexual problems like teenage pregnancy. Making the changes that I have outlined, will restore the equal distribution of power between the genders in reproduction, parenting and child rearing. Perhaps if we make these changes quickly enough, we can halt the decline of civilisation before it brings about consequences that lead to our own extinction as a species.

To make these changes we need to understand what really rules humanity and how to escape the prisons we have constructed over ourselves. With that said I have posted a series of videos below of an excellent series called, “Who Rules Over Us” by psychologist and men’s rights activist Angry Harry.

Who Rules Over Us Part 1

Who Rules Over Us Part 2

Who Rules Over Us Part 3

Who Rules Over Us Part 4

Dr. Warren Farrell On His Proposal For A White House Council On Boys & Men

MANstream Media: A Discussion Of The Proposal For A White House Council On Boys And Men

An Interview With UK Political Candidate Mike Buchanan

To overcome the prisons we have constructed, we have to start encouraging critical thought, advocacy, introspection and individual self-determination over group conformity. Men going their own way and the men’s movement are key parts of that process. As I write this, efforts are being made by Dr. Warren Farrell and a coalition of concerned men and women, to bring the issues facing men and boys to the political sphere and the 2016 US Presidential Candidates. In the United Kingdom, UK political candidate Mike Buchanan and his political party Justice For Men And Boys, are attempting to advocate for men and boys issues. Such as efforts are essential to overcoming the ideologies and bureaucratic beasts that are holding humanity back from tackling major threats to not just men and boys, but civilisation itself. We need a society that gives both genders the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. Why? Only then will humanity maximise it’s ability to resolve climate change, a looming energy, water, food and resource crisis, the spiralling growth of government debt and the serious economic, social and ethical problems that are coming humanity's way in a big hurry. There is a very strong probability that human extinction will be locked in by the end of this century, if we continue to do nothing about these problems. It is insanity to marginalise the male half of the human race to elevate women in the name of equality, when our species is facing problems on a scale it has not endured since the last ice age. Yes it is that serious. Please see this article for a further discussion on the challenges humanity faces and how ignoring men's issues will hinder human adaptation to overcome those challenges and contribute to possible near term human extinction.

Every single man and woman has a responsibility in our society to support the noble leaders among us that move humanity forward. We also have a responsibility to hold our leaders and those people with influence, accountable for their misdeeds, dishonesty and corruption. The health and future of civilisation rises and falls with that responsibility.

Dr. Warren Farrell And Studio Brule Talking To The 2016 US Presidential Candidates On The Issues Facing Men And Boys


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